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QFleet Journey                                                                                                            ...
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QFleet Journey

Queensland E10 outlets continued
Sunshine Coast Area                         ■	 Caltex	Garden	City,	877	...
QFleet Journey                                                                                                            ...
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  1. 1. QFleet Journey October 2006 Keeping you informed General Manager's Fleet update ......................................... 4 about progress at QFleet and in the motor industry message ............................................... 2 Queensland E10 outlets ....................... 5 Level 3 water restrictions ...................... 2 Driving tips ........................................... 7 Vehicle selection ................................. 3 Auction schedule .................................. 8 Mobile phones: a non-silent killer on our roads! ........................................ 4 New Fleetscape online ordering system goes live The Fleetscape Vehicle Selection online to complete the second phase of the roll out by ordering system has now been officially the end of December. launched to QFleet clients and is being well According to QFleet Fleet Manager, Felicity received. Fleetscape allows the user to select Hawthorne, the roll out of Fleetscape has been vehicles online as well as compare the costs a step forward in providing agencies with a of different makes and models of vehicles tool to efficiently control their fleet selections. to enable them to make the most informed decision for their fleet. The system covers “Savings for whole-of-Government will result both passenger and commercial vehicles. from selecting the best value for money vehicles offered by Fleetscape,” Felicity said. A key benefit for whole-of- Fleetscape’s Vehicle Selection online ordering Government system design and functionality is based and agencies is on extensive consultation with clients the embedding undertaken by the whole-of-Government Fleet of Fleet Policy Management Review team. The system has and the capacity been built with whole-of-Government input of Fleetscape and is designed to be used by clients across to ensure whole-of-Government. compliant To enhance the system’s capability, QFleet vehicle will continue consulting with clients to take selections. their feedback on board. Enhancements Fleetscape are progressively identified and prioritised is being on a whole-of-Government basis and are Vincent Dobbelaar and Brett Burgoyne, QFleet, using Fleetscape incorporated into regular system releases. introduced Vehicle Selection online ordering system. to clients in Sandy McWilliam from Queensland Health is two phases, one of the clients now using the live system. the first of which is well under way. Many agencies are now connected to Fleetscape “I have found the initial introduction phase of and have appointed at least one Policy Fleetscape to be user friendly, with a greater Manager, Ordering Officer and Authorising emphasis on quality control from the District’s Officer in each agency. In September further perspective and look forward to the future concentrated formal training and connection upgrades in establishing Fleetscape to its full for agencies in the South-East corner and potential,” Sandy said. regional centres will occur with the aim of having all agencies connected. For information on training or any other The second phase of the Fleetscape roll out Fleetscape enquiries, please contact your plan connects all agencies at all levels, from representative listed in the bottom bar of Regions to Districts, to the system. QFleet aims this newsletter. QFleet working in partnership with you
