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Energy (Word Document 178 Kb)


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Energy (Word Document 178 Kb)

  1. 1. LAST UPDATED 01/02/10 Energy Suppliers Choosing appropriate energy suppliers for your business could save you a significant sum of money. Many suppliers offer discounts for purchase of combination of fuels and some even include telecommunications deals in their packages as well. GAS & ELECTRICITY CHOOSING YOUR SUPPLIER Licensed domestic gas and electricity suppliers • Competition in the energy market means Ofgem produces lists of domestic and business gas and electricity you have a large choice suppliers to help you get in touch with the various companies offering about who supplies energy supplies. your energy. • You can shop around ADVICE AND INFORMATION ON HOW TO SWITCH for the best deal - there Energywatch, the consumer body, has information on how to switch and offers both are online calculators to pricing fact sheets and a list of approved companies that offer electronic price help you do this. comparison services to help you find the cheapest energy supplier. • Look out for dual fuel 0845 906 0708, and inclusive telecommunications deals. HOW TO CHOOSE AND CHANGE YOUR ENERGY SUPPLIER Competition in the gas and electricity markets means that you can now choose who supplies your gas and electricity. This information is designed to help you through the process of choosing and changing supplier so that you can choose the supplier that will be best for you. CHOOSING A NEW SUPPLIER There are many suppliers to choose from, regardless of where you live in Wales. You can choose separate companies to supply your gas and electricity, or you can choose one company to supply both – this is known as dual fuel. A list of the supply companies operating in your area, together with the prices they charge, is available from Energywatch 0845 906 0708, Page 1/11 Subject: Energy Suppliers
  2. 2. In order to compare the prices being offered by different suppliers with the price from your current supplier, you will need to calculate how much you are currently paying for your fuel each year. You can work this out by looking at your last four quarterly bills and then check online with websites, which will do the calculations for you (see later for addresses). In addition to this there are a number of questions you may wish to ask before deciding to change to a new supplier. QUESTIONS TO ASK How much will the new supplier charge? All suppliers are required to publish their prices. They can send you details of their prices upon request. Energywatch publishes comparisons of the different prices charged by suppliers. These can be requested from Energywatch To ensure you get the best deal, it is worth shopping around and making comparisons between the prices being offered by different suppliers in your area. How can I pay? Suppliers usually offer a variety of payment options to customers, varying in frequency from weekly to quarterly options and paying by cash, postal order, cheque, direct debit, or prepayment meter. Ask suppliers to tell you about all the payment options available to you so that you can make the best choice for you. You may also wish to make sure that there are no penalties for cancellation of the contract. Which tariff should I choose? Be aware that some payment methods may be cheaper than others. For example, it is usually cheaper to pay your fuel bills by monthly direct debit, than to pay by cheque on a quarterly basis. Different tariffs (or prices) are offered to different consumers according to their circumstances. The amount of fuel you use will also have an effect upon the price you pay. Someone who uses a lot of energy may be offered an energy supply at a cheaper rate than someone who uses less. Whatever price you are quoted, you should ensure that it includes VAT. Will the supplier offer any special discounts, schemes, or incentives? Some suppliers may offer special discounts or incentives to consumers who want them to supply both their gas and electricity (i.e. dual fuel). Other suppliers have packages which may include other services such