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(Re)defining Male Shaving Brands Through Human Fundamentals


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This pioneering research redefines the way we market male shaving products. Artificial segmentations based on personality differences offer weak foundations on which to build brand strategies. To deeply engage us, a brand must have a solid inner architecture deeply rooted in the fundamentals of humanity. Beneath all the phantasmagoria of global marketing communication, lies order and rhythm, the source code of our human behaviour.

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(Re)defining Male Shaving Brands Through Human Fundamentals

  2. 2. Hi! My name is Constantinos Pantidos and I believe that companies could improve people’s lives even more effectively if they had deeper human insight.
  3. 3. For consumer satisfaction to be as complete as possible, we must take care not only of the needs consumers understand and are able to evaluate but also and especially the ones they are not consciously aware of
  4. 4. While 95% of our purchase decision making takes place in our unconscious, we tend to spend a disproportionally high time on product characteristics and price and promotions because they are easier to grasp
  5. 5. Instead, this presentation delves into the unconscious mind of the consumer, the 95% that really matters, and makes it possible for marketers to build irresistible brands
  6. 6. Biological Value Brain & Body Systems Cognitive Operations Psychological States Human Morality Behaviour Rewards Engagement The pathways of human behaviour While the models for shaping brand strategy used by most multinationals today ignore the contribution of modern sciences such as neurobiology and cognitive science, BRAND AVIATORS™ use a comprehensive model having an evolutionary foundation and a multidisciplinary approach enabling marketers to build consumer propositions that are impossible to resist
  7. 7. Our psyche consists of a code
  8. 8. We are an ordered pattern of fundamental motives capable of generating life
  9. 9. Having captured our fundamental human motives, the irreducible parts of our nature, all the way from their biological values, to the inherent concepts they imbue into our everyday life, this model traces emotions from their roots, and creates concepts that bear the freshness of the source. CONNECT CONTROL The wheel of motives™ GROW CARE BALANCE DESIRE FEEL SAFE SEEK PLAY CREATE DEFY TRANSFORM TM
  10. 10. Motive Main biological advantages / survival value Possible neurosystems involved Examples of cognitive operations Main psychological states Main sociocultural manifestations and reinforcers Feel safe Detection of threats, Dissipation of fears, Endurance via rewards, Creation of optimism that facilitates success Reward systems (opioid neurosystems that induce a sensation of pleasure and suppress pain), Fear dampening systems, Defensive system Retrospection, Reminiscence, Comfort and enjoyment, Believing, Increasing positive emotions, Constancy, Coping, Resolution of emotional conflict, Incognisance, Anthropomorphism Stability, Regression, Renewal, Nostalgia, Daydreaming, Comfort, Hope, Happiness, Satiety, Plenitude, Joy, Bliss, Instant gratification, Reward, Perfectionism Postponement, Shame, Guilt, Humbleness, Self- sacrifice, Narcissism Belief systems such as religion, Morality, Ethics, Mores, Folkway, Tradition, Authenticity Example: the pathways of our motive to feel safe.
  11. 11. Successful brands coherently express the very patterns of our psyche
  12. 12. * A book will shortly be published, extensively analysing the motives underpinning 20 categories of everyday consumer goods and our fundamental human motives. It puts forward the most integrated platform for engaging people to date. The motives for buying male shaving products are presented in a summarised form in order of increasing relative importance in line with their power to influence our buying decisions*
  13. 13. PLAYFULNESS: On an initial layer of motivation, a shave offers a tonifying, uplifting, vital experience
  14. 14. Getting ready to seize every moment, we unconsciously confirm our capacity for life. Playing with different beard designs, some very serious, some others less so, we feel we come alive.
  15. 15. Lack of proper grooming may be one of the first signs of depression, of a feeling that we cannot achieve the objectives we have set
  16. 16. BALANCE: Expert products, technology, know-how and technical expertise provide us with a sense of peaceful serenity
  17. 17. In using science the few moments we dedicate to ourselves in front of the mirror, we connect with our body, and spark our soul. We feel that grooming products enable us to get in touch with ourselves, and achieve an “intellectual hygiene”. We want to believe that they support our personal philosophy and internal balance when everything else around us is in chaos. Morning washing clears our vision, activates our thought process, helps us grasp things more easily.
