Jonny Williams presenting the National Solar Centre at Ecobuild 2014-03-05


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The National Solar Centre supports the Solar industry (PV and solar thermal) through research, data collection and making available evidence on performance and system optimisation

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Jonny Williams presenting the National Solar Centre at Ecobuild 2014-03-05

  1. 1. BRE National Solar Centre Jonny Williams Underpinning the business case requirements: independent support to the industry Ecobuild, 5th March 2014 Part of the BRE Trust
  2. 2. Underpinning the Business Case 1. Introduction to the BRE National Solar Centre 2. UK market today 3. Review of market sectors 4. NSC activities
  3. 3. National Solar Centre Objective To deliver independent research led knowledge and guidance for the solar industry in the UK. • Support the UK solar PV industry – innovate, grow, thrive • Independent guidance for building owners and occupiers to make informed choices • Integrate solar PV and construction industries • Assist in realising opportunities in building integrated PV (BIPV) • Support solar at all scales • Provide information for investors, banks and construction industry
  4. 4. National Solar Centre – Opened in April 2013 by Greg Barker MP – Based at the Eden Project in Cornwall – Test site for solar technologies to open on 1st October 2014
  5. 5. Industry Support • The NSC is funded by ERDF, Cornwall Council and BRE together with contributions from Founding Partners • DECC very supportive and engaged • NSC is supporting the delivery of the UK Solar Strategy ERDF Requirements: • To support Cornish SME’s and create jobs
  6. 6. 2. UK market today
  7. 7. 2. UK market today
  8. 8. 2. UK domestic market today Installation rate now steady Prices steady FITs steadier Rogue companies have gone
  9. 9. 2. UK market today • Solar technology is included in the Renewable Roadmap • The Solar Strategy is linked to delivering the Roadmap • Roadmap shows 7GW to 20GW by 2020 – National Grid indicates 10GW can be accommodated on the Grid today but additional works will be required to connect 20GW – Storage of electricity will occur within this period • Support mechanisms are set:– FIT’s set out to 2015 (8% to 12% returns) – FIT 2 to follow beyond 2015 – RO support now fixed to 2017 (8% to 10% returns)
  10. 10. 3. Market Sectors - Domestic – Approximately 2,000 to 2,500 installs per week at present – Market driven by increasing electricity prices – Increased trend for “self-consumption”, “diverters” and energy storage – Prices in the range of £1,600 - £2,000 / kW installed – Go for quality installers with a track record – Financial planning must factor in rising energy prices and rising tariffs for generation and export
  11. 11. 3. UK Market Sectors - Domestic Some issues for encountered by housing providers: – Roof leakage – Roof warranties – Panel and inverter mismatching – Cabling faults – Poor quality DC isolators – Damage to slates / tiles – Inappropriate fixing methods – Cleaning requirements – Registrations not done in time!
  12. 12. Aesthetics
  13. 13. 3. Market Sectors – Non-domestic, sub 50kW – Segment led by local authorities, businesses and agriculture – Offices, schools, supermarkets and barns – Prices in the range of £1,400 - £1,900/ kW installed – Wind loading calculations become more important – Go for quality installers with a track record – Financial planning must factor in rising energy prices and rising tariffs for generation and export – As the FIT reduces, financially works best in buildings with high electricity bills, e.g. lighting, cooling, IT
  14. 14. 3. Market Sectors – Non-domestic, 50kW+ – Similar market to >50kW non-domestic in terms of costs and issues but tariff bands drop off sharply for 250kW to 5MW – Less development of late due to policy changes but momentum growing due to political will and roof top potential – Timescales for planning and internal approvals take longer – ROO-FIT registration process can take longer than MCS – Structural barriers to overcome (i) FITS – capacity triggers, auto- degression, 3 month deg. (ii) leases, EPC D, planning, “lift and shift”, grid connection
  15. 15. 3. Market Sectors – Ground Mounted – Around 2GW build today with as much again in the pipeline – Wide range of groups involved – funders and land owners – Developments must be well sited – Grid connection is a critical cost and area for innovation – Development is broadly in the region of £1m/MW + GC – Revenue of up to £20/acre – Industry moving north chasing grid and land – NSC Planning Guidance for Large Scale Solar PV
  16. 16. 3. Market Sectors – Ground Mounted Industry guidance document Overview of planning process and requirements for good quality developments - construction, fencing, ground maintenance, foundations, VIA, archaelogy, land grading etc. Available to download from Biodiversity guide to be published in April.
  17. 17. 4. National Solar Centre - activities – Test site – Research – Commercial activities – Industry support
  18. 18. National Solar Centre - activities Office NSC test site
  19. 19. Testing at the Eden Project
  20. 20. NSC technology test site What will we achieve: – Independent evaluation resource to give industry confidence – Data to support due diligence – Centre for manufacturers to showcase and verify their products Who will benefit: – Module Manufacturers – Inverter Manufacturers – Balance of system Supply Chain – All interested industry stakeholders
  21. 21. 4. National Solar Centre – our services – Independent due diligence consultancy – Fault finding and verification services – Technical support for business/financial/investment case
  22. 22. Services we offer: • Technical due diligence • Client advisors – feasibility, vendor selection, technical spec • Clerk of works • Expert witness and litigation • Liaison with district network operators • Technical design services • Assessment of development re planning guidance document • Research projects
  23. 23. Other Work Support to Government – AD study – Jobs and economic impacts of the UK solar industry - Input to DECC Solar Strategy Research on Solar Mapping and Forecasting – Generation data in combination with met data – Aims to produce generation maps – Potential for short term forecasting of performance
  24. 24. Getting involved and benefits to you • Influence the developing agenda and scope of the NSC • Receive independent research outputs and publications • Contribute to research programmes • Be involved in product development • Contribute towards guidance documents How and who? • Provide data on solar performance • Report your issues with solar Sign up to newsletter!
  25. 25. For more information contact: Jonny Williams Associate Director @natsolarcentre Mob: 07733 322350 Office: 01726 871830