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Nibor company profile presentation


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חברת ברנדוויז מתמחה בהפקת מצגות עסקיות תדמיתיות, מושקעות בהתאמה אישית.
כתיבה שיווקית ועיצוב פרימיום איכותי בבית אחד.
שירות, ידע ונסיון רב.
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Nibor company profile presentation

  3. 3. NIBOR ENTERPRISES is a US and Israeli based Engineering and General Contractor Company. Mergedintotwomaindivisions,TheConstructionManagementDivision and the Water and Sewage Division, NIBOR is specialized in Design and BuildSolutionsandthushasacapabilitytorealizeavastvarietyofprojects. Our Projects take a various orientation from the military domain for the civilian domain that allowed us to create a stellar reputation for quality, safety, sound engineering, reliability and for delivering projects on time and on budget. COMPANY OVERVIEW NIBOR has managed and built a vast variety of projects, mainly for US Army Corps of Engineers but also for many Government Agencies.
  4. 4. COMPANY OVERVIEW The Company CEO is Mr. Shlomo Epstein. The company is led by two experimented managers, P.hD Edward Zilberberg and Eng. Eyal Elimelech.TheWaterandSewageDivisionisledbyEng.RafaelElimelech who has more than 50 years of experience in water supply schemes worldwide. OurprojectsarecontrolledfromourheadquartersinbothMiami,USA andinNesZiona,Israel.TheDirectorsarepersonallyinvolvedineach projectandtheofficepersonnelcontrolandsupportthesiteactivities.
  5. 5. We draw upon our experience with the industry’s leading design firms to create an integrated design/build team customized to the needs and goals of your project. OUR SERVICES DESIGN AND BUILD SOLUTION Combiningthefunctionofanarchitect,engineerandconstruction managerintoasingleentity;designandbuildserviceseliminate your responsibility for coordinating activities between the designerandthebuilderandthusexpressthebestNIBOR's capacity to adapt to your specific project's needs. CHART???
  6. 6. OUR SERVICES CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT The opportunity to be engaged during the design phase andtocollaboratewiththeteamatsuchanearlystageisa significantadvantage.Ourpreconstructionandconstruction servicesensureeveryaspectofyourprojectisthoughtfully plannedandexecuted,includinganticipatingunexpected issuesthatwouldotherwiseholdupajob.
  7. 7. SEWAGE & WATER MANAGEMENT SERVICES OurWaterandSewageDivisionhasavastexperiencein anumerouswaterprojectsinAfrica.WiththeCapability toAdapttoyourCountry'sWeatherRequirements,Nibor relies on its Experts for the Construction of Quality and FullyOperatingSewerageSystemstohelpyoucombat PollutionandHazardDamages. OUR SERVICES Nibor's experts have also an experience in General Water Management like creating performant Water Supply Systems and Draining Systems that are well designed to fit our customer needs in term of Capacity and Power.
  8. 8. PRE-CONSTRUCTION SERVICES • Budget Development • Conceptual and Detailed Estimating • Scheduling • Logistics Evaluation • Design Package Support • Constructability Review • Value Engineering Analysis • BIM-based Clash-Detection • Preconstruction Mock-up and Exploratory Services • MEP Analysis • LEED Support • Bid Preparation CONSTRUCTION PHASE SERVICES • Permitting, Bonding and Insurance • On-site Construction Supervision • Existing Conditions Investigations • Master Scheduling • Trade Contractor & Equipment Procurement • Safety • Cost Control • Quality Control • Shop Drawing Review • Financial Status Reports and Cash Flow Projections • MEP Supervision, Coordination and Commissioning • LEED Documentation and Administration • Follow-Up Activities OUR SERVICES
  9. 9. WHAT IS PVC FORMING BUILDING SYSTEM? RevolutionaryStay-in-PlaceConcreteWallFormingSystem. Thesystemisapatentedpolymer-basedstay-in-placeformwork for concrete walls. The extruded components slide and interconnecttogethertocreateaconcreteformwork. The result is permanent, attractive and maintenance free Pre-finishedwallsdesigned... Itisaninnovative,cost-efficientandtime-savingalternative toconventionalconstruction. OUR TECHNOLOGIES PVC FORMING BUILDING SYSTEM
