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מצגת לדוגמא לחברת Tenlot


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חברת ברנדוויז מתמחה בהפקת מצגות עסקיות תדמיתיות, מושקעות בהתאמה אישית.
כתיבה שיווקית ועיצוב פרימיום איכותי בבית אחד.
שירות, ידע ונסיון רב.
התקשרו אלינו 074-7405888

Published in: Design
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מצגת לדוגמא לחברת Tenlot

  1. 1. TENLOT GT-NET Advanced Gaming System Cover page - option 1
  2. 2. TENLOT GT-NET Advanced Gaming System Cover page - option 2
  3. 3. OPERATING FOR GROWTH A Total Solution Integrated management of games, draws, and the sales network GAMES DRAWS AGENTS PLAYRES
  4. 4. OPERATING FOR GROWTH Flexible Game Management Manage and change game characteristics easily Prize Characteristics Risk Characteristics Reporting Basic Characteristics • Matrix, e.g. 6/49 • Number of digits • Prize pool %’s • Parimutuel %’s and fixed prize amounts • Automatic bet limiting • Odds management • Liability mon • Real-time data • Nightly reports (automated) • On-demand, custom reports
  6. 6. OPERATING FOR GROWTH Full Retailer (agent) Life Cycle Management Licensing ProvisioningSupport AccountingPromoting Option 1
  7. 7. OPERATING FOR GROWTH Full Retailer (agent) Life Cycle Management Licensing ProvisioningSupport AccountingPromoting Option 2
  8. 8. OPERATING FOR GROWTH Supports Sales from Multiple Sources TENLOT GT-NET Internet Mobile Phone Terminal
  9. 9. TENLOT GT-NET Modules Included with the core GT-NET transaction engine are the following modules. GT-ADMIN: Browser based administration tool for system operators, account managers, and hotline/call center operators. GT-CONNECT: Standards based interface for integration of third party systems and solutions, including point- of-sale terminals. GT-TRACK: Browser based administration tool for player account and loyalty management GT-COMM: Front-end communications processor for interfacing to legacy and proprietary point of sale terminals. GT-DASH: Management dashboard application for real-time, interactive display of system status and sales data. GT-INSTANT: Instant ticket automation solution GT-SECURE: Browser based security administration application GT-RNG: Hardware based random number generation appliance for fully secure, auditable generation of draw results or play results for instant-win games. OPERATING FOR GROWTH
  10. 10. TENLOT GT-NET Advanced Gaming System DATA STORE GT SECURE GT-COMM GT-CONNECT GT-ADMIN GT-DASH Lagacy Protocol X.42.X.25 raw IP POS Terminal Hand Held POS Terminal Third Party Systems GT TRACK GT RING Hardware based random number generator Web Services XML SOA Web Browser Admin OPERATING FOR GROWTH
  11. 11. TENLOT GT-NET Design Characteristics • Mission critical transaction processing system for gaming • Designed for no single point of failure • Java Enterprise transaction engine. Runs on almost any hardware and software (O.S.) platform. • Leverages cost effective open source software such as Linux and Jboss • Scales from cluster of low-end 32-bit to high-end 64-bit machines • Multi-channel support: POS, web, SMS • Standard interfaces for 3rd party systems • XML, web services OPERATING FOR GROWTH
  12. 12. TENLOT GT-NET Typical Configuration (POS) Tape Drive Tape Drive Application Server 2 Application Server 1 CP CP Switch 2 Switch 2 Router 1 DSL to ISP Firewall with F/O 1/2 Router 2 (backup) LB1 Switch 3 Switch 3 LB2 Admin PCs Database Server 1 Private Network Internal Zone External Zone Database Server 2 POS Network OPERATING FOR GROWTH
  13. 13. TENLOT GT-NET Web and SMS Web and SMS (mobile texting) betting platform • Support player virtual accounts with multiple funding sources • EFT from bank, Credit card, Prepaid cards, Other eCash solutions • Allows web and sms players to redeem winnings at any retailer terminal • SMS and/or email notification of winnings • Players can view transaction details and account in real-time via web • An integral part of the TENLOT GT- NET gaming platform • Currently used by two Game-Tec Labs customers OPERATING FOR GROWTH
  14. 14. Security Security designed in from the start. Never an afterthought! • Multiple levels of authentication • Hierarchical security access. Access only the functions and data pertaining to your job/role. • Physical hardware ID’s & Network ID’s • Network data encryption • 3DES / MD5 • Database data encryption OPERATING FOR GROWTH
  15. 15. TENLOT GT-NET Monitor Games Keno, Lotto, Bingo and Poker Themed Rapid-draw Games • Draws every few minutes • Results displayed on high-definition monitors with various animated themes • Software based true random number results generation (GLI certified) • Integrated with MediaNet messaging and advertising system OPERATING FOR GROWTH
  16. 16. SportsNet Sports Betting System Keno, Lotto, Bingo and Poker Themed Rapid-draw Games • Most Major Sports Supported • Many bet type options • 1X2 fixed odds • Parley / Jackpot • Total goals • Halftime goals • Over/under • More….make up your own! • Real-time risk monitoring and active management OPERATING FOR GROWTH
  17. 17. OPERATING FOR GROWTH TENLOT GT-INSTANT End-to-End Inventory Management, Distribution, and Real-Time Validation of Instant (Scratch-off) Tickets • Pack (book) LOCATION and STATUS tracked during all phases of the life cycle • Warehouse, courier, sales rep, regional office, retailer • Inactive, active, lost, stolen, settled, returned, partially returned • Advanced Retailer Stock Management • Online ordering, automatic ordering and re-ordering • Predictive algorithms avoid over-stocking and under- stocking • Full accounting integration with online games
  18. 18. OPERATING FOR GROWTH Point-of-Sale Terminal Hardware & Software • Distributor and Partner for Many Hardware Suppliers • Terminal agnostic. We work with all major suppliers. • Strong relationships both on sales side (price) and technical support • Java-based application easily portable across many terminal platforms • Linux and Windows “hardened” solutions • Extensive expertise in real-time embedded solutions • C/C++ real-time development for terminals which do not support a jvm • All terminals capable of remote software update/download
  19. 19. THANK YOU