  18. 18. CARE: Being is maintaining and supporting. Care starts with taking care of ourselves, of our own body.
  19. 19. Grooming products permit a very intimate contact with our bodies which is a very deep- seated urge
  20. 20. HOMOGENEITY: On a deeper layer of motivation, grooming rituals help us build our public self and feel accepted. By shaving the beard we become friendlier.
  21. 21. Shaving enables us to look ordinary, blend into the crowd, become one with the environment, feel part of something bigger
  22. 22. The face is a hugely sophisticated communication tool and plays an important role in the development of our relationships. Shaving reveals the facial expressions more clearly and therefore makes the shaven male look more communicative and cooperative. Nowadays, anyone can have the best shave in the world.
  23. 23. PASSION: Evolutionarily, physical features of the face provide clues to genetic quality and affective attitude and thus personal grooming can increase reproductive success.
  24. 24. Indulging in the ritual act of shaving is a sensual experience: Spreading the lather on the skin, feeling the gliding of the masculine tool on the smooth skin and the sensual satisfaction of the lotions, anticipating going out and what it brings with it.
  25. 25. SELF-EXPRESSION: On a deeper layer, embedding the powerful notions of culture and self-expression some of the most successful brands help us develop a point of view and an attitude. The face is a prime instrument of self- expression and the most visible part of the body. Everyday we sharpen, polish, recreate our face, reinventing ourselves. Grooming products enable us not only to command our proper face but also to reform it.
  26. 26. TRANSFORMATION: Where a woman puts on her make-up, a man “takes off” his face to achieve the same result, the sense of newness and transformation
  27. 27. The face emerges clean and smooth behind a scented mask and one becomes a different person. Shaving products act as catalysts for this change.
  28. 28. SUBVERSION: Shaving is a type of deformation during which our hair is forcefully and artificially eliminated. All methods of mechanical hair removal involve some level of pain and underlying danger. Because of shaving’s repetitive ritualistic nature, the aspect of danger is only latent in our mind. Shaving products are devoted to elimination, they represent the edgier of tools. They are items of disguised transgression, infringement, disobedience, offence.
  29. 29. Despite all the high technology there remains always the danger of a bad cut. The rubbing of the face with the lethal tool, and the underlying thought of blood, gives some masochistic aspect to the shaving ritual which is completed with the touch of the after shave on the raw skin.
  30. 30. Experiencing risk and the masochistic motives are important drivers in shaving. Having a “close shave” gives the pleasure of almost experiencing the guillotine and having beaten it.
  31. 31. Every day we destroy the sign of masculinity. Our mind reacts positively to a little controlled danger wherever it finds it. Even weak stimuli of suffering or feeling on the “dangerous” edge of things, provide people in an anaesthetised society with a sense of being more alive, sharp and dangerous.
  32. 32. In primitive societies, mutilations are correlated with passage rites into adulthood. It is not by chance that for men shaving is the main sign of becoming adults as for women is the use of red lipstick and higher heels. In modern societies the value of the rites of passage has been replaced with substitute values of products and habits.
  33. 33. Unconventional designs of facial hair are a sign of more or less unconscious protest against submitting to a discipline that deprives one of individual potency
  34. 34. FREEDOM: In our mind, getting rid of the hair represents an attempt to get rid of the clothes - which symbolise civilization. Shaving is associated with freeing the skin from the hair, getting rid of our troubles.
  35. 35. Fabricating multiple faces, experiencing different potential identities, we hope to end up discovering our real character. Surfing from self to self, we attempt a temporary escape from an unfulfilled life. Now that all places on the planet have been explored, we are much freer to explore new places by shaving our whole body.
  36. 36. SECURITY: The act of shaving enables us to get a new face at the beginning of a new day. It leaves the shaver fresh and renewed every day. Shaving facilitates the passage from the dark hair to smooth skin, from dirt to cleanliness, from night to day.
