Russia wants explanations on deployment of U.S. Patriot ...


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Russia wants explanations on deployment of U.S. Patriot ...

  1. 1. 10 EUROPE/AMERICA h t t p : / / w w w. t e h r a n t i m e s . c o m / i n t e r n a t i o n a l MAY 29, 2010 TEHRAN TIMES INTERNATIONAL DAILY ask our Polish colleagues and U.S. partners.” NATO chief Russia wants explanations on deployment Polish Defense Minister Bogdan Klich wel- comed on Wednesday the stationing of U.S. Patriot complexes on Polish soil, describing it as an important step in strengthening Poland’s tells EU to reach security pact of U.S. Patriot missiles in Poland MOSCOW (RIA Novosti) — Moscow expects security. He said the deployment of U.S. missiles would also strengthen the “strategic nature of re- lations between the United States and Poland.” with Turkey an explanation on the deployment of U.S. Pa- Relations between Moscow and Washington BRUSSELS (EUobserver) triot missiles near the Polish-Russian border, have improved significantly since Barack Obama — NATO chief Anders Fogh Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on took over as U.S. president, with the signing of a Rasmussen spelt out the political Thursday. new arms cuts treaty by the two country’s presi- steps needed in order for the military “We have, so far, been told only one thing: do dents in April being a major step in Russian-U.S. alliance and the EU to overcome a not worry, this is not aimed against you,” Lavrov rapprochement. political deadlock stemming from a told journalists in Moscow. In September 2009, Obama postponed plans long-standing row between Turkey “We have already heard this in the past and by the Bush administration to deploy missile- and Cyprus. we consider that the new nature of relations defense elements in Poland and the Czech Re- Mr. Rasmussen argued that the between Washington and Warsaw allows us to public. Russia has fiercely opposed the plans as EU must move to accommodate expect more detailed explanations on what is a threat to its national security. Turkish concerns and conclude an happening,” he added. Russian-Polish ties, hampered by a range of security agreement with Ankara. The statement came after the United States historical disputes, have also improved in recent “(EU) high representative opened a temporary military base near the months, at a large extent due to Russia’s deep Catherine Ashton and I have northern Polish town of Morag, 80 km (50 miles) concern over the death of Polish President Lech gotten off to a strong start in our from the Russian border under the Supplemen- Kaczynski in a plane accident near the western co-operation and we both share tal Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) signed Russian city of Smolensk. the view that NATO and the EU in December 2009. However, a senior member of the Russian need to talk and do more together “We do not understand completely what the parliament, Konstantin Kosachyov, has said from planning to procurement to need is in taking steps of a military-technical that it was naive to believe that the improve- operations,” NATO chief Anders nature to create some military facilities, an infra- ment in Russian-Polish relations would auto- Fogh Rasmussen told reporters structure in close proximity to Russian borders,” matically remove any questions between the after co-chairing a joint session of Lavrov said. “These are the questions that we LAVROV two countries. EU and NATO ambassadors with Ms Ashton. The meeting, which was the first since Ms Ashton took office in Russia hunts for bombers after blast kills seven December last year, was dedicated MOSCOW (AFP) — Police on region branch of the FSB security BP resumes bid to plug Gulf to the joint operations in Bosnia Thursday hunted for the perpetrators service, was quoted as saying by oil leak as pressure mounts and Herzegovina, but also touched of a bomb blast that killed seven the Interfax news agency. on broader EU-NATO relations BP has resumed pumping mud into the leaking oil well in people and wounded dozens in the “We have questions about the and the changes brought about the Gulf of Mexico after briefly suspending the high-risk southern Russian city of Stavropol. participation of bandit groups and by the Lisbon Treaty, such as on “top kill” procedure. A bomb packed with steel pellets the commercial interests of the how information on defense and The oil giant said it was too early to say whether the hidden in a juice carton went off owners of the cafe near where the security matters will be dealt with latest attempt to stem the leak had been successful. near a cultural center on Wednesday blast went off and the owners of the within EU’s new diplomatic service. It has emerged that far more oil has poured from the evening. sports and cultural center” where NATO and EU diplomats well than was previously thought, which would make this By Thursday, the death toll had the concert was to take place, have met informally every three the biggest spill in U.S. history. risen to seven, including a 12-year- Nazarov said. months, but their gatherings have U.S. President Barack Obama is to visit the affected old girl, and 33 people remained Nazarov added that officials were been limited to discussing the Emergency service staff help an injured victim after an area in