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  1. 1. WAYCROSS JOURNAL-HERALD South Georgia’s Greatest Newspaper Ruling Appeal Could Delay California Gay Weddings Waycross, Georgia Thursday, Aug. 5, 2010 SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A judge and opposite-sex unions are, for all pur- wed. sored Proposition 8 — and wound up de- wood and New York City, while acknowl- struck down California’s same-sex mar- poses relevant to California law, exactly “This ruling, if allowed to stand, threat- fending it in court after Gov. Arnold edging they have watched court victories riage ban as an unconstitutional violation the same,” Walker wrote in an unequivo- ens not only Prop 8 in California but the Schwarzenegger and Attorney General evaporate before. California voters passed of gay couples’ civil rights, but a pending cal and strongly worded 136-page ruling. laws in 45 other states that define marriage Jerry Brown refused to — said it would Proposition 8 five months after the state appeal of the landmark ruling could pre- “The evidence shows conclusively that as one man and one woman,” said Brian immediately appeal the decision. Supreme Court legalized same-sex unions vent gay weddings from resuming in the moral and religious views form the only Brown, president of the National Organi- Walker, meanwhile, said he would con- and an estimated 18,000 same-sex couples state any time soon. basis for a belief that same-sex couples are zation for Marriage, which helped fund sider waiting for the 9th Circuit to render already had tied the knot. Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn different from opposite-sex couples.” the 2008 campaign that led to the ban’s its decision before he makes his opinion Joe Briggs, 32, an actor who attended Walker overturned the voter-approved ban While the ruling affects only California, passage. final and requires the state to stop enforc- the West Hollywood gathering Wednesday known as Proposition 8 Wednesday, de- the appeal will go to the 9th U.S. Circuit Currently, same-sex couples can legally ing the ban. The judge ordered both sides night, said he was thrilled to hear about claring that limiting marriage to a man and Court of Appeals, which has jurisdiction wed only in Massachusetts, Iowa, Con- to submit written arguments by Friday on the ruling but was curbing his enthusiasm a woman serves no legitimate purpose and over nine Western states. The outcome necticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and the issue. because of the legal fight still ahead. is an “artifact” rooted in “unfounded there eventually could force the U.S. Washington, D.C. Hundreds of same-sex marriage sup- “It’s a long process. Last time we were stereotypes and prejudices.” Supreme Court to confront the question of Protect Marriage, the coalition of reli- porters celebrated the verdict at public allowed to marry for like a day and then Man Is BP To Pump “Rather than being different, same-sex whether gays have a constitutional right to gious and conservative groups that spon- gatherings in San Francisco, West Holly- (see GAY, page 3) Killed Cement, Plug FORCED OUT BY FLOOD In Wreck Blown-Out Pickup Truck Clips Railroad Gulf Oil Well Warning Signal NEW ORLEANS (AP) — BP planned to start And Overturns pumping cement into its blown-out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico today, following up on a key de- Early Today velopment in the effort to kill the well when mud that was shoved in successfully held back the flow of crude. A 19-year-old man was killed After a series of unsuccessful attempts to stem in a single-vehicle traffic accident the flow of oil a mile underwater, the tide appeared early this morning, said Ware to be turning in the months-long battle to stop the County Sheriff Randy Royal, and massive oil spill. authorities are searching for a an- BP PLC said Wednesday it was finally able to other person whom they believe force the oil back down to its underground reser- was in the pickup truck and ap- voir with a slow torrent of heavy mud in an early parently left the scene of the step toward plugging the well up for good. wreck on foot. The news came as a federal report indicated The body of the victim (iden- only about a quarter of the spilled oil remains in tity is being withheld for now) the Gulf and is degrading quickly, with the rest and the 2004 Dodge Ram pickup contained, cleaned up or otherwise gone. truck in which he was traveling But for the people who lost their livelihoods or Flood-Hit Pakistan To Evacuate still see oil washing up on their shores, the news is AP PHOTO were found near the intersection Pakistani army volunteers carry an elderly villager during an evacuation operation in Sanawan near of South Augusta Avenue and Multan in Pakistan on Thursday. little consolation. Bell Street at 2:30 a.m. today by “There are still boats out there every day work- 500,000 Residents In The South deputies, Royal said. ing, finding turtles with oil on them and seeing A motorist who came upon the grass lines with oil in it,” said charter boat captain wreck’s aftermath had reported Randy Boggs, of Orange Beach, Ala. “Certainly that a railroad signal and crossing all the oil isn’t accounted for. There are millions of arms in the southbound lane at a pounds of tar balls and oil on the bottom.” nearby crossing had been sheared Harry “Cho-cho” Cheramie, a 59-year-old off and the pickup truck was shrimper who grew up on the deck of his father’s lying on the side of the road. KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) — Pak- 4.2 million Pakistanis have been af- the southern city of Karachi. shrimp boat, said he’s also got good reason to be The deputies found the