  2. 2. 2 QFleet Journey General Manager's message QFleet General Manager, Fiona Wright QFleet welcomes Fiona Wright who has joined the team as In addition, the Fleetscape Vehicle Selection system is General Manager. Fiona has been with the Queensland complementing this range of vehicles by providing clients Government for 7 years. Prior to that, she spent many with the information to enable more informed decisions years in the private sector working across a number of regarding their vehicle’s whole of life costs. The Fleetscape industries. Fiona brings a wealth of experience and system is currently being released to agencies across knowledge to the QFleet team. Queensland and I encourage all clients to utilise the system for their quoting and vehicle ordering needs. I am excited to be on board and part of QFleet. I’m looking forward to leading QFleet through the continuing challenges QFleet is also strengthening its position in relation to facing the fleet leasing industry and delivering the best fleet driver safety and we have included in this edition some management outcomes for the Queensland Government. information which will benefit drivers both in QFleet vehicles and in their own personal vehicles. In particular, I am well aware the fleet industry in Australia is rapidly despite increased awareness and penalties, the statistics changing and facing various challenges. These include relating to use of mobile phones whilst driving is still issues such as the increasing fuel prices, realignments in shocking. We have included a number of simple steps to the mix of new vehicle purchases including a move away avoid risk which may just save your life. from larger vehicles and the decline in sales prices for used vehicles. This edition of Journey highlights some of the Finally, we are also pleased to include all the E10 outlets ways QFleet is adapting to these industry changes. available to QFleet clients. Of the petrol vehicles in our fleet, more than 98% of our vehicles are compliant with QFleet is also offering clients a larger selection of fuel E10 so please note your nearest outlet and fuel up with E10 efficient vehicles and has recently expanded its range of whenever possible. light compact vehicles, including the Toyota Yaris, Holden Barina, Ford Festiva and Hyundai Getz. I look forward to being a part of and leading QFleet as we continue to deliver whole-of-Government fleet management As well as these fuel efficient four cylinder vehicles, expertise, solutions and value. QFleet offers environmentally sound alternatives to conventional petrol models with the new range of LPG passenger and light commercial vehicles as well the petrol/electric hybrid vehicles Level 3 water restrictions New approach to washing Government vehicles in South Alternatively, vehicles may be taken to a commercial car East Queensland wash to be cleaned. Use of mains-supplied potable water for watering, washing In June 2006 the Queensland Government published a buildings and vehicles in South East Queensland is severely Fact Sheet: “How Level 3 Water Restrictions in South East restricted under Level 3 Restrictions. Queensland affect Government Facilities”. The fact sheet is designed to help facilities managers and others in the The restrictions apply to all Government employees who Queensland Government understand the impact of Level 3 use mains-supplied potable water for purposes other than Water Restrictions in South East Queensland. consumption, including washing vehicles. Vehicle washing is therefore only permitted using a high-pressure water The fact sheet PDF can be downloaded from the DPW cleaning unit with a trigger nozzle or by bucket. website at: www.build.qld.gov.au/specialprojects/water_ factsheet.pdf Contacting QFleet Head Office Level 16, Mineral House Senior Fleet Consultants Maxine Heath Andrew Wills Cluster 1 Tim Cody Senior Account Manager QFleet 41 George Street Brisbane Telephone 07 3224 6176 Facsimile 07 3227 8216 Telephone 07 3225 2699 Facsimile 07 3227 8216 Telephone 07 3224 4418 tim.cody@qfleet.qld.gov.au GPO Box 293 maxine.heath@qfleet.qld.gov.au andrew.wills@qfleet.qld.gov.au Brisbane Queensland 4001 Telephone 07 3224 4292 Facsimile 07 3224 6242 Website www.qfleet.qld.gov.au
