ACCA UK Awards for Sustainability
Reporting: Rewarding Transparency
Rewarding transparency

We are delighted to invite you to enter the 2007
ACCA UK Awards for Sustainability Reporting:
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ACCA recognises th...
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1 What kind of organisation can participate?
  You can be from any sector, have any type of organis...
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ACCA UK Awards for Sustainability Reporting: Rewarding ...


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ACCA UK Awards for Sustainability Reporting: Rewarding ...

  1. 1. ACCA UK Awards for Sustainability Reporting: Rewarding Transparency
  2. 2. Rewarding transparency We are delighted to invite you to enter the 2007 ACCA UK Awards for Sustainability Reporting: Rewarding Transparency. The aims of these Awards are: • to give recognition to those organisations which report and disclose non-financial information including environmental, social and full sustainability performance data • to encourage the uptake of non-financial reporting • to raise awareness of transparency and accountability issues. The 2006 awards attracted considerable interest from the business community. The winner of the award for the Best Report was Vodafone and the runner up was Co-operative Financial Services. In addition, 5 further companies: BT Group plc, Guardian Newspaper Limited, Traidcraft, Shared Interest Ltd and BP plc each received commendations for their reports. This information flyer, together with the accompanying application form, will provide you with the essential details needed to enter the Awards scheme. For further details of the ACCA UK Awards, please contact Vicky McAllister on tel: +020 7059 5845 or e-mail: The closing date for applications is 22 June 2007.
  3. 3. Taking part Selecting Reporting ACCA recognises the trend towards The submitted reports will first be Following the ACCA UK Awards more integrated reporting across the shortlisted. These shortlisted reports will ceremony, the Report of the Judges will environmental, social and economic then be considered by a judging panel for be published. dimensions of performance, which has receipt of an award. led to growth in both hybrids of reporting This report summarises the findings and types and different scopes of reports. Last Full details of the judges and criteria used reflections of the judging panel. It outlines year, in recognition of this development, by them can be found on our website: the strengths of those reports which we removed the three separate reporting won awards and highlights additional categories: social, environmental and examples of good reporting practice. sustainability reporting. The report also provides technical recommendations on ways to improve There are therefore no pre-determined further the standard of reporting. reporting categories and reporters no longer have to categorise themselves as Previous reports of the judges are a particular type of report to enter. The available from: judges welcome all types of non-financial sustainability reports and reporting to be submitted.
  4. 4. Questions and answers 1 What kind of organisation can participate? You can be from any sector, have any type of organisation, have 5 Our report is Web-based only. Can we still enter? any number of employees and be from anywhere within the UK. Yes. An increasing number of organisations are posting reports on their websites and a growing number of entries are only 2 What types of reports are eligible to enter? submitted in this format – please state on the application form The panel of judges are looking for credible examples of if you are entering a Web-based report. non-financial reporting, which are strong in the completeness element and communicated effectively. This type of reporting 6 What if our non-financial reporting is part of the Annual is commonly found in a number of differently named reports, Report. including: environmental, EHS, social, sustainability, corporate You can still enter – please submit your Annual Report. The responsibility and CSR. judges will be looking for complete and credible reporting, in either format. 3 How do we apply? Complete the application form which accompanies this 7 We might just miss the deadline. Can we still enter? information flyer (also available from If your report(s) may not be printed before the deadline sustainability). Further instructions are found on the form. but you would still like to enter the awards, please contact Vicky McAllister as soon as possible. Each late entry will be 4 What types of awards are given? considered on an individual basis and the acceptance of late The awards presented vary from year to year, depending on the submissions cannot be guaranteed. types of reports that enter and the quality of their reporting. We recognise the differences of SME, first-timer and public sector 8 Does our report have to be from within the UK to enter? reporting compared to more experienced and multinational / Yes. However, a non-UK organisation can submit a report if large company reporters. In light of this, we have in the past focused solely on a UK site or UK subsidiary. Any non-UK given awards specific to these report types such as best SME reports should be submitted to the relevant country’s own report and best first-time report. In addition, we have also given national scheme. awards to reporters who have excelled in a specific aspect such as articulation of the business case and supply chain reporting. 9 What format does the report have to come in? The judges have also given awards for innovation in reporting There are no restrictions. Paper reports, information packs, and excellent communication using the Internet. videos and websites have all been submitted in the past.
  5. 5. Aspects ACCA and sustainability 2007 timetable ELECTRONIC MEDIA COMMENDATION All electronic reports submitted will ACCA has promoted transparency in reporting the impact of business activities 22 June 07 automatically and additionally be on sustainable development for over a Deadline for submissions considered for this commendation decade. ACCA is involved in reporting and reports do not need to be entered awards in more than 20 countries specifically for this. throughout Europe, North America, Africa and the Asia Pacific region. This commendation is awarded in partnership with In addition, we participate in a number of influential organisations, including the Global Reporting Initiative. 2007 THEME In addition to the main awards and Sept 07 A free Web-based newsletter, Accounting commendations, the 2007 Awards will & Sustainability, issued quarterly, Award winners decided by the also feature a theme, as in previous provides a comprehensive guide on judging panel years. This year we will be focusing developments in accounting and on reporting on sustainability strategy sustainable development. To receive and governance. All reports will be e-mail notification of issues, please reviewed for examples of good practice register online at of disclosures on governance structures sustainability and linking sustainability to overall strategy and target setting. Findings will be reported back at the Awards ceremony and in the Report of the Judges. Dec 07 Presentation ceremony
  6. 6. The Electronic Media Commendation is awarded in partnership with The 2007 ACCA UK Awards for Sustainability Reporting: Rewarding Transparency are sponsored by KPMG The 2007 theme will be the standard of disclosures on sustainability strategy and governance. The integration of sustainability into organisations’ business strategy and governance structures has been addressed ACCA UK in the recently updated GRI G3 29 Lincoln’s Inn Fields London WC2A 3EE United Kingdom Guidelines and ACCA Awards tel: +44 (0)20 7059 5000 / fax: +44 (0)20 7059 5050 / criteria, so is a fitting choice of topic for the coming year’s awards. © The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, 2007