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Asgard Terminal, Norway.doc

  1. 1. IPSI EXPERIENCE CLIENT TITLE/DESCRIPTION LOCATION British Gas Tunisia Ltd. Analyze modified NRU to identify contributors Sfax Tunisia (2009) to poor unit availability. Recommend changes to equipment and operating procedures to increase availability. Review issues with IPSI staff which were involved in original design and finalize report. Provide limited additional support. Pemex E&P Performed a feasibility study of the South South Region, Mexico Region onshore gas system (Samaria-Luna Mexico (2008-2009) Bellota – Jujo and Muspac regions) to identify sources and recommend solutions to deal with the increasing N2 contamination. Several N2 removal technologies were evaluated at multiple locations in the domestic gas network: Cunducan, Jujo and Cactus. Cryogenic technology was recommended to install in Cunduacan and Jujo. (See “IPSI/Pemex Experience”)(MAP1) EnCana Oil & Gas Evaluate impact of changing inlet gas Houston, Texas USA (2008) composition on NRU performance at the Lisbon Plant (Utah). Recommended modifications to existing process to reduce methane content in the N2 vent to atmosphere. GreatPoint Energy Identify, evaluate and recommend acid gas Houston, Texas USA (2008) removal technology for a proprietary coal gasification process (BluegasTM) being developed by GreatPoint Energy. Chevron Energy Study to determine optimum propane Houston, Texas, USA Technology Company refrigerant condenser (air cooler). Design (2007) variables were: approach temperatures, impact of instantaneous ambient air temperatures on annual NGL/LNG production and condenser surface area. ConocoPhillips Pre-FEED Study to evaluate options for Abu Dhabi Company (2006) developing two sour gas fields; review technology options; assess existing gas processing technology, exploring novel, longer term solutions; develop screening- level cost estimates. Chevron Energy Review U.S. and Australian codes to Australia Technology Co. (2006) determine applications of Carbon Steel and 04/07 1
  2. 2. IPSI EXPERIENCE CLIENT TITLE/DESCRIPTION LOCATION Low Temperature Carbon Steel for propane refrigeration system design and assess cost differences; determine impact of off design and depressurization operation. Cheniere LNG Sabine Pass LNG Import Terminal – BTU Louisiana, USA (2006) Management Study. Evaluation of N2 injection and NGL recovery options. Pemex E&P Master Planning and Technical assistance Southern Region, Mexico Mexico related to onshore and offshore oil/gas (2004 – 2007) production, transportation and processing facilities in the Southern Region of Mexico. Key issues are crude blending and processing of light, medium and heavy crudes to achieve contract specifications while optimizing the use of existing infrastructure. (See ‘IPSI/Pemex Experience’) Saudi Aramco Khursaniyah Gas Plant. Third party “due Saudi Arabia (2005) diligence” review of process design for 95% ethane recovery, 1 bcfd capacity. Nexant ChemSystems Kazakhstan Ethane Extraction Project. Kazakhstan (2005) Prepared 85% C2 recovery plant design (6.4 bcm/year) including PFD’s, material and energy balance, equipment list and capital and operating cost. Sempra Pipeline and Revaporized LNG Phase Behavior. Mapped USA Storage (2005) phase envelope for multiple composition LNG sources mixed with domestic pipeline gas. ChevronTexaco For Gassi Touli LNG Plant, prepared Algeria (2004) conceptual design and cost estimate for 4 MM TPA LNG/NGL liquefaction plant. Nexant Ltd. Venezuela LNG Technology Comparison Venezuela (2004) Study. Provided design and cost information based on the COP liquefaction process. Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Habshan Gas Complex Expansion. Third Habshan, UAE (GASCO) party “due diligence” review of the process (2004) design including material and energy balances. Review limited to NGL recovery, treating plants and design documents related to retrofitting existing equipment. Enterprise Products/ IPSI Enhanced NGL Recovery ProcessSM Near Morgan City, Marathon Oil Corp. License for expansion of Neptune II plant. Louisiana 04/07 2
