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Habitat III can help accelerate action on sustainable urban transport


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Webinar Session presented by Cornie Huizenga (SLoCaT), on June 28th, 2016.
BRT Centre of Excellence

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Habitat III can help accelerate action on sustainable urban transport

  1. 1. Cornie Huizenga Secretary General Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport Webinar June 28th Habitat III can help accelerate action on sustainable urban transport
  2. 2. Mission: Integrate Sustainable Transport in Global Policies on Sustainable Development and Climate Change 100 Members: International Organizations – Government – Development Banks – NGOs – Private Sector - Academe SLoCaT Foundation: Established in 2014 with sole objective to support the functioning of the SLoCaT Partnership Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT)
  3. 3. 6 Key Global Processes targeted by SLoCaT in 2016 Habitat IIIParis Agreement on Climate Change 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda (SDGs) 14th United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Financing for DevelopmentGlobal Decade of Action on Road Safety 20 10 20 15 20 15 20 16 20 16 20 16 Economic Sustainability Social Sustainability Environmental SustainabilityTransport:
  4. 4. Without the provision of robust and equitable mobility and access, this is unattainable. Targets to improve rural and urban access + regional connectivity • 1 billion rural population with no access to all season road • 2.5 billion more people in cities by 2050 Targets aimed strengthening sustainability: safety, pollution, congestion, climate Transport mainstreamed in the SDGs Do transport differently - sustainability Grow Transport - Access SDG 1: End Poverty in all its forms everywhere
  5. 5. SLoCaT Literature review – Urban Transport, Poverty and Equity Conclusions • The interaction between urban poverty and transportation – 'The inability [of the poor] to access jobs and services is an important element of the social exclusion that defines urban poverty'. (Gwilliam, World Bank 2002: 25) • Reversing inequity: understanding access as the key transport good – ‘Higher mobility does not necessarily represent better living conditions. What matters is the accessibility to desired destinations, which can be obtained with less movement'. (Vasconcellos 2011) • Measuring accessibility – Equity audits will go a long way toward curbing the more common, limited pseudo-scientific technical approach to urban transport appraisal (Eduardo Vasconcellos 2011) • Delivering access to the poor – ‘Transport is a great enabler of economic and social opportunity. But if the range of transport services available to people of different incomes, ages, and/or ethnic groups fails to keep pace with the growth in the level of such services available to the average member of society, the sustainability of that society’s mobility is suspect.’ (Cervero 2013) – While Bus Rapid Transit, as a concept, offers significant opportunities for enhancing social justice and poverty alleviation, these outcomes should not be taken for granted: they only occur under specific, well-thought through conditions. (Venter, Hidalgo & Pineda 2013)
  6. 6. Moving to a target of well below the two-degree Celsius scenario (2DS) and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius Paris Agreement on Climate Change – Transport Implications 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 1990 2000 2010 2020 2030 2040 2050 GlobalTransportCO2(Gt) Transport 2DS Transport 1.5DS Transport BAU
  7. 7. Framing the discussion on sustainable urban transport • SLoCaT Engagement on Transport vis-à-vis Sustainable Development and Climate Change guided by three key framing principles: – Convergence – Ambition – Balance • Acknowledge the “development” part in sustainable development • New Urban Agenda needs to empower both overall sustainable development of cities as well as the development of sectors – including transport
  8. 8. Five SLoCaT Key Messages on sustainable urban mobility • Access for All • Convergence • Massive expansion of walking and cycling, and public transport • Good return on investments • Inclusive policy making Developed Countries Countries in Transition Least Developed Countries Improve Access * ** *** Improve Urban Road Safety * *** ** Strengthen Efficiency * ** *** Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions *** ** *
  9. 9. Five SLoCaT specific requirements for SUT in the “New Urban Agenda” • The NUA should call on cities to set ambitious targets for safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems by 2030 • NUA national governments should commit to provide cities with the appropriate, supporting national policy frameworks (including finance) to empower them to deliver SUT solutions • The NUA must call for new forms of integrated land use planning to reduce demand for urban transport and recognise the need to allocate road space to maximise mobility • The NUA must call on and commit national and city governments and International Financial Institutions´ to provide sufficient and reliable financing as well as incentivize private sector to increase financing for SUT • The NUA should mainstream urban transport in all relevant sections and clarify the roles of the main transport stakeholders
  10. 10. Five “warning signs” of un-sustainable urban transport • Stop and reverse investments in car orientated transport infrastructure • Stop and reverse urban sprawl and low density developments • Stop and reverse the lack of dedicated facilities for walking, cycling and public transport • Stop and reverse high parking requirements for new developments • Stop and reverse unfunded sustainable transport policy mandates for cities
  11. 11. • New Urban Agenda: track negotiations – (http://www.ppmc- agenda/) • Implementation:Quito Action Plan on Sustainable Urban Mobility (Mobilize Rio+20 Voluntary Commitments + LPPA initiatives) • Events: regional events + Transport Days at Habitat 3 Prep. Com. (Surabaya) and Habitat 3 in Quito SLoCaT Follow-up
  12. 12. Thank you @slocatcornie