  3. 3. QFleet Journey 3 Vehicle selection - if you can’t go smaller, go greener In response to environmental concerns, many QFleet client agencies have reviewed their vehicle selection and replacement policies and become part of the progressive shift from six to four cylinder vehicles. Today’s four cylinder vehicles are more comfortable, responsive and safer than ever, and can easily meet most of the needs of a modern public sector passenger vehicle fleet. There will, of course, be some work applications where a six cylinder passenger vehicle is the best fit-for-purpose choice. Fortunately, green-minded agencies can lease a six cylinder sedan, wagon or Ute and still achieve E-Gas Falcon some reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. If it is impracticable to change to a smaller vehicle or engine, another option is to use a different fuel – one with the is performance and handling virtually indistinguishable potential to produce fewer harmful emissions than petrol. from the petrol version. A widely available alternative to petrol is Liquefied Beyond the environmental benefits, LPG delivers savings Petroleum Gas (LPG). LPG burns cleaner and has lower in fuel cost compared with petrol, estimated by Ford to be emissions per litre of fuel consumed but fuel consumption as much as 47%. Clients can compare the indicative fuel is greater for LPG than for petrol. costs of the E-Gas and petrol models using Ford’s online Cost Saving Calculator at www.ford.com.au/landing/egas/ Compared with their petrol equivalents, LPG vehicles egascalculator.asp. produce fewer greenhouse gases, particulates and toxic emissions and have lower ozone forming potential. These QFleet vehicles can be refuelled at BP Autogas outlets benefits are even more marked in the case of cold starts using the BP fuel card. LPG outlets can be easily found and very short journeys (e.g. CBD trips). by using BP’s online Service Station Locator at www. nowwhere.com.au/bp/autogas/search.aspx. Manufactures such as Ford, Holden, Mitsubishi and Toyota have introduced LPG engine options for some of There are some variations in specification between LPG their popular passenger and light commercial models with and petrol Falcons. For example, Ford’s Traction Control varying approaches. Some LPG engines are designed to System, usually standard on sedans and wagons, is not run on gas only while others are dual fuel, where drivers available when the E-Gas engine is fitted. can alternate between LPG and petrol. More information about the E-Gas engine can be Current offerings also include factory-fitted LPG systems, found on Ford Australia’s website at http://www.ford. factory-approved LPG systems and LPG compatible com.au/landing/egas, and technical specifications can systems. be found at http://www.ford.com.au/landing/egas/ technicalinformation.asp. For example, Ford offers a factory-fitted, dedicated LPG engine in its E-Gas range: In environmental terms, four cylinder vehicles remain significantly more efficient than larger vehicles fuelled ■ Falcon XT and Futura sedan and wagon by either petrol or LPG. However, when there is a ■ Fairmont demonstrable need for a six cylinder vehicle, LPG models ■ Falcon XL, XLS and RTV Ute (Styleside Box/Cab are the smart choice and have tangible environmental Chassis). advantages over their petrol equivalents. The 156kW E-Gas engine, management system and instrumentation have been specifically designed and For information about E-Gas Falcon lease rates and engineered to maximise the benefits of LPG. The result delivery times contact your QFleet Fleet Consultant. Cluster 2 Patrick Smith Fleet Consultant Ellen Kear Fleet Administrator Peter Cox Senior Account Manager Shannon Townsley Fleet Consultant Tanya Owens Fleet Consultant Telephone 07 3227 8342 Telephone 07 3225 8208 Telephone 07 3225 8136 Telephone 07 3225 8114 Telephone 07 3225 8584 Facsimile 07 3227 8216 Facsimile 07 3227 8216 peter.cox@qfleet.qld.gov.au Facsimile 07 3227 8216 Facsimile 07 3227 8216 patrick.smith@qfleet.qld.gov.au ellen.kear@qfleet.qld.gov.au shannon.townsley@qfleet.qld.gov.au tanya.owens@qfleet.qld.gov.au