  3. 3. IPSI EXPERIENCE CLIENT TITLE/DESCRIPTION LOCATION (2004) FEED based on IPSI LLC licensed process for Neptune II Gas Plant to achieve high ethane and propane recovery (capacity 350 MMscfd). (See ‘Technical Papers’) ExxonMobil Big Escambia Creek Plant (BEC). Prepare Alabama (2004) rebuttal and support mediation on behalf of Exxon Mobil on issues related to operation and design of BEC plant vs. royalty owners. Norsk Hydro “Due diligence” review of the Ormen Lange North Sea Oslo, Norway hydrate inhibition/flow assurance design (2003) with emphasis on the MEG/water treating technology selection Pemex E&P Master Planning assistance related to the Southern Region, Mexico Cantarell field and other offshore oil/gas Mexico 9/2001 – 12/2003) production, specifically: 1. Evaluation/conceptual design and placement of N2 rejection facilities required to meet Mexico’s utility gas specifications. 2. Evaluation of N2 injection into other oil fields in the Campeche region. 3. Feasibility study of replacing the Cantarell gas cap with N2 to free up gas for domestic use. 4. Evaluation of light crude production and surface handling for new fields developed in the South region. Repsol Investigaciones CASA CO2 feasibility study to assess the Petroliferas SA technical and commercial feasibility of (RIPSA) (2003) recovering CO2 from the Tarragona Refinery flue gases for EOR injection at RIPSA’s Casablanca offshore platform. BP Amoco Process study to expand the current Pascagoula, MS Houston, Texas condensate stabilization system to handle (November 2001) 10,000 BPD raw condensate feed and the gas plant by 500 MMscfd additional gas flow in the dew point control mode. PDVSA/Intevep Assist PDVSA in the conceptual Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela development of N2 injection into oil/gas (April 2001) reservoirs in both eastern and western Venezuela to displace associated natural gas for sale. 04/07 3
  4. 4. IPSI EXPERIENCE CLIENT TITLE/DESCRIPTION LOCATION Norsk Hydro Performed a third party audit of the Fram Norwegian North Sea Oslo, Norway Vest subsea and topside production facilities (July 2001) including water separation, treatment and sales gas compression. Investigated procedures for hydrate prevention under normal operation, startup and shutdowns; identified problem areas and recommended solutions. BP Exploration Mardi Gras Plant. Engineering services to South Louisiana Houston, Texas provide process screening/evaluation for an (April 2001) onshore NGL plant to be located in South Louisiana. ADNOC, Abu Feasibility study to assess the technical and Saudi Arabia Dhabi (2000) commercial feasibility of recovering CO2 from boilers, gas turbines and sulfur recovery units for EOR injection into the Bab Field. BP Amoco Egypt Study to determine optimum size of an LNG Damietta, Egypt Cairo, Egypt plant at Damietta that would use as feed gas (May 2000) the residual gas from an NGL facility designed for maximum propane recovery; also estimate total installed costs for both plants. Phoenix Park Gas Process Licensor Package for upgrade of Point Lisas, Trinidad Processors Ltd. (Conoco) Train I from C3 to C2 recovery using IPSI’s (1999) LRP process. Currently evaluating Train II upgrade. Phoenix Park Gas Process Licensor Package for upgrade of Point Lisas, Trinidad Processors Ltd. (Conoco) Train I from C3 to C2 recovery using IPSI’s (1999) LRP process. Currently evaluating Train II upgrade. Atlantic LNG Company Feasibility study, FEED package, process Point Fortin, Trinidad Houston, Texas engineering and construction of 2nd 3+ (1999) MTPA LNG plant. EPC by Bechtel. Conoco Inc. Screening study to evaluate cost for an LNG Confidential (1999) facility for a confidential location. The 2.1 MTPA facility would treat, dehydrate, process to recover and fractionate a C3+ stream, produce LNG, and provide storage. Shell, The Hague Produced FEL package for 1.6 billion cfd Camisea, Peru (1997) natural gas plant to recover ethane and/or propane and heavier hydro-carbon liquids 04/07 4