pickup istani authorities began evacuating half fected, including many in eastern Pun- This afternoon, a bus plunged into a skeptical. truck 200 feet from the crossing a million people living along the jab province, which has seen numerous swollen river in Pakistan’s section of “I don’t think we’ve finished with this,” he said lying on its roof and determined swollen Indus River in the country’s villages swallowed by rising water in the disputed Kashmir region, killing 20 in Grand Isle, La. “We haven’t really started to it had been traveling south on south today, as floods caused by the recent days. people and leaving around 20 missing. deal with it yet. We don’t know what effect it’s South Augusta Avenue when it hit worst monsoon rains in decades threat- The flooding is one of several crises Eight injured passengers were rescued, going to have on our seafood in the long run.” the railroad signal and broke it ened new destruction. that has hit Pakistan since mid-July, in- government official Chaudhry Imtiaz Despite the progress in the mud-pumping effort off, then spun and rolled for some The floods have already killed an es- cluding a suicide bombing in the north- said. known as the “static kill,” BP executives and fed- distance before coming to rest up- timated 1,500 people over the past west city of Peshawar, a plane crash The government’s overall response eral officials won’t declare the threat dashed until side down. week, most of them in the northwest, that killed 152 people in the capital, has been faulted, especially because they use the relief well — though they haven’t It was determined the victim the center of Pakistan’s fight against and a spurt of politically motivated Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari publicly agreed on how to do it. (see WRECK, page 9) al-Qaida and the Taliban. An estimated killings that have left dozens dead in (see PAKISTAN, page 9) (see SEAL, page 13) South Korea Launches Drills Despite Threats By North Korea ABOARD THE ROK DOKDO (AP) — KCNA reiterated the committee’s message Cheonan as the warship carried out routine South Korean troops fired artillery and in a separate report later Thursday, warning surveillance. North Korea denied sinking the dropped sonar buoys into the Yellow Sea as North Korea will retaliate at “even the slight- ship. naval drills kicked off today near the spot est sign of attack.” The waters off the west coast have been where a warship sank four months ago. Soldiers aboard the 14,000-ton ROK the site of several naval clashes between the Some 4,500 South Korean troops aboard Dokdo, an amphibious landing ship, patrolled two Koreas. The three-year Korean War more than 20 ships and submarines as well as the deck as Lynx helicopters dropped sonar ended in an armistice in 1953, but North about 50 aircraft were mobilized to take part devices into the sea in search of enemy sub- Korea disputes the western maritime border in the five days of naval exercises off the marines. A 1,200-ton frigate remained on unilaterally drawn by the United Nations. west coast, including spots near the two Ko- standby, ready to bomb the target. North and South have engaged in three reas’ maritime border, the Joint Chiefs of The fleet dispatched for the exercises also bloody battles near the line, most recently in Staff said. include three 1,800-ton submarines, a 4,500- November 2009, and the Cheonan went down North Korea called the drills a military ton destroyer, and some 50 fighter jets, Cmdr. in March not too far from the border. provocation that threatened to re-ignite war Won Hyung-sik of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Pyongyang warned earlier in the week it on the Korean peninsula. said in Seoul. would “counter the reckless naval firing pro- “If the puppet warmongers dare ignite a The drills come just weeks after South jected by the group of traitors with strong war, (North Korea) will mercilessly destroy Korea’s joint military exercises with the U.S. physical retaliation” and advised civilian the provokers and their stronghold by mobi- off the east coast — maneuvers held in re- ships to stay away from the maritime border. lizing most powerful war tactics and offen- sponse to the deadly March sinking of the The North also threatened to respond to sive means beyond imagination,” the ruling Cheonan warship, which killed 46 South Ko- last month’s South Korea-U.S. military exer- Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of rean sailors. cises with “nuclear deterrence” but South the Fatherland said in a statement carried by A five-nation team of investigators con- Korean military officials said there was no North Korea’s official Korean Central News cluded in May that a North Korean torpedo sign of unusual North Korean military activ- A South Korean navy officer is on watch during military AP PHOTO Agency. fired from a submarine sank the 1,200-ton ity. drills in the Yellow Sea of South Korea Thursday. Partly WKUB Count The Bones W hat’s Insi de Cloudy There are 206 bones in the Vol. 91, No. 183 human body. How many Billy Graham ____________4 ____________4 bones are there in an alliga- Classified Ads ________12 ________12 tor? You can look it up online Comics ________________14 ________________14 Heat Index to 107 — or you can go to the Oke- Dear Abby ______________4 ______________4 fenokee Swamp Park and Editorials ______________5 ______________5 Extended Forecast ______2 ______2 count the bones in the skele- Hi 96/75Lo 105.1 F.M. ton of long-time main attrac- tion Oscar (in today’s top of Family News __________11 __________11 Obituaries ______________3 ______________3 Sports ________________6-8 ________________6-8 —page 2— The Kub The Kub page 1 photo).