  37. 37. It takes a sharp, shining tool to achieve cleansing and purgation. The water on the face reinforces the feeling of an everyday rebirth. Shaving is a self-effacing, semi-automatic act of ritualistic nature that is seen as a metaphor for purification. Along with the facial hair we get rid of the tensions of life. as children do not have beards, the shaven male looks and feels younger.
  38. 38. CONTROL: On an even more profound level, by shaving we fight chaos and entropy on a daily basis. Hair reminds us of our animalistic past. Every day we confirm our escape from the past, our reign over nature. Every day we remind ourselves to keep our emotions in hand.
  39. 39. A man wakes up disorganised, harried by his anxieties. It is this face that he takes off: reorganizing himself, reestablishing his identity. Tuning himself up he gets a sense of security. The clean-shaven look is the right face at work, for social order, and conformity.
  40. 40. Shaving and depilation have been frequently used as social insignia in many cultures of the world.
  41. 41. During shaving we feel pampered. The concrete product attributes of power, solidity and stability help us feel in control.
  42. 42. EMPOWERMENT: Shaving offers a daily affirmation. The last look in the mirror in the morning says “go out and win today”. Men displace their aggressiveness from their face in the act of shaving.
  43. 43. A merciless attack against the vigor of the hair controlling the sharp instrument, a risky activity “just short of the cutting edge” energises the man to start the day with unfailing confidence.
  44. 44. Because the razor is sharp, the man feels sharp. In fantasy we see ourselves physically handsome, muscular, and therefore powerful. Men are required to demonstrate their maleness by removing one of its very obvious signs, their hair.
  45. 45. Gliding quickly over surfaces is a masculine unconscious idea. Friction and gravity are the enemies of motion, the enemies of life.
  46. 46. Men look for immediate gratification, and signals that help give reassurance on performance. To make us feel top performers the products must be easy to use. Products are expertly engineered with purposeful details and signals to connote performance.
  47. 47. The ritualistic initiation in the activity of shaving which accompanies men for the rest of their life coincides with their sexual maturity
  48. 48. Women are for men part of their perceived success. Shaving is associated with the fantasy of sexual conquest.
  49. 49. * In some cases, the same brand can be manifested in different ways in different countries Leading brands express the fundamental human motives driving their category *
  50. 50. Deep category understanding is just the first step in creating engaging narratives. To build a proposition that is both authentic and deeply engaging, the brand must germinate the bare motives that drive the category in a unique and profoundly human way.
  51. 51. CONNECT CONTROL The wheel of motives™ GROW CARE BALANCE DESIRE FEEL SAFE SEEK PLAY CREATE DEFY TRANSFORM TM The Wheel Of Motives™ can help us activate the unique codes of a brand, those that engage people at a profound human level based on a three-phase methodology * * For the complete theory about how the fundamental human motives work please contact the author or wait until the publishing of the book
  52. 52. Phase 1: Psychographic mapping • Mapping the meaning people derive from the category • Deconstructing the meaning systems of the brands • Tracing underexploited territories and meaning- saturated areas
  53. 53. Phase 2: Brand (re)definition • Liberating the core of the brand from its nonessential elements • Mobilising the core to give a unique answer to what consumers have always wanted from the category
  54. 54. Phase 3: The unique language of the brand • Imprinting brand strategy into our fundamental human motives, the roots of human communication • Translating brand strategy into Intrinsically Engaging Narratives™ - tangible and ownable experiences based on the profound code
  55. 55. To capture the deep resonances that make a brand successful, and its consonances with the category, a profound knowledge of the rich hierarchies of inherent concepts of our mind, and their underground connections, is required.
  56. 56. BRAND AVIATORS™ are trusted by some of the world’s leading companies:
  57. 57. (Re)define your brand through the human fundamentals if you seek to: • Deeply engage people locally and across cultures • Develop genuine concepts that work year after year after year • Align all brand communications under one master idea • Increase the ROI of all your brand’s activities
  58. 58. My mission is to help clients around the world build brands that liberate the very forces of life. Contact me now for a free discovery audit at or by clicking on the icon: BRAND AVIATORS™ Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX +44 (0) 203 693 3933