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Season powerpoint 2012-13

  1. 1. Contemporary Art Exhibition Schedule 2012-13
  2. 2. Season overview:The final season of exhibitions at BRIC RotundaGallery will focus on foundational areas of the visualarts: – Sculpture – Design – Photography – Painting – Arts education
  3. 3. September 12 – October 20, 20128 Artists Making Sculpture,The 5th Annual From the Registry exhibitionGuest curated by Jamie SternsEach year, BRIC presents an exhibition of promising, emerging artists selectedexclusively from its online Contemporary Artist Registry. This, the fifth edition ofthe Registry show will focus on artists pursuing a wide array of three-dimensionalformats. Working with abstraction, these artists create forms that act totransform and activate the physical space around them.
  4. 4. Jamie FeltonAbove:Four, 2012Plaster, acrylic, plastic98 x 26 x 18 in.Right:Your Mother’s Shoes, 2012Plaster, acrylic, satin, and faux leather shoes18 x 18 x 156 in.
  5. 5. Carolyn SalasStanding Sculpture, 2012Aqua resin, fiberglass, plaster, andpigment72 x 76 x 4 in.
  6. 6. Jong OhBetween Two Doors (Element 7), 2012Metal and nail1/8 x 17 x 9 in.
  7. 7. November 7 – December 15, 2012On Purpose:Art & Design in Brooklyn, 2012Guest curated by Risa ShoupOn Purpose will feature work from Brooklyn-based designers and artistsworking in all disciplines whose projects address the environmentalchallenges of contemporary urban living. The work in the exhibition willcombine a focus on sustainability with a desire for beauty in our social,domestic, and professional spaces.
  8. 8. Justin StewartSystem of Knowing 05, 2009Dimensions variableOne in a series of installationsinvolving design systems andsculptures made from zip ties.The sculptures are 3Drepresentations of the drawings;the drawings are 2Drepresentations of thesculptures.
  9. 9. 596 Acres was organized by a group of activists, designers, and lawyers. Working with public data,they have catalogued all of Brooklyn’s publicly owned green space. They work with citizens andorganizations to license use of these spaces for such purposes as community gardens, event spaces,and play spaces.
  10. 10. FreelandBuckSlipstream, 2011A study in material and technique byBrooklyn-based architectural firmFreelandBuck. Inspired by the illustrationsof artist Lebbeaus Woods, Slipstreamexplores the use of triangulatedconstruction to make curved surfaces.The firm’s experiments with materialsand techniques allow low-cost materialsto be used in innovative architecturalforms.
  11. 11. January 9 –February 23, 2013En Foco:New Works/Crossing Boundaries(working title)Curated by Elizabeth FerrerDirector of Contemporary ArtIn collaboration with En FocoEn Foco, dedicated to cultural diversity in photography, sponsors an annual NewWorks program. The award has stimulated the creation of work that movesbeyond the boundaries of traditional and even unconventional forms of thephotographic medium. This exhibit will include work by some 10 photographersdemonstrating the significance of this award in extending their artistic practice.
  12. 12. Don AntonFrom the series The Arc of MemoryPhotographed printed on copper plateand reliquary
  13. 13. Jaishri AbichandaniWe Were Making History, 2012Leather whips, wire, nails, and paint11 x 7 ft.The artist drew from photos posted on Facebook of women protestors in Tahrir Square, Cairo.
  14. 14. Collette FuFort MifflinPop-up book made from archival pigment inks, mounted onto card stock, and bound in newspapers andpaper, 36 x 53 in.
  15. 15. Wendel WhiteManifest seriesColor photographs22 x 27 ½ in, each photographObjects are from the Historical Society, Eatonville, MD. These objects reflect the history of local residentsincluding Zora Neale Hurston.
  16. 16. January 10 – February 23, 2013INTER. Act,Reci Procity in the Media2012/13 Lori Ledis Emerging Curator ExhibitionGuest curated by Changhak ChoiThrough the ubiquitous spread of personal media devices and social media systems,the daily interactions between people, their physical environments, and technologyare expanding and changing. INTER. Act will explore these changes through work byfour artists, all of whom allow the audience a way to reflect upon the new media-driven world we increasingly inhabit.
  17. 17. Dongik Shin and Manuela DonosoWallight, 2011Human conductive lightingexperience
  18. 18. Hwayong JungDigital Threads, 2009Interactive installation
  19. 19. March 13 – April 20, 2013Elastic Notion:Contemporary Abstract and Representational PaintingCurated by Christian FullerAssociate Director of Contemporary ArtA painting exhibition on the relationships between abstraction andrepresentation, and the sometimes blurred area between the two. Artists will bepaired together, one abstract and the other representational, throughcomparisons of their work in composition, technique, palette, and materiality.
  20. 20. Vincent Contarino Angela DufresneAltar, 2011 Ruysdael Constabily, 2011Acrylic on canvas Oil on canvas20 x18 in. 28 x 36 in.
  21. 21. Ron Gorchov Nicole EisenmenOil on canvas Guy with Yellow Background, 2009 Oil on canvas 18 x 14 in.
  22. 22. Maya Hayuk Nora Jane SladeElephant, 2010 Patina of Love, 2009Acrylic on canvas Oil on canvas12 x 16 in. 48 x 58 in.
  23. 23. March 14 – April 20, 2013Cultural Fluency2012/13 Lori Ledis Emerging Curator ExhibitionGuest curated by Erin GleasonThis exhibition focuses on the “place” of present-day New York; the city as a builtform that houses public and personal activities. Five Brooklyn-based artists, alloriginally from other cities and countries, will dissect the social role of the spacesthat they have come to inhabit. These works will go beyond depictions of the cityand society, to altering places through artistic intervention, presence, andobservations.
  24. 24. Martin McCormackThe Great Map ProjectMaps collected from across New York fiveboroughs6 x 8 ft.
  25. 25. Mark ReigelmanStair Squares, 2007The stairs were installed on the front steps of Brooklyn’s Borough Hall in the summer of 2007.
  26. 26. Our final show at BRIC Rotunda Gallery prior to relocating to BRIC House, our organization’spermanent, expanded facility, will be the 25th annual Contemporary Art Student Exhibition. We willcelebrate 25 years of student art and shows!