  4. 4. 4 QFleet Journey Mobile phones: a non-silent killer on our roads! A recent test case in Victoria found a man responsible for mobile phone (regardless of whether it is hand-held or killing two passengers after he crashed his vehicle while hands-free kit) can increase your risk of being involved using a hand-held mobile phone. in a crash by four times. This is similar to drink driving! All drivers need to be aware of the risks they face every time they use a phone while driving. Reduce your risk! While the law allows you to use a hands-free mobile while driving, it is always best to reduce risks as much as Why? you can when driving. There are many simple things you We have all experienced how distracting it is trying can do including: to talk on the phone while concentrating on the road, particularly if the conversation is just one of many ■ Pull over to take a call when it is safe to do so distractions such as child passengers, traffic conditions or ■ Only use a hands-free as a last resort feeling tired or stressed. ■ Arrange to ring callers back when you are not driving Chad Brooks is a PhD researcher at QUT’s Centre for ■ Make sure the other caller knows you are driving Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland ■ Make sure your co-workers, supervisor and even your (CARRS-Q). His research is looking at the effect of family know when you will be driving. Ask them to multiple distractions to driving and will lead to the leave a message so you can return their call ASAP. development of software to manage interruptions from in-vehicle devices. Remember - you can be fined $225 and lose three demerit points if you use a hand held mobile phone Chad said, “Current research suggests distractions from whilst driving - even if you are stopped at traffic lights. multiple sources can lead to significant impairment. Even just speaking on a mobile phone can greatly Sources and References reduce the ability of a driver to notice, or even react to, 1Redelmeier, R.J., & Tibshirani, D.A. (1997) Association obstacles and events.” between cellular-telephone calls and motor vehicle collisions. While hands-free mobile phone kits are safer than hand- The New England Journal of Medicine, 336, 453-458. held phones, some research suggests using a hands-free ABC (http://www.abc.net.au/) mobile may still cause significant distraction from the Queensland Transport (http://www.transport.qld.gov.au/) Vic Roads (http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/) road. For example, US research1 suggests talking on a Fleet update Client requests to access data prior 1 July 2002 QFleet’s core Fleet Management System is undergoing data archiving to improve the system’s performance. Data on all vehicle assets and associated transactions sold prior to 1 July 2002 has been archived. To request vehicle information prior to 1 July 2002, clients will need to address their reasoning and need for the data in a letter to QFleet. All letters should be addressed to the Senior Fleet Consultant, QFleet, GPO Box 293, Brisbane 4001. For more information, please contact your Fleet Consultant. Contact details are listed along the bottom of this newsletter. Contacting Cluster 3 Mary-ann Micallef Senior Account Manager Perry Landamore Fleet Consultant Brett Burgoyne Fleet Administrator Cluster 4 Peter Cox Senior Account Manager QFleet Telephone 07 3225 2693 mary-ann.micallef@qfleet.qld.gov.au Telephone 07 3224 6756 Facsimile 07 3227 8216 Telephone 07 3224 5997 Facsimile 07 3227 8216 Telephone 07 3225 8136 peter.cox@qfleet.qld.gov.au perry.landamore@qfleet.qld.gov.au brett.burgoyne@qfleet.qld.gov.au