as cheaper telephone services or free or discounted air travel. Do they have any extra or hidden charges? Some suppliers add a standing charge to your fuel bill and others do not. Those companies that do not add a standing charge may instead ask for a higher unit price for the gas and electricity you use. Do they have a high number of complaints? If you are interested in the type of service you are likely to receive from a new supplier, as well as the prices they will charge, it is worth enquiring about their performance. energywatch can provide details of the amount and types of complaints they have received from consumers about individual suppliers. Page 2/11 Subject: Energy Suppliers
  3. 3. THE CHANGING PROCESS Once you are happy that you have selected the supplier best suited to meet your needs, changing is a relatively simple process. Step 1 Get in touch with the new supplier and agree a contract with them. Once the contract is agreed, the transfer process should take about six weeks to complete. Your new supplier will keep you informed about how your transfer is being progressed. Step 2 Give your old supplier 28 days notice that you are changing to a new supplier. Energywatch advises that you do this initially by telephone and follow it up with written confirmation. If you do not tell your old supplier that you are changing, this can disrupt or delay your transfer to the new supplier. Step 3 Pay any outstanding bills owing to your existing supplier. If you do not, they may prevent you from transferring. Step 4 Take a meter reading on the day that you change supplier. If your old supplier does not use it to work out your final bill, or your new supplier does not use it as the starting point for your first bill, let them know the meter reading you have taken. HOW CAN I FIND OUT WHO SUPPLIES THE GAS AND ELECTRICITY TO MY NEW HOME? You can find out who your gas supplier is by ringing the Transco Meter Helpline 0870 608 1524. You can find out who your electricity supplier is by ringing your local electricity distribution company. You should ask for their Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS). If you are not sure who the company is, contact Energywatch. I WANT TO CHANGE MY GAS AND ELECTRICITY SUPPLIER - HOW CAN I FIND THE BEST DEAL? There are a number of websites that will calculate which gas and electricity suppliers can offer you the cheapest deal. Some of these have signed up to Energywatch’s Voluntary Code of Practice for companies providing price comparison services to consumers. They are: Page 3/11 Subject: Energy Suppliers
  4. 4. BUSINESS ELECTRICITY SUPPLIERS Electricity suppliers can supply all of Great Britain unless stated otherwise. FORTUM DIRECT LTD LONDON ELECTRICITY plc GAZ DE FRANCE ENERGY SUPPLY FREEPOST SOLUTIONS Liberty House PO Box 61 1A Tower Square 222 Regent Street NW5907 London 33 Wellington Street London NW1 0YP Leeds W1B 5TR Tel: 0800 096 2255 Fax: 020 7691 2007 LS1 4HS Tel: 020 7297 2029 Internet: Tel 0113 2095530 Fax: 020 7297 2151 Fax 0113 2095600 Email: INNOGY COGEN TRADING LTD Cogen Court Cranmore Boulevard Shirley Solihull B90 4LN Tel: 0121 5068000 Fax: 0121 5068001 Email: Internet: MAVERICK ENERGY LTD NORTHERN ELECTRIC & GAS LTD BRITISH ENERGY GENERATION 27 Shamrock Way Carliol House LTD Hythe Marina Village Market Street Direct Supply Business Hythe Newcastle upon Tyne PO Box 143 Hampshire NE1 6NE Gloucester SO45 6DY Tel: 0191 210 2000 GL4 7ZE Tel: 02380 841 555 Tel: 01452 654 545 Fax: 02380 841 777 Fax: 01452 652 788 Email: Internet: Page 4/11 Subject: Energy Suppliers
