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203K loans colorado


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Learn how a 203K loan can be helpful to homeowners.

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203K loans colorado

  1. 1. 203K Loans Colorado:Advantages and Disadvantages @cobroker1 +Brian Quigley Mortgage Blog WWW.BRIANQUIGLEY.COM
  2. 2. What is a 203K Loan?• Allows people to borrow money for: • Home Improvements • Home Ownership• All in one loan• Guaranteed loan so interest stays low@cobroker1
  3. 3. Handle Dealbreakers• Buy an almost perfect home• But serious defects will scare off lenders • 203K loans will let the lender know you are serious about fixing the problem@cobroker1
  4. 4. Provides Temporary Housing • Allows you to set aside money for alternative housing during improvements • Up to 6 months • You will not live in a construction zone @cobroker1
  5. 5. Large Loans Provided • Having 203k provides access to large loans • You can borrow enough to finance 110% of home’s value after improvement • Low down payments@cobroker1
  6. 6. Make Improvements thatMatter • Make any improvements wanted • Cost taken care of up front • You can choose appliances @cobroker1