  5. 5. QFleet Journey 5 Queensland E10 outlets Where possible, Queensland ■ Neumann Greenbank, Lot2/8 ■ Freedom Fuels Inala, Cnr Rudd & Government vehicles are to be fuelled Sheppards Drive, Greenbank Freeman Streets, Inala with E10 as part of the Government’s ■ Neumann Kooralbyn, Store 9 ■ Freedom Fuels Thornside, Cnr plan to develop a sustainable ethanol Salisbury Avenue, Kooralbyn Rickertt & Thornside Rds, Thornside industry in Queensland. ■ Neumann Rocklea, Cnr Ipswich and ■ Freedom Fuels Beenleigh, 52 Logan Elms Roads, Rocklea River Road, Beenleigh The Queensland Government fleet is ■ Neumann Beenleigh, 87 Distillery ■ Freedom Fuels Marsden, 502 Browns to use BP outlets when purchasing Road, Beenleigh Plains Rd, Marsden E10 to gain the significant pricing ■ Neumann Robertson, 138 ■ Freedom Fuels Goodna, 114 Brisbane benefits from this arrangement. McCullough Street, Robertson Terrace, Goodna However, where BP has not E10 retail ■ Neumann Wilston, 282 Newmarket ■ Freedom Fuels Grange, Cnr Days presence an alternative site may be Road, Newmarket Road and Colston Street, Grange used as per the list provided. ■ Evolve Mt Warren Park, 40 ■ Freedom Fuels Nudgee, Cnr Nudgee Brisbane area Rochester Drive, Mt Warren Park & Tufnell Roads, Nudgee ■ QFleet Depot, Colchester St, South ■ South East Queensland Fuels, 61 ■ Freedom Fuels Kuraby, 1319 Brisbane Ashover Road, Rocklea Beenleigh Road, Kuraby ■ BP Capalaba, Qld Cleveland and ■ Independent Fuel Supplies, 3198 ■ Freedom Fuels Wooloowin, Cnr Dollery Roads, Capalaba Moggill Rd, Bellbowrie Shaw Rd & Emma St, Wooloowin ■ BP Express, 237 Brisbane Road, ■ Independent Fuel Supplies, Cnr ■ Freedom Fuels Brendale, Cnr Goodna South Pine and Leitchs Road, Southpine and Kremzow Roads, ■ BP Express Plaza, Cnr Moggill & Strathpine Brendale Cedarleigh Rds, Kenmore ■ Independent Fuel Supplies, Cnr ■ Freedom Fuels Kedron, 277 Gympie ■ BP Express Virginia, 1830 Sandgate Whitehill and Cemetary Roads, Road, Kedron Road, Virginia Raceview ■ Freedom Fuels Brisbane Market, ■ BP Cannon Hill, Cnr Creek and ■ Independent Fuel Supplies, 3 Sherwood Rd, Rocklea Wynnum Rds, Cannon Hill Telemon Street, Beaudesert ■ Freedom Fuels West Ipswich, Cnr ■ BP Wishart, 528 Newnham Rd, ■ Independent Fuel Supplies, Bruce Brisbane Rd & Tiger Sts, West Wishart Highway, Burpengary Ipswich ■ BP Eastern Heights, Cnr Robertson ■ Independent Fuel Supplies, Cnr ■ Freedom Fuels Ningi, 1473 Bribie and Grange Rds, Eastern Heights Zillmere and Newman Roads, Island Road, Bribie Island ■ BP Gliderway, 62 Brisbane Road, Zillmere ■ Freedom Fuels Victoria Point, 216 Ebbw Vale ■ Independent Fuel Supplies, 61 Colburn Avenue, Victoria Point ■ BP Thornlands, Cnr Bloomfield and Ashover Road, Rocklea ■ United, 203-209 Brisbane Road, South Sts, Thornlands ■ Freedom Fuels Mt Gravatt, 154 Booval ■ BP Stanley Street, 979 Stanley Creek Rd, Mt Gravatt ■ United, 445-459 Chambers Flat Street, East Brisbane ■ Freedom Fuels Wakerley, Cnr Green Road, Park Ridge ■ BP Tingalpa, Cnr Manly and Camp & Molle Rds, Wakerley ■ United, 2 Woodcrest Way, Wynnum Roads, Tingalpa ■ Freedom Fuels Seven Hills, Cnr Springfield ■ Neumann Lindum, Cnr Sibley & Oateson Skyline & the Corso, Seven ■ United, 466-486 Johnson Road, Kianawah Rds, Wynnum West Hills Forestdale ■ Neumann Eagle Farm Depot, 23 ■ Freedom Fuels Acacia Ridge, 281 ■ United. 1780 Sandgate Road, Theodore Street, Eagle Farm Leoroyd Rd, Acacia Ridge Virginia ■ Neumann Underwood, 3077 Logan ■ Freedom Fuels Willawong, 233 ■ The Valley C Store, 757 Ann Street, Road, Underwood Sherbrooke Road, Willawong Fortitude Valley ■ Neumann Morningside, Cnr ■ Freedom Fuels Eight Mile Plains, ■ Lawnton C Store, 823 Gympie Road, Wynumm & Junction Rds, 2494 Logan Rd, Eight Mile Plains Lawnton Morningside ■ Freedom Fuels Rocklea, 46 ■ Independent Site, 870 Beachmere ■ Neumann Beenleigh, 21 City Road, Sherwood Rd, Rocklea Road, Beachmere Beenleigh ■ Freedom Fuels Fernvale, Brisbane ■ Narangba C Store, 28 Main Road, ■ Neumann Albion, Cnr Albion and Valley Highway, Fernvale Narangba McLennan Street, Albion ■ Freedom Fuels Redbank Plains, Cnr ■ Neumann Eagleby, River Hills Road, Kruger St and Henty Drive, Redbank Eagleby Plains Cluster 5 Patrick Smith Fleet Consultant Ellen Kear Fleet Administrator Vince Dobbelaar Senior Account Manager Shane Ragen Fleet Consultant Telephone 07 3227 8342 Telephone 07 3222 8208 Telephone 07 3225 2696 Telephone 07 3225 2690 Facsimile 07 3227 8216 Facsimile 07 3227 8216 vince.dobbelaar@qfleet.qld.gov.au Facsimile 07 3227 8216 patrick.smith@qfleet.qld.gov.au ellen.kear@qfleet.qld.gov.au shane.ragen@qfleet.qld.gov.au