  5. 5. NPOWER NPOWER OPUS ENERGY LIMITED Birch House (small to medium sized businesses) Unit 3A Joseph Street Oldbury Npower business services Mercury Drive West Midlands Radcliffe House Brackmills B69 2RH Tel: 0870 161 6070 Blenheim Court Northampton Fax: 0870 161 6071 Email: Solihull NN4 7PN West Midlands Tel: 01604 664 110 Internet: B91 2AA Fax: 01604 664 120 Tel: 0845 120 1451 email: Fax: 0121 703 3945 Website: Internet: PENTEX OIL & GAS LIMITED POWERGEN (UK) PLC Oil Depot Westwood Way POWERGEN RETAIL LTD Ramper Road Westwood Business Park Phoenix Centre Gainsborough Coventry Nuthall Lincolnshire CV4 8LG Nottingham DN21 1AY Tel: 02476 424 242 NG8 6AT Tel: 01427 811 155 Fax: 02476 425 353 Tel: 0800 955 955 Fax: 01427 811 156 Email: Area of Supply: England and Wales Fax:0115 995 5966 Email: Email: Internet: Internet: SCOTTISH HYDRO-ELECTRIC SCOTTISHPOWER Customer Information Centre SCOTTISH HYDRO-ELECTRIC (major business – group billed, Rhostyllen monthly and half hourly) (small business – quarterly billed) Wrexham PO Box 514 North Wales PO Box 6008 Basingstoke LL14 4DU Basingstoke RG21 8WS Tel: 0845 2727272 RG21 8ZB Tel: 0870 9050804 Fax: 01978 832 162 Tel: 0845 300 2131 Internet: Internet: Email: * part of the Scottish and Southern * part of the Scottish and Southern Energy Group Energy Group Internet: Page 5/11 Subject: Energy Suppliers
  6. 6. SCOTTISHPOWER SEEBOARD ENERGY LTD SMARTESTENERGY LTD Service Enquiry 329 Portland Road 120 Moorgate PO Box 3865 Hove London Glasgow East Sussex EC2M 6SS G44 4GG BN3 5SY Tel: 020 7448 0900 Tel: 0845 2700 700 Tel: 0800 056 5366 Fax: 020 7448 0987 Fax: 0141 568 6929 Fax: 01903 844633 Email: Email: Email: Internet: Internet: Internet: SOUTHERN ELECTRIC SOUTHERN ELECTRIC SOUTH WESTERN ELECTRICITY plc Customer Services (small Business –quarterly billed) (major business – group billed, Osprey Road PO Box 6008 monthly and half hourly) Sowton Basingstoke PO Box 514 Exeter Basingstoke Devon RG21 8ZB RG21 8WS EX2 7HZ Tel: 0845 7252526 Tel: 0870 9009855 Tel: 08457 650 650 Internet: Internet: Minicom: 0345 413 119 * part of the Scottish and Southern Fax: 01392 448611 Energy Group * part of the Scottish and Southern Energy Group SWALEC SWALEC TXU ENERGI Customer Services (Small Business – quarterly billed) (Major Business –group billed, monthly Manchester Road PO Box 6008 and half hourly) Bolton Basingstoke PO Box 514 BL3 2QN RG21 8ZB Basingstoke Former Norweb Energi customers call: Tel: 0845 3002136 RG21 8WS Tel: 0800 195 2953 Internet: Tel: 0870 9009854 Fax: 0161 621 3588 Internet: * part of the Scottish and Southern Internet: Energy Group * part of the Scottish and Southern Energy Group TXU ENERGI UK ELECTRIC POWER LIMITED UNIT[E] 190 London Road Manor Court Unit Energy Ltd Rayleigh St. Margaret’s Street Essex Ipswich Monkton Park Offices SS6 9EE IP4 2AT Monkton Park Former Eastern Energy customers Tel: 01473 232 500 call: Fax: 01473 232 575 Chippenham Tel: 01268 653 370 Email: Fax: 01268 653 606 Wiltshire Internet: SN15 1ER Tel: 0845 456 1650 Fax: 01249 766 091 Email: Website: Page 6/11 Subject: Energy Suppliers
  7. 7. UTILITY LINK LIMITED YORKSHIRE ELECTRICITY 16 Avon Reach Business Accounts Monkton Hill 200 Clough Road Chippenham Hull Wiltshire HU5 1SN SN15 1EE Tel: 0800 413 356 Tel: 0845 601 2421 Fax: 01482 495 335 Fax: 01249 445374 Internet: Email: Internet: Area of Supply: England and Wales BUSINESS GAS SUPPLIERS Gas suppliers can supply all of Great Britain unless stated otherwise. Access Energy Solutions Ltd AEP Energy Services Limited Atlantic Electric & Gas Ltd The Synergy 6th Southgate House 10 Nursery View Floor Southgate Street Faringdon 50 Berkeley Street Gloucester Oxfordshire London GL1 1UW SN7 8SJ W1J 8AP Tel: 01452 551 155 Tel: 01367 244205 Tel: 020 7659 4000 Email: Fax: 01367 244113 Fax: 020 7659 4001 e-mail: uk Beacon Gas Ltd BP Energy Gaz de France Energy Supply 329 Portland Road Witan Gate House Solutions Hove 500-600 Witan Gate 5th Floor East Sussex Milton Keynes Plaza 1 BN3 5SY Bucks Telford Plaza Tel: 0500 223 355 MK9 1ES Ironmasters Way Fax: 01273 432 608 Tel: 01908 854074 Telford Fax: 01908 854385 Shropshire Email: TF3 4NT Internet: Tel: 01952 201 301 Fax: 01952 201 302 Email: enquiries@gazdefranceenergy. com Internet: Page 7/11 Subject: Energy Suppliers