  10. 10. ADVANTAGES • Solid Concrete Construction • Quick On-Site Assembly • Proven Cost Savings • Unparalleled Energy Efficiency • Long-Term Durability • Superior Indoor Air Quality • Mold and mildew resistant • Rigid panels come in a variety of standard lengths, are light weight and easy to install PVC FORMING BUILDING SYSTEM OUR TECHNOLOGIES
  11. 11. WHAT IS EPS SYSTEM? EPS3DpanelssystemstandspreciselyforExpanded Polystyrene but the more common appellation is: EconomyPerformanceandSustainability. It is an EPS panel surrounded by 2 layers of solid OUR TECHNOLOGIES EPS SYSTEM
  12. 12. ADVANTAGES • Lightweight: Easy site handling and transportation, reduces health and safety risks. • High Strength and Structural Stability: ideal for use in construction and civil engineering. • Design Versatility: Ease of cutting and/or molding allows the factory production to shape it to match most demanding architectural and design requirement. • Resistance to Water: Performance notability superior to other foamed plastic materials. • Safety in Installation and Use: EPS is nontoxic thus environment friendly and safe to install. • Easy to Use: Is that it is easy to use thus local workers can easily be taught the process which will lead to the creation of more jobs for the Republic of Cameroon. • Thermal Insulation: The EPS System offers a good thermal insulation which is very important to us as we are building in Africa, it is one of the best way to fight the heat for the habitants. OUR TECHNOLOGIES EPS SYSTEM
  13. 13. MANPOWER RESOURCES CAPABILITIES PROJECT ORG. CHART Cost Controller Purchasing Manager D.C. Primavera Scheduler Submittals Architect Design QC NIBOR CEO Client S.S.I. QC Manager Safety Manager Main Foreman Project Manager Asst. Project Manager Site D.C. QC Civil QC Mech Const.PMRenovation Const. PM Mechanical Const. PM Electrical
  14. 14. MANAGED BY ENG. ELIMELECH RAFAEL, World Water Expert with the Following Experience: • Accra Kumasi, Obuasi water supply project: Complete design and construction of the main pipeline and water structure in Accra, Kumasi and Obusa (Ghana) for the GovernmentofGhana. • NigeriaNationalWaterRehabilitationProject:Engineering DesignandConstructionoftheWaterworksinZoneE,Kwara, Ondo, Edo, Delta and Kogi States for the Federal Ministry ofWaterResourceandRuralDevelopmentofNigeria. • EthiopiaAkakiWaterSupplyProject:CompleteEngineering Servicesrelatingtoconstructionsupervision,inspectionof works and administration of contracts for the expansion ofthewatersupplysysteminAkakiTownforAddisAbaba WaterSupplyandSewageAuthority. • NigeriaAba,OwerriandUmuahiaInfrastructureProject: Water and Sewage piping drainage and road systems, storagereservoirsandelevatedwatertanksfortheFederal RepublicofNigeria. OUR EXPERIENCES SEWAGE & WATER DIVISION EXPERIENCES
  15. 15. INF,KitchenRenovation(D-B) | RenovationofDFAC NewFuelstation,Israel | NewJetfuelstation INF,PhaseII | Newbase INF,RenovateBldg764 | Additionaloperationalfloor ElectricalShelters,Israel | Electricalworks Barracks,Israel | Soldiersbarracks SiteA-ForceProtection | Forceprotectionworks StorageFacility(D/B),NorthIsrael | Concretestoragefacilities Site384,Israel| Firerangeandoperationalandcontrolbuildings Site233-BuildingRehab,Isarel | Façaderehabilitationsof6buildings ConcreteWallsandearthworks,Israel | Extensiveearthworksandforceprotectionworks FuelStation#2Upgrade+HVAC,Israel | Upgradeofjetfuelstation IronDomeBarracks,Isarel | 2storysoldiersbarracks CONSTRUCTION DIVISION EXPERIENCESOUR EXPERIENCES
  16. 16. Concretepadsforheavyequipment,Israel | Concretepadsforheavyequipmentdrystorage CathodicProtection-Israel | Cathodicprotectionworks VMC-Correction&Repairs,Israel | VehicleMaintenancecenter SurfaceBandTestarea,Israel | concretepadsforheavyequipmentdrystorage Project13222StorageMagazine-DBB | Extensiveearthworksandsteelstructurestoragefacilities Sites13414/13425/13445/13348Israel |Jethangars,simulatorsandutilities Sites13372,13416and13493Israel | Squadron Site61forUSEUR4 | Multifunctionalbuildings Site61forUSEUR-phase2 | DFAC,operationalbuildingandinfrastructureworks Site883forUSEUR | Constructionofnewfacility CONSTRUCTION DIVISION EXPERIENCESOUR EXPERIENCES