Louisiana. hospitalized, many in critical explosion in Stavropol. (AFP/Danil Semyonov) seeking a man linked to the attack practicalities of missions such as Obama has defended his government’s handling of the condition, officials said. More than 40 but gave no further details. the one in Bosnia. Any other issue huge oil spill. Speaking at the White House, the president people were injured in the blast. Yekaterina Danilova, an official with the Stavropol touching broader inter-institutional vowed to hold BP accountable for the “horrific disaster”. Video footage shot with a mobile phone immediately after investigative committee, told AFP another possibility being relations would have immediately He unveiled a series of measures, including a continued the blast and aired on state television showed a thick plume considered was that the attack might have been aimed at been blocked by Greece or France, moratorium on drilling permits for six months. of black smoke rising from the center of a city square as stirring up ethnic hatred in the mostly ethnic-Russian city. who would stress that such matters The move comes after an opinion poll said 60% people ran away in terror. Regional police called on residents of Stavropol to be needed to be discussed together of Americans were unhappy with the government’s Stavropol, which lies just north of the Caucasus, has vigilant but not to panic. with Cyprus, a member of the EU response. until now rarely seen the bloody attacks that characterize Russia is battling a violent insurgency in the North but not NATO. BP suspended its “top kill” procedure, untested at this the guerrilla war between Russian forces and rebels in Caucasus, and deadly attacks in the republics of Chechnya, Mr. Rasmussen said he wanted depth, for several hours on Thursday so it could monitor neighboring regions like Chechnya. Ingushetia and Dagestan are a near-daily occurrence. these meetings to take place on progress. The region’s governor Valery Gayevsky described the In March, Russia was shaken to the core when two female “a much more regular basis,” It has now resumed pumping heavy mud into the attack as “an audacious provocation” and suggested it was suicide bombers, both from Dagestan, killed 40 people in a especially since the new treaty ruptured well linked to Caucasus unrest. pair of coordinated attacks on the Moscow metro. gives the EU and Ms Ashton a It says it believes the procedure can work - although it “Someone wants to shake loose the friendly relations Doku Umarov, head of the so-called “Caucasus Emirate” “more robust foreign policy role.” may not know for days yet. between the peoples and republics. These forces do not group, claimed responsibility for the metro attack. Umarov He conceded that the Turkish- If the procedure succeeds, cement will be injected to want peace in the Caucasus. But we will put them in their has vowed in recent months to carry out more attacks outside Cypriot row, which has been seal the well. place,” Gayevsky said. the North Caucasus. blocking co-operation between New estimates from a panel of U.S. scientists said at So far no group has claimed responsibility, but officials The Kremlin attempted a new tack in the long-running the two institutions, is a “political least 12,000 barrels (504,000 gallons) were leaking into said they were considering various theories including an conflict in January by appointing a new envoy to the North complication” that won’t be cleared the Gulf every day, far exceeding the 1989 Exxon Valdez insurgent attack and a commercial dispute. Caucasus, businessman Alexander Khloponin, who has “overnight”, but he spelled out what disaster. “We are examining all the theories that could objectively sought to bring jobs and investment to the impoverished needed to be done on both sides The leak was caused by an explosion on the Deepwater explain this event,” Yevgeny Nazarov, head of the Stavropol region. for this to happen. Horizon rig on 20 April, which also killed 11 workers. Ankara has vetoed any attempt at opening access to classified NATO AP tally: 1,000th U.S. military death in Afghan war President Obama stressed that his administration, and not BP, was in charge. documents to the Greek Cypriot But he admitted the government did not have the authorities, while Cyprus has been KABUL (AP) — The U.S. military Elsewhere, Afghan officials said technology to deal with the damaged oil well nearly a mile blocking Turkish participation in EU suffered its 1,000th death of the they still had no confirmation of (1.6km) below the surface, meaning that Washington must defense activities. Afghan war Friday, according to an reports that a Pakistani Taliban leader rely on BP to plug the ruptured well. Turkey has no access to EU Associated Press count, when NATO who spearheaded the takeover of The president’s comments came as questions were documents relating to military reported a service member was killed Pakistan’s Swat Valley three years increasingly being asked about whether he had been missions, as it is the only NATO by a roadside bomb in southern ago was killed this week in a fierce sufficiently engaged in handling the disaster, says the member not having signed a Afghanistan. battle with Afghan forces in remote BBC’s Adam Brookes in Washington. security agreement with the 27- A NATO statement did not identify eastern