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  1. 1. FOWLER David Fowler is a senior partner and executive creative director for Ogilvy & Mather in New York. For 25 years, he has created simple, memorable positions for complex brands: BP: beyond petroleum Kodak: Take Pictures. Further. Siemens: Answers. Motel 6: We’ll leave the light on for you. Fanta: Wanta Fanta? Merck: Where patients come first. Marsh: Find the Upside. Claritin: There’s Clear. Then there’s Claritin Clear. RCA: Changing Entertainment. Again. American Chemistry Council: Essential. Standard Life of Canada: Our word is Standard. Pfizer: Working. Fowler attended Texas Tech and began his career as a delivery boy at Webster & Harris Advertising in Lubbock, Texas. He spent several years at The Richards Group in Dallas, moved on to Goodby, Berlin & Silverstein in San Francisco, Ammirati & Puris in New York, then back to Dallas at Tracy-Locke. He also spent 366 days in Hollywood, directing on-air promotions for Fox Television shows such as The Simpsons and Beverly Hills 90210. “It was a one-year contract,” he notes. He helped launch the guilty pleasure Melrose Place which ran for seven seasons and is now seen worldwide in syndication. His little red book, The Creative Companion, has been published by Ogilvy in four languages and made available in fifty countries. He’s judged advertising shows around the world, and has won numerous creative awards, including Lions, Clios and Pencils. His radio campaign for Motel 6 is in its twenty-fourth year, and is the longest running in radio history with well over a thousand spots. For BP, the Beyond Petroleum campaign ran for ten years. The RCA dogs, Chipper and Nipper, are in their fifteenth year. His girl-group act The Fantanas ran for five years, and helped make the U.S. the world’s largest market for the orange soft drink Fanta, starting from scratch in 2001. His fifth-grade reader How Advertising Works was released last year by Mondo Publishing. A native Texan, Fowler raised cattle for many years on a ranch. Today, he and his wife Ann reside in Manhattan, content to eat anonymous beef.
  2. 2. Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Response. What we’re doing. How to get more information. Since the tragic accident on the Transocean Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, coordinated by Deepwater Horizon rig first occurred, we have been three command posts in Houma, Louisiana; committed to doing everything possible to stop the Mobile, Alabama; and St. Petersburg, Florida. flow of oil at the seabed, collect the oil on the surface and keep it away from the shore. But the greatest response of all is from the more than 10,000 people working with BP full-time or as BP has taken full responsibility for dealing with the volunteers. We are also grateful for the dedicated spill. We are determined to do everything we can to support of the federal, state, and local government minimize any impact. We will honor all legitimate claims. officials and emergency responders. None of this would be possible without the tremendous This is an enormous team effort. More than 2,500 commitment of these volunteers and officials. of our operational and technical personnel from around the world are working tirelessly in coordination We will continue to keep everyone fully informed with the U.S. Coast Guard and federal, state and local about the events as they unfold. For current government agencies. We are also getting tremendous information on the spill and response plan, support from specialists across the industry to resolve please use the following websites: an unprecedented set of technical issues. On the seabed, we are using multiple technologies to reduce the flow of oil and ultimately stop it. On the surface, hundreds of boats of all sizes, including local For assistance or information, please call the fishing fleets, are working together to contain and following 24/7 hotlines: collect the spill. More than 1.2 million feet of boom is already deployed. To report oil on the shoreline: (866) 448-5816 To report impacted wildlife: (866) 557-1401 Our efforts along the coast are being organized To make spill-related claims: (800) 440-0858 through 14 staging areas across Louisiana, For volunteer information: (866) 448-5816 Unthinkable. No matter how powerful a brand, there’s a moment where everything can change. At that moment, the only thing to offer isn’t advertising, but assistance and information. © 2010 BP Products North America Inc. Client: BP Live: 9” x 11” Mechanical Scale: 100% Campaign: Gulf of Mexico Format: Half Page BW
  3. 3. There’s energy What on earth is a security carbon in energy footprint? Every person in the world has one. It’s the diversity. amount of carbon dioxide emitted due to our daily activities—from washing a load of laundry to driving a car load of kids to school. Find out the size of your household’s carbon footprint, learn how you can reduce it, and see how we’re reducing ours at It’s a start. There’s strength in numbers, and security in having a number of energy options. So we’ve invested more than $30 billion over the last five years in U.S. energy supplies, including solar, wind and natural gas. And we’re partnering with DuPont to develop, produce and beyond petroleum ® market the next generation of advanced biofuels. © 2005 BP p.l.c. beyond petroleum ® BP: Corporate Reputation. For ten years, the controversial “beyond © 2008 BP Products North America Inc. petroleum” idea helped BP lead in favorability over its competitors. DuPont is a trademark of E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company.
  4. 4. USA TODAY • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2007 gas stations, a little better ™ gas stations, a little better © 2007 BP Products North America Inc. BP: Retail. At 15,000 BP stations in the U.S., going “beyond” simply means being a little better. In a category with such low expectations, slight improvement seems huge.