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  • RB
  • We recognize Great ideas often come from the grassroots; community members and BRAC’s staff that work closely with them. We want to hear these and facilitate their sharing across the organization.A circular was sent out on the 2nd of June announcing SIL as a separate unit under Strategy, Communications and Capacity Building and that SIL would be piloting idea boxes in an effort to increase engagement of field staff in keeping brac Innovative.
  • Quotes- Found a need for a space for collection and promotion of ideas directly from the field to the HOPhone
  • We want to be the space from where all ideas that will help brac achieve it’s goals will gather and be disseminated
  • The first box was launched in Mymensingh BLC by Asifbhai and Maria Apa on the 21st of May 2013.
  • The second box was launched in Comilla BLC on the 4th of JuneThe 3rd box was launched on the 22nd of June in Jessore BLC
  • RB Talk with RM so that they know what SIL does and encourages field staff to connect with usEnglish version of the form Poster to show people what kind of ideas we get
  • Toyota is the worlds greatest manufacturing industry today and the reason is their commitment to ‘continuous improvement’ and ‘respect for people’ by which they mean staff and clients.
  • Ideas from field

    1. 1. Ideas from Field Shamsin Ahmed & Fariduzzaman Rana Social Innovation Lab
    2. 2.
    3. 3. Social Innovation Lab • We seek to institutionalize innovation at BRAC and create an inclusive space where ideas are shared, nurtured, and translated into action. • We want to hear ideas from grassroots and facilitate their sharing across the organization.
    4. 4. How we came up with it? “I want to share my ideas but I don’t know who to tell”- FO “Senior Management does not want to listen to our ideas”- PO “I told my manager about a idea I had but then he did nothing”- PO “I get a lot of ideas from my staff but I don’t know what to do with them.”- Manager • 19th November 2012 consulted DBRs
    5. 5. Collection Dissemination 750 Visitors 60000 staff, 2000 BO 22 BLCs 12 Countries SIL Blog Shetu PCC/IPC Programs
    6. 6. First box launched in Mymensingh BLC by Asif bhai on the 21st of May 2013.
    7. 7. The first idea contribution from Jessore BLC
    8. 8. Ideas with ideas • Talk with Managers: RMs • Collect ideas from Visitors • Sharing in Meetings: IPC/PCC, DPC,DBR • Publications: Shetu, Websites • Poster
    9. 9. Faridpur Mymensingh Comilla Jessore Nilphamari • Received ideas through mail, e- mails and conversations • Field visits • From all kinds of staff
    10. 10. HR + Staff well being • Staff improvement initiatives: Talent management, scholarships for staff family members, yearly bonus etc. - Aminul Islam, Senior Admin Officer, AAF, HO (mailed) • Are teacher’s salaries adequate for current expense rates? (Question about policy) -By anonymous • Termination threat of 5% weak staff should be removed from HRPP to increase motivation -Anonymous, Mymensing • Uniform for all brac field staff -Shefali Begum, Librarian, BEP, Mymensingh
    11. 11. New products/Activities 1. Banking services in Branch offices because there are many places in Bangladesh where there are no BRAC banks -By Abu Zafar Mohiuddin (mail) 2. Teacher’s Loan: Loan for teachers -By Md. Abu Saleh Ahmed, Junior Sector Specialist, Process Review Unit, Nilphamari 3. Farmers are not able to acquire production cost of their products, brokers benefit from this. BRAC can initiate a program for the farmers to sell their agricultural products with right price. - Shadekul Islam Khan, Manager, CFPR-TUP (Mail) 4. Summer and Winter vacations of brac school should be at the same time with govt schools. -By Anonymous (Mail)
    12. 12. 5. Having a Pharmacy and Paramedics for each Area and Upazilla Office and a health fund from collecting 50/100 tk from each employee -Md. Shakur Khan, BLD, Jessore 6. Research has shown that the rice we produce has high levels of cadmium which is bad for health, the source of cadmium is the fertilizers, brac should advocate for organic fertilizers all over the country -Md. Saidur Rahman, BDP, Jessore 7. Provide Health Insurance to good loanee customers to enhance coordination between MF and Health and encourage beneficiaries - By Arafin Gulshan Ara, Associate Faculty Member, Mymensingh
    13. 13. BLC related 8. Film/Video club: A monthly session at BLCs when videos of Sir Abed and BRAC will be aired so that field staff know and can take pride in all that Sir Abed and BRAC has achieved - By Monowarul Islam, Advocate, Legal and Compliance, Faridpur 9. Day care centres for BLCs for the children of trainees - Arafin Gulshan Ara, Associate Faculty Member, Mymensingh 10. Improving BLCs by having a reception desk, staff quarters and Mini shop. - Md. Fakruzzaman, BLC, Jessore
    14. 14. Policy/ Suggestions/Advocacy 11. There should be one standard way of defining a catchment area for all programmes of brac, this will make coordination within Brac and with GO.s easier -Md. Abdul Bashar, Health, Jessore 12. TB should be separated from the EHC programme this would reduce work for the CHWs -Anonymous, HNPP, Jessore 13. Create a mechanism for PMs to be assessed by their subordinates -Md. Rezaul Karim, WASH, Jessore
    15. 15. Incentives? • 10 Best Ideas published in Shetu and BRAC Website • Best idea contributor gets to have lunch with the Chairman!
    16. 16. THE TOYOTA WAY “One of the features of the Japanese workers is that they use their brains as well as their hand, Our workers provide 1.5 million suggestions a year, and 95 percent of them are put to practical use. There is an almost tangible concern for improvement in the air at Toyota.” -Mr Toyoda
    17. 17.
    18. 18. THANK YOU!