  5. 5. IPSI EXPERIENCE CLIENT TITLE/DESCRIPTION LOCATION complete with recompression of export sales and reinjection gas. Kinhill Engr. Pty. Ltd. Process simulation and heat/material Kampung Baru, Indonesia Adelaide, Australia balance for amine treating plant (1997) Pioneer Natural Process design and trouble-shooting for two Grand Bay and Eugene Resources USA, Inc., facilities offshore. Island Block 208 Dallas, Texas (1997) Norsk Hydro Third party design verification for the Sture Norway Oslo, Norway Terminal crude stabilization facilities. (1996) Wesfarmers LPG Pty. Performance Test and evaluation for 300 Kwinana, W. Australia Ltd., Kwinana, MMSCFD expander plant with fractionation W. Australia (1996) and product treating (6300 BPD LPG) Norsk Hydro, Norway Third party verification for Karsto Ethane Asgard Terminal, Norway Treatment facility. Raw ethane feed to the facility is 86 tonnes/hour; feed contains maximum 14% CO2. Specified purified ethane is less than 100 ppm. ARCO Int’l. Oil & Evaluate workability of a heavy crude Gas, Plano, Texas stabilizer (<10% asphaltene) and identify (1995) problem areas in design/operability of the tower concept. British Gas Tunisia Ltd. Process design and engineering, HAZOP, Sfax, Tunisia Houston, Texas and procurement support for the Hannibal (1995) Gas Plant. Continued support during engineering, design and construction of the facility that included acid gas removal and nitrogen rejection (266 MMSCFD, 4200 BPD condensate). EPCM by Bechtel. ARCO Int’l. Oil & Gas, Assist ARCO process team with process Qatar Plano, Texas problems, eg. HP dehydration, gas treating, (1995) and liquid recovery. Solgas Recommended a conceptual design for Callao, Peru Lima, Peru storage and unloading of propane and (1995) butane into a single refrigerated LPG tank; also cost estimate for EPC facilities. Trident NGL, Inc. Review and Evaluation of Fractionation train Waskom, Texas 04/07 5
  6. 6. IPSI EXPERIENCE CLIENT TITLE/DESCRIPTION LOCATION The Woodlands, TX to identify bottlenecks and equipment short- (1995) falls. Colorado Interstate Gas Conceptual studies, Bid Package Lakin, Kansas Company preparation, and cost estimates for the Lakin Colorado Springs, CO Gas Plant. Scope included conversion of (1995) existing oil absorption plant to MDEA plus turbo-expander/cold box for He and NGL recovery with N2 rejection. Capacity is 70 MMSCFD. Pemex Exploracion y Conceptual design study for the Gulf of Mexico Produccion development of the Cantarell Field located in Mexico City the Gulf of Mexico. Study identified a number of projects to remove short-term production bottlenecks and increase long- term production of the field. Trident NGL Inc./Amoco Conducted studies, prepared bid package, Jayhawk, Kansas The Woodlands, Texas and cost estimates for replacement of the (1995) existing Jayhawk NGL/He recovery/nitrogen rejection plant (550 MMSCFD, 20,000 BPD NGL, 1.83 MMSCFD Helium) Kinhill Engineering Pty. Assisted with detailed Engineering Procure- Moomba, Australia Ltd. Adelaide, Australia ment, and Construction Management (1995) support on the Santos Ethane Treatment Project. BPOI/Department Of Process Assistance to the Elk Hills Bakersfield, California Energy (1994) Petroleum Reserve Mesa, Inc. Conducted Feasibility studies, FEED and Ulysses, Kansas Amarillo, Texas Bid Package preparation, cost estimates, (1993) and EPC Bid Package evaluation for the Mesa Satanta Gas Plant (250 MMSCFD). Continued support during engineering, design, and construction of the facility which included a cold box with helium recovery, nitrogen rejection and NGL recovery Mesa, Inc. Conducted Feasibility studies, FEED and Amarillo, Texas Amarillo, Texas Bid Package preparation, cost estimates, (1993) and EPC Bid Package evaluation for the Mesa Fain II Gas Plant (120 MMSCFD). Continued support during engineering, design, and construction of the facility, which included a cold box with helium recovery, acid gas removal, and NGL recovery. 04/07 6