  6. 6. QFleet Journey Queensland E10 outlets continued Sunshine Coast Area ■ Caltex Garden City, 877 Ruthven Mackay Area ■ BP Nambour Depot, Bli Bli Rd, Street, Toowoomba ■ BP Whitsunday, 112 Shute Harbour Nambour ■ Caltex Superstore, Cnr James Rd, Cannonvale ■ BP Nanango, 3 King Street, Ruthven Sts, Toowoomba ■ BP Shakespeare, 114 Shakespeare St, Nanango ■ Caltex Taylor Street 383 Taylor Mackay ■ Caltex Gold Nugget Gympie Service Street, Toowoomba ■ BP City Gates, 324 Nebo Rd, Mackay Station, 5 Bruce Highway, Gympie ■ Caltex Jondaryan, Warrego Highway, ■ BP Oak Street, Oak St Tropical ■ United, 1 Bruce Hway, Gunalda Jondaryan Ave, Andergrove ■ United, 51 Geordie Road, Gympie ■ Independent Fuel Supplies, Warrego ■ BP Proserpine, Bruce Highway, ■ United, 63 Hope Street, Kilcoy Highway, Dalby Proserpine ■ Kingaroy Fuel Tyre and Mechanical ■ BP Sarina, Broad St, Sarina ■ United, 1816-1818 David Low Way, Coolum Beach Pty Ltd, 48 Knight Street, Kingaroy ■ BP Macs Truckstop, Bruce Highway, ■ California Farms, Warrego Highway, Mackay ■ Deli Mart, 3 Lyndie Court, Beerwah Haigslea ■ BP Bedford Road, 166 Bedford Road, ■ Sommers, Witta Road, Maleny ■ Independent Site, Cnr Russell and Andergrove ■ Aussie World, Frizzo Road, West Streets, Toowoomba Townsville Area Palmview Warwick Area ■ BP Ingham, 66 Townsville Rd, ■ Independent Site, Main Street, ■ BP Koremans, 180 Wood Sreet, Ingham Buderim Warwick ■ BP Garbutt, 2 Bombala St, Garbutt Gold Coast Area ■ Caltex Truck n Travel, New England ■ Neumann Nerang, Cnr Spencer Road ■ BP Ayr Depot, 48 Lynch St, Ayr Highway, Warwick Grenfell St, Nerang ■ Caltex Sunland, Edward and Burke ■ Caltex Stanthorpe, New England ■ Independent Fuel Supplies, 85 St, Ayr Hwy, Stanthorpe Spencer Road, Nerang ■ Caltex Garbutt, 26-28 Pilkington St, ■ Caltex Goondiwindi Truckstop, ■ Independent Fuel Supplies, Markeri Garbutt Boundary Rd, Goondiwindi St Robina Parkway, Robina ■ Caltex Ingham, 25 Herbert St, ■ Caltex St George, 102 Victoria St, ■ Independent Fuel Supplies, 9 Ingham St George Tallebudgera Creek Road, West ■ Ampol, 103 Thuringowa Drive, ■ Freedom Fuels Allora, 1 New Burleigh Kirwan England Highway, Allora ■ Independent Fuel Supplies, Cnr Cairns Area ■ Freedom Fuels Goondiwindi, Nerang Southport Rd Olsen Ave, ■ Caltex Woolworths, 131 Sheridan St, Ashmore Marshall Street, Goondiwindi Cairns ■ Independent Fuel Supplies, New ■ Independent Site, Hope Island, ■ Ampol, 230-238 Sheridan St, Cairns Broadwater Avenue, Hope Island England Highway, Wallangarra ■ Ampol Reservoir Rd, 31 Reservoir ■ Independent Site, St Clairs, 80/3554 Bundaberg Area Rd, Cairns ■ BP Logging Creek, Isis Highway, Main Beach Parade, Main Beach ■ Caltex Portstar, 30-36 Kenny St, Cordalba ■ Freedom Fuel, Cnr Brisbane Road Cairns ■ BP Bundaberg Depot, 33 Princess St, and Arundel Drive, Arundel ■ Caltex Mareeba, 70 Byrne St, Bundaberg ■ Freedom Fuel, 1 Eastern Avenue, Mareeba ■ United, Cnr Walker 54 Boundary Coolangatta ■ Caltex, Bruce Highway, Tully Street, Bundaberg South Hervey Bay ■ Caltex, Bruce Highway, Mourilyan ■ United, 53-83 Maryborough-Hervey Maryborough Area ■ Caltex (Tom Dooley Smithfield P/L), ■ BP Maryborough, Ferry St, Bay Rd, Hervey Bay Captain Cook Highway, Cairns Maryborough ■ United, 422 The Esplanade, ■ Caltex Petroleum Distributor P/L, ■ United, 209-215 Gympie Road, Hervey Bay Draper Street, Cairns Tinana Toowoomba Area ■ Caltex Petroleum Distributor P/L, Cnr ■ Independent Fuel Supplies, Cnr ■ BP Toowoomba City, Ruthven Bruce Highway and Quarry Road, Bunda and Kenny Streets, Cairns James Sts, Toowoomba Maryborough Regular updates of E10 locations ■ BP East, Cnr Bridge Mary Sts, Rockhampton Area are available at www.qfleet.qld.gov. Toowoomba ■ BP on Albert, Albert St, South au. Further information relating ■ BP Herries Street, Cnr Herries Neil Rockhampton to E10 sites and availability can Sts, Toowoomba ■ United, 316 Lower Dawson Rd, be obtained through Queensland ■ BP Truckstop, Anzac Street, Rockhampton South Purchasing. Contact Barbara Clarke Toowoomba on 07 3224 7320 or barbara.clarke@qp.qld.gov.au Robert Rollston Fleet Administrator Ann Dodd Invoice Enquiries Senior Account Managers Telephone 07 3225 2686 Telephone 07 3224 6305 1800 668 283 Facsimile 07 3227 8216 Facsimile 07 3224 5146 robert.rollston@qfleet.qld.gov.au ann.dodd@csq.qld.gov.au