Afghanistan. In a shake-up of the offshore oil industry, Obama strong bloc, precisely because of the victim’s name or nationality, Hundreds of militants have been suspended test drilling on 33 rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, as the Cypriot issue. Additionally, joint but U.S. spokesman Col. Wayne trying since Sunday to seize control well as halting exploratory deepwater drilling for another procurement initiatives on European Shanks said the service member was of the Barg-e-Matal district of Nuristan six months. level that are co-ordinated by the American. U.S. and Afghan soldiers together with Afghan policemen province along the Pakistani border In addition, he cancelled the sale of some offshore European Defense Agency are The Associated Press bases its stand near the site of a car bomb explosion in Kandahar, and fighting continued in the area Afghanistan, Wednesday, May 26, 2010. leases off the coasts of Alaska and Virginia. also off-limits. tally on U.S. Defense Department Friday, provincial officials said. Correspondents say the move marks a shift in policy (AP Photo/Alluddin Khan) “Speaking frankly, maybe a reports of deaths suffered as a direct Villagers who took part in the since March, when President Obama gave the go-ahead bit bluntly, the EU must move to result of the Afghan conflict, including personnel assigned to fighting reported that they had killed the Taliban commander, to widen the scope for offshore drilling in order to reduce accommodate some concerns units in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Uzbekistan. Maulana Fazlullah, along with six of his fighters during a strong dependency on oil imports. raised by NATO allies that are Other news organizations count deaths suffered by service insurgent attack Wednesday, according to Gen. Mohammad Hours before Obama spoke, the head of the Minerals not EU members. The EU should members assigned elsewhere as part of Operation Enduring Zaman Mamozai, commander for Afghan border police in Management Service (MMS), which oversees drilling include non-EU contributors to the Freedom, which includes operations in the Philippines, the eastern Afghanistan. operations, resigned. military decision-making process, Horn of Africa and at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo In Pakistan, Maulana Faqir Mohammed, the Taliban chief Elizabeth Birnbaum and the MMS have come under fire it should conclude a security Bay, Cuba. in the Bajur area, told The Associated Press by phone that from lawmakers over lax oversight of drilling operations. agreement with Turkey and an The NATO statement gave no details of the bombing Friday, Fazlullah had gone to Nuristan with his fighters. The president blasted the “scandalously close arrangement between Turkey and nor did it specify where the attack occurred. U.S., NATO and “We are trying to contact him,” he said. “We believe that he relationship” between oil companies and regulators, and the European Defense Agency,” Afghan forces are gearing up for a major operation in the is safe and he has not been killed.” said officials granting exploration permits would no longer Rasmussen said. south in a bid to shore up government control of Kandahar, the Another Taliban commander in Bajur, Asad Ullah, insisted be responsible as well for ensuring safety. But the former Danish Prime biggest city in southern Afghanistan and the Taliban’s former that Fazlullah was alive. Also on Thursday, Obama’s top spill response official - Minister, who admitted he was no headquarters. “Maulana Fazlullah was the guest of Taliban in Nuristan, and Coast Guard commander Admiral Thad Allen - approved diplomat but that this allowed him to The list of American service members killed in combat in we don’t think he can be killed so easily,” he said. part of an ambitious plan to build barrier islands to stop oil speak openly, also conceded steps Afghanistan begins with Sgt. 1st Class Nathan Ross Chapman The Afghan Interior Ministry said one police officer had also from coming ashore in Louisiana. needed to be taken by his own of San Antonio, Texas. The 31-year-old career Special forces been killed in the Nuristan fighting. Officials said about 500 The oil leak has already soiled more than 110km organization. soldier was ambushed on Jan. 4, 2002, after attending a meeting Pakistani Taliban were involved in the siege. (70 miles) of Louisiana’s coastline, threatening fragile “On our side, it should be with Afghan leaders in Khost province. He left a wife and two The insurgents first attacked the district government marshlands and putting the Louisiana fishing industry at accepted that Cyprus is a country children. The base where a suicide bomber killed seven CIA building on Sunday. Provincial police chief Gen. Mohammad risk. that deserves a seat at the table employees in December bears his name. Qasim Jangulbagh said local residents joined the fight against U.S. officials warned the coming hurricane season when we are having a dialogue The latest death was reported just ahead of the Memorial the Taliban because they heard Fazlullah had issued a could be one of the worst on record. between the EU and NATO,” he Day weekend in the United States when Americans honor their fatwa, or religious command, to kill those who supported the (Source: BBC) said. dead in all the nation’s wars. government.