  7. 7. IPSI EXPERIENCE CLIENT TITLE/DESCRIPTION LOCATION Trident NGL, Inc. Provided process design package to expand Mt. Belvieu, Texas The Woodlands, TX LPG fractionation plant capacity from 90,000 (1993) to 112,000 BPD. Represented client as project manager for EPC. Bechtel Energy Feasibility study for 500 MMSCFD gas Western Siberia Houston, Texas production, recycling and condensate (1993) production on the North Urengoi Field Development Project (500 MMSCFD, 26,000 BPD NGL) Phillips Petroleum Co. Various feasibility studies, FEED package Various Bartlesville, OK preparations and compressor studies for (1993) LNG plants using Phillips Optimized Cascade Liquefaction Process. Total, France Feasibility study for 1.1 and 3 MTPA LNG Yemen plants Phillips Petroleum Co. Optimization study applying Pinch Bartlesville, OK technology for LNG plant design using (1993) Phillips Optimized Cascade Liquefaction Process. CIPI Process study to optimize the 34 existing Mexico Mexico City, Mexico Pemex production facilities to improve (1993) efficiency and safety (1.7 BSCFD, 600 BPD Oil). Maxus Exploration Conceptual studies, Bid Package Sunray, Texas Corporation preparation and process design/evaluation Dallas, Texas for two plants, 80 MMSCFD each; included (1992) cold box technology with NGL/Helium recovery/N2 rejection, H2S/CO2 removal and sulfur plant; also turboexpander design for NGL recovery only. Conoco Global Power Conceptual design and cost estimate for Hainan Island, China Inc., Houston, Texas natural gas purification plant as part of the utilities outsourcing package. Phillips Petroleum Co. FEED package preparation for 3.3 MTPA Darwin, Australia Bartlesville, OK LNG plant Statoil Company Norway Conceptual study for 3.6 MTPA LNG plant Sleitner, Norway Mobil Power Inc. Conceptual study for LNG receiving terminal Limay, Philippines 04/07 7
  8. 8. IPSI EXPERIENCE CLIENT TITLE/DESCRIPTION LOCATION Singapore Texaco/Mobil Feasibility study for 6.6 MTPA LNG plant in Barrow Island, Australia Houston, Texas two trains PAC RIM Feasibility study and FEED package for 3.5 British Columbia, Canada MTPA LNG plant British Petroleum Conceptual study for 3.3 MTPA LNG plant Papua New Guinea Houston, Texas British Gas/Amoco Conceptual study for 3 MTPA LNG plant Brighton, Trinidad Houston, Texas Abu Dhabi National Assistance in the gas development project Abu Dhabi Oil Company for treating 1.2 BSCFD of sour gas, NGL recovery and 3000 T/D of sulfur recovery, plus fractionation, product treating, and condensate stabilization and pipelines (113,000 bpd NGL) Corpoven, Prepared plant and personnel for Anaco, Venezuela S.A. Venezuela performance test to determine maximum throughput of extraction plant to determine feasibility of upcoming revamp Intevep S.A. Consulting Services related to solving Matura, Venezuela asphalt deposition problems on gas pipelines in Eastern Venezuela Texaco Chemical Process design and preparation of a front Company end engineering package to produce 400 MM lbs/year of propylene oxide and 14,000 bbls/ day of MTBE Wesfarmers LPG Pty. Identification of bottlenecks created by Kwinana, W. Australia Ltd., Kwinana, changes in feed composition for the Kwinana W. Australia (1991) gas liquid recovery plant ARCO Research & Dev. Design and fabrication of fuel test separator North Slope, Alaska Plano, Texas (1990) with very short residence time. Partners with H. O. Mohr Research & Engineering. 04/07 8