  8. 8. Gaz De France Marketing Global Natural Gas Ltd Heatsave Limited Limited 5th Floor 32/34 Wellington Street Suite 112 100 Avenue Road London 1A Tower Square London WC2E 7QZ 33 Wellington Street NW3 3HF Tel: 020 7379 7255 Leeds Fax: 01423 502 556 Fax: 020 7240 1055 LS1 4HZ Tel: 0113 2095530 Fax: 0113 2095600 Email: HE Energy Regent Gas Ltd Hydro-Electric Premier Petroleum T/A 12 Russell Grove Communications Centre Premier Fuels Mill Hill Perth Little Row London PH1 3WA Fenton Industrial Estate NW7 3QX Stoke on Trent Tel: 0208 381 0093 ST4 2SQ Fax: 0208 381 0097 Tel: 01782 410381 Email: Fax 01782 410684 Website: e-mail Saturn Gas Limited Scottish Hydro-Electric Gas Scottish Hydro-Electric Gas 5 – 7 Cranwood Street (Small Business-quarterly (Major Business, monthly and Finsgate billed) half hourly) London PO Box 6008 PO Box 6324 EC1V 9EE Basingstoke Basingstoke Tel: 020 7793 9161 RG21 8ZB RG21 8WP Internet: Tel: 0845 3002131 Tel: 0845 7552233 Internet: Internet: * part of the Scottish and Southern Energy Group Page 8/11 Subject: Energy Suppliers
  9. 9. British Gas Trading Business Gas Cambridge Gas Company 17 London Road (a British Gas business) Limited Staines British Gas Trading Limited 41 Rustat Road Middlesex Thames Tower Cambridge TW18 4AE 99 Burleys Way CB1 3QS Contract Customers Leicester Tel: 01223 506 650 Tel: 0116 242 4650 LE1 3ZY Fax: 01223 507 876 Fax: 0116 242 4701 Tel: 0990 909 000 Local Rate Tel: 0845 071 1515 Internet: Fax: 0116 242 4701 Email: Internet: Internet: Contract Natural Gas Ltd Countrywide Energy Highland Fuels Ltd Schlatter Building Defford Mill Affric House York Place Earls Croome Beechwood Park Harrogate Worcester Inverness North Yorkshire WR8 9DF IV2 3BW HG1 1RF Fax: 0345 77 00 77 Tel: 01463 220 223 Tel: 01423 502 554 Fax: 01463 710 899 Fax: 01423 502 556 ICD Gas (Reepham Ltd) Innogy PLC Larnaca Gas (Reepham Ltd) PO Box 6329 Windmill Hill Business Park PO Box 104 London Whitehill Way Manchester N15 6WP Swindon M25 0RF Tel: 0208 211 0011 SN5 6PB Tel: 0161 702 1339 Fax: 0208 211 7196 Tel: 01793 877777 Fax: 0161 795 5923 Internet: London Energy Co. plc Midland Shires Scottishpower Service Enquiry Gas Farmers Ltd PO Box 3865, Glasgow Templar House County Mills G44 4GG 81 - 87 high Holburn Worcester Tel:0845 2700 700 London WR1 3NU Fax: 0141 568 6929 WC1V 6NU Tel: 01905 25541 Email: Tel: 020 7930 9127 Fax: 01905 723 412 uk Fax: 020 7930 9927 Internet: Email: Page 9/11 Subject: Energy Suppliers
  10. 10. Seeboard Energy Gas Ltd Shell Gas Direct Ltd Smartestenergy Ltd 329 Portland Road PO Box 219 120 Moorgate Hove 11 Adam Street London East Sussex London EC2M 6SS BN3 5SY WC2N 6QA Tel: 020 7448 0900 Tel: 0800 096 0029 Tel: 0800 0568 120 Fax: 020 7448 0987 Fax: 01903 844 633 Fax: 020 7257 0101 Email: Email: Email: Internet: ctus Internet: Internet: Elf Business Energy (Total) Energy Supplies UK Ltd Energy for Business Ltd Bridge Gate Hampsthwaite Head The Coach House 55/57 High Street Hampsthwaite Royal Oak Yard Redhill Harrogate Ripon Surrey North Yorkshire North Yorkshire RH1 1RX HG3 2HT HG4 1PB Tel: 01737 275800 Tel: 01423 772 300 Tel: 01765 609494 Fax: 01737 784908 Fax: 01423 771 941 Fax: 01765 609403 Internet: http://www.elf-business- Email: Eni UK Limited Fortum Energy Plus Ltd npower ENI House 207-209 Queensway House (small/medium size businesses) 10 Ebury Bridge Road Bletchley npower business services London Milton Keynes SW1W 8PZ MK2 2ED Tel: 020 7344 6066 Tel: 01908 370 700 Fax: 020 7344 6204 Fax: 01908 371177 B69 2AQ Tel: 0870 161 1031 Fax: 0870 161 6071 Email: Internet: Page 10/11 Subject: Energy Suppliers
  11. 11. Radcliffe House Pennine Natural Gas Ltd POWERGEN RETAIL LTD Blenheim Court Camellia House Phoenix Centre Solihull Water Lane Nuthall West Midlands Wilmslow Nottingham B91 2AA Cheshire NG8 6AT Tel: 0845 120 1451 SK9 5BB Tel: 0800 955 955 Fax: 0121 703 3945 Tel: 01625 540 011 Fax:0115 995 5966 Internet: Fax: 01625 540 022 Email: Internet: POWERGEN (UK) PLC The Gas Company The Gas Supply Co. Westwood Way Johnson Building Woolpit Business Park Westwood Business Park James Street West Woolpit Coventry Green Park Bury St Edmunds CV4 8LG Bath, BA1 2BT Suffolk Tel: 02476 424 242 Tel: 01225 482 222 IP30 9UQ Fax: 02476 425 353 Fax: 01225 334 546 Email: Internet: * part of the Scottish and Southern Energy Group Total Energy Gas Supplies Ltd YE Gas Ltd ZEBRApower (trading name Arle Court Wetherby Road for ECONnergy UK Ltd) Cheltenham Film Studios Scarcroft PO Box 30133 Cheltenham Leeds London Gloucestershire LS14 3HS E17 9YA GL51 0TP Tel: 0113 289 2123 Tel: 020 8509 0000 Tel: 01242 269 400 Fax: 0113 289 5150 Fax: 020 8509 2299 Fax: 01242 578 510 Page 11/11 Subject: Energy Suppliers