  7. 7. QFleet Journey 7 Driving tips With 13,960 QFleet vehicles on the road, the efficiency of the Queensland Government motor vehicle fleet is an important environmental issue. All drivers of Government vehicles can take steps to minimise fuel consumption and emissions every time they get behind the wheel. Real environmental benefits can be achieved with very little effort. Following are just some of the ways that every driver can contribute. Planning ■ Government vehicles must be pooled where possible. Always book the most fuel efficient vehicle for the job. A/CEO Greenfleet, Sara Gipton with the Hon Minister for Public ■ Consolidate and co-ordinate out-of-office commitments. Works and Housing, Mr Robert Schwarten at the Greenfleet forum ■ Avoid peak-hour traffic. and Drive Day in Brisbane ■ Use public transport – see the internet for timetables and route details. ■ Use the fuel type recommended by the manufacturer* – do not use Premium Unleaded Petrol unless specified. Driving ■ Use E10 petrol whenever possible. ■ Drive attentively and defensively, not aggressively. ■ Keep tyres inflated to the maximum pressure ■ Operate the vehicle as smoothly as possible, avoiding recommended for the vehicle and operational “jack-rabbit” starts, hard acceleration and harsh conditions*. braking. ■ Check fluid levels regularly*. ■ Be alert to traffic and conditions. ■ Remove external fittings (eg roof racks) when not ■ Ease off the accelerator rather than braking; apply needed to assist aerodynamic flow. power gradually to cope with hills; adjust speed, gears and driving line for curves and corners. ■ Remove any unnecessary payload; every 50 kg can increase fuel consumption by 2%. ■ Observe speed limits and speed advisory signs. ■ Do not use air conditioning unnecessarily – supplement *Consult the vehicle Owners Manual for guidance on these with ducted air and lowering window/s*. (At highway issues. speeds air conditioning is more efficient.) ■ Park in shade to reduce the energy needed to cool the Fact box vehicle. ■ If stopped for more than a few minutes, switch off the If each QFleet vehicle could reduce weekly fuel engine – you’ll consume less fuel than idling. (The consumption by an average of just one litre, it would Toyota Prius Hybrid Synergy Drive engine management save more than 34,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide system does this automatically) (CO2) being released into the atmosphere by the fleet every week. Maintenance (Based on fleet composition as ay 22 August 2006 ■ Don’t over-run or miss scheduled servicing – it’s and Australian Greenhouse Office CO2 emissions included in your lease rates. A well maintained vehicle figures of 2.5 kg/litre for petrol and 2.7 kg/litre will improve environmental performance and safety, for diesel). and save money. Maintenance Controllers QFleet Workshop Vehicle Hire Service South Brisbane Service Centre Sue Balakumar Fringe Benefits Tax Officer 1800 061 819 72 Pineapple Street 80 George Street 131 Colchester Street Financial Accountant Zillmere Qld 4034 Brisbane Qld 4001 South Brisbane Qld 4101 Telephone 07 3224 6473 Telephone 07 3406 6900 Telephone 07 3224 4180 Telephone 07 3405 6857 Facsimile 07 3224 6242 Facsimile 07 3406 6946 Facsimile 07 3224 4012 Facsimile 07 3405 6858
  8. 8. 8 QFleet Journey QFleet auction schedule October 2006 Brisbane Maryborough Townsville QFleet Workshop Department of Primary Industries Forestry Plant Hire Services Workshop 72 Pineapple Street, Zillmere Qld 4034 Workshops Walker Street, Jurekey Street Cluden Qld 4811 Inspection 8 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday Maryborough Qld 4650 Inspection 9 am to 10 am on auction day 8 am to 2 pm on Saturday Inspection 9 am to 10 am on auction day Auction 10am Auction Each Friday 8.30am Auction 10am Dates Tuesday 7 November Dates 4 November Dates Wednesday 25 October Tuesday 5 December 2 December Wednesday 29 November Cairns Rockhampton Plant Hire Services Workshop Plant Hire