  9. 9. IPSI EXPERIENCE CLIENT TITLE/DESCRIPTION LOCATION QGPC Technical assistance related to the process Umm Said, Qatar Qatar control of the North Field Development (1991) Facilities. Included offshore stabilization and onshore cryogenic gas processing. Continued support during engineering, design and construction of the facility. EPC by Bechtel. Lagoven S.A. Feasibility study for H2, LPG and olefins Amuay, Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela recovery facilities in refinery. Evaluated oil (1989) absorption, membrane, PSA, and cryogenic processes. Norsk Hydro Hazop study/technical audit of Oseberg II Norwegian North Sea Oslo, Norway production, processing facilities. Phillips Petroleum Co. Technical audit of four (4) gas treating plants Various Texas Locations Midland/Odessa, TX in west Texas converted to UCARSOL (1989) Amoco Production Technical assistance related to LOCAT and West Texas and Wyoming Houston, TX Enhanced Oil Recovery facilities in several locations, including operator training, at Anschutz N2 EOR, Wasson CO2 EOR, Painter N2 EOR, Anton Irish CO2 EOR Corpoven, S.A. Study to minimize production losses of Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela Venezuela 55,000 BPD extraction facility to increase (1989) throughput from 800 MMSCFD to 1000 MMSCFD. Included 70,000 BPD fractionation facility being modified to handle 100 MBPD. Phillips Petroleum Debottlenecking Study including developing Kenai, Alaska Bartlesville, OK Predictive Model Phillips Petroleum Expansion Study of the Kenai LNG Plant Kenai, Alaska Bartlesville, OK Texaco Chemical Co. Process Design and Engineering Support for Pt. Arthur, Texas Houston, TX Cryogenic LPG/H2 Recovery Plant Star Chemical Company Engineering Support for 1450 GPM MEA Treating and 400 TPD SRU Amoco Production Co. Miscellaneous Support: Gas Plant Auto- Denver Region Denver, CO mation, Operational Support Alta Mesa Resources Miscellaneous Support of Blackjack Creek Florida 04/07 9
  10. 10. IPSI EXPERIENCE CLIENT TITLE/DESCRIPTION LOCATION Houston, Texas Plant Acquisition Amoco Canada Gas Treating and Sulfur Recovery Training Calgary, Canada Calgary, Canada (1990) Workshop Intevep S.A. Technical Assistance Related to a CO2 EOR San Tome, Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela Pilot Project in Eastern Venezuela Corpoven S.A. Technical assistance related to the Anaco, Venezuela expansion of the San Joaquin gas plant and CO2-removal facilities. Warren Petroleum Co. Expert testimony related to litigation Sulphur Springs, Texas Tulsa, Oklahoma regarding the Como gas processing and N2 rejection facilities. Included CO2 and H2S removal with sulfur recovery. Mesa Limited Partnership Expert testimony related to litigation Amarillo, Texas Amarillo, Texas associated with the design of the Fain gas (1987-88) processing plant including the N2 rejection and ethane extraction facilities. Intevep S.A. Evaluation of state-of-the-art technology for Venezuela recovery of CO2 and study methods for dehydration, compression and transportation of CO2 for EOR. Two potential CO2 sources were flue gas from natural gas fired boilers and offgas from hydrogen plant. Maraven S.A. Analysis of future requirements of handling Venezuela heavy crude produced from steam injection. Evaluation of various methods to dehydrate crude, treat and dispose of produced water. Norsk Hydro Management of dynamic simulation of Norwegian North Sea Oslo, Norway Oseberg subsea oil pipeline system (1988) including tie-ins with Veslefrikk. Exxon Chemicals Process design and engineering for Baytown, Texas installation of new facilities and modification of existing equipment for BTX extraction. Plant capacity increased from 41,000 to 78,000 B/SD of feedstock. 04/07 10