Services Workshop A different Journey Corner Adelaide and Donaldson Streets 214 Richardson Road, Kawana Qld 4701 Technological advancement has Manunda Qld 4870 Inspection 9 am to 10 am on auction day provided a quicker and more effective Inspection 9 am to 10 am on auction day Auction 10am way of bringing you Journey, as an e- Auction 10am Dates Tuesday 17 October newsletter rather than in hard copy. Dates Wednesday 8 November Tuesday 21 November Therefore, we’d like to inform you that Wednesday 6 December Tuesday 19 December this is the final hardcopy edition of Mackay Toowoomba Journey. Plant Hire Services Workshop Plant Hire Services Workshops This is an exciting road for QFleet to be Corner Bridge Road and Hume Street 427 Greenwattle Street, Toowoomba Qld 4350 taking and we look forward to being Mackay Qld 4740 Inspection 9 am to 10 am on auction day able to bring you information about fleet Inspection 9 am to 10 am on auction day Auction 10am management, safety and environmental Auction 10am Dates Tuesday 14 November issues faster and easier. To register Date Wednesday 18 October Tuesday 12 December your interest to receive Journey Wednesday 22 November electronically, please email Wednesday 20 December journey@qfleet.qld.gov.au. Journey is also available in PDF format For further information about buying a vehicle from QFleet, contact Rodney Clough or on QFleet’s website. Visit www.qfleet. Selina Walmsley on 1800 735 338 or email auctions@qfleet.qld.gov.au. qld.gov.au and follow the Electronic For the auction catalogue fax the Public Trustee on 1902 241 027 (dial from fax handset) or Journey link in the corner of the website. visit our web site at www.qfleet.qld.gov.au. QFleet working in partnership with you As your fleet management partner, QFleet provides fleet and asset services to ensure If you need to change your contact details, enduring value for you and for Queensland. We help you achieve your outcomes through our no longer wish to receive Journey or if you comprehensive range of services including the following: currently receive printed copies and would ■ vehicle leasing and strategic fleet management prefer an electronic copy, please email ■ short-term and special purpose vehicle rentals through our Vehicle Hire Service the editor at journey@qfleet.qld.gov.au. ■ vehicle maintenance, servicing and repairs through the Zillmere Workshop and the South Alternatively, fax or mail us your details: Brisbane Service Centre ■ the closest fuel and detailing to the Brisbane CBD at the South Brisbane Service Centre Name:.......................................................... ■ the only E10 fuel available near the Brisbane CBD Position: ...................................................... ■ insurance claims management and driver safety programs Organisation:............................................... ■ fleet advisory services. Email address: ............................................. .................................................................... QFleet clients are welcome to reprint articles from Journey, provided the article is used in full City/town/suburb:........................................ and QFleet is acknowledged as the author. State: ........................................................... For further information or to contribute a story idea please contact: Postcode: ..................................................... Editor QFleet Journey Disclaimer: The materials presented in this publication are Please fax to 07 3224 6190 or GPO Box 293 distributed by QFleet as an information source only. This mail to GPO Box 293 Brisbane Qld 4001 Brisbane Queensland 4001 information is provided solely on the basis that readers will be responsible for making their own choices on the topics Journey is also available in PDF format on Telephone: 07 3227 8193 discussed herein and will seek expert advice as necessary. Email: journey@qfleet.qld.gov.au Information is correct at time of printing. QFleet’s web site, www.qfleet.qld.gov.au. QFleet has a strong commitment to the environment. This publication is printed using recycled paper.