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  1. 1. Programming & Broadcasting I - 7951 - Pacing Guide – BP 2005 Course Description: This course sets the historical and aesthetic foundation for EOC VOCATS responsible interpretation, usage, and application of television production. Students develop screen experience from a critical standpoint, progress to understanding the AP/IB Teacher-made technical aspects, and finally use professional equipment to create video productions. final exam Day Date SCS Objectives Essential Questions Content Tasks/Strategies 1 2 3 4 What is the history of History of Television Explore the history of WSTB1.01.01 television broadcasting Broadcasting and television broadcasting 5 and production? Production and production. 6 7 8 9 10 11 Explore the impact of How did mass media 12 WSTB1.01.02 impact society? Impact of Mass Media mass media upon society. 13 14 15 16 How does international International Compare international WSTB1.01.03 broadcasting philosophies Broadcasting broadcasting 17 compare to our own? Philosophies philosophies to our own. How do you organize and Station Organization and Identify station org. and 18 WSTB1.02.01 structure stations? Structure structure. What are the personnel Personnel Duties and Identify personnel duties 19 WSTB1.02.02 duties & responsibilities? Responsibilities & responsibilities. What are proper Proper Management Describe proper mgmt. 20 WSTB1.02.03 management techniques? Techniques techniques. wcpss.c&i.2003-2004
  2. 2. Day Date SCS Objectives Essential Questions Content Tasks/Strategies What are studio & control Studio & Control Room Apply studio and control 21 WSTB1.03.01 room safety procedures? Safety Procedures room safety procedures. What are the safety Safety Procedures for Demonstrate safety 22 WSTB1.03.02 procedures for equipment? Equipment procedures for equip. What are the various types Types and Parts of a Identify various types 23 WSTB1.04.01 and parts of a tripod? Tripod and parts of a tripod. What are the various types Types and Parts of a Identify various types 24 WSTB1.04.02 and parts of a camera? Camera and parts of a camera. What are the various types Types and Parts of a Identify various types & 25 WSTB1.04.03 and parts of a microphone Microphone parts of a microphone. 26 What are the basic camera Identify the basic Basic Camera Shots, WSTB1.05.01 shots, angles, and camera shots, angles, Angles, and Movement 27 movement? and movement. 28 What are the basic rules of Basic Rules of Outline basic rules of WSTB1.05.02 composition? Composition composition. 29 30 What are the various types Identify various types of Types of Studio Lights WSTB1.06.01 of studio lights and their studio lights and their and their Functions 31 functions? functions. What are the types of equip Equipment used in Identify types of equip. 32 WSTB1.06.02 used in outdoor lighting? Outdoor Lighting used in outdoor lighting. What are the lighting techs Lighting Techniques for Identify lighting techn for 33 WSTB1.06.03 for indoor & outdoor use? Indoor & Outdoor Use indoor and outdoor use. 34 What are the various types Various Types of Name the various types WSTB1.07.01 of microphones? Microphones of microphones. 35 36 What are the various Various Functions of Describe the various WSTB1.07.02 functions of each type of each Type of functions of each type of 37 microphone? Microphone microphone. What are the TV graphics Television Graphics Identify TV graphics 38 WSTB1.08.01 design standards? Design Standards design standards. 39 What are the graphics for Design graphics for Graphics for Various WSTB1.08.02 various television various television Television Productions 40 productions? productions. 41 WSTB1.09.01 What are the multi-camera- Multi-Camera-Directing Interpret multi-camera- directing commands? Commands directing commands. 42 43 What are the floor-directing Floor-Directing Interpret floor-directing WSTB1.09.02 commands? Commands commands. 44
  3. 3. Day Date SCS Objectives Essential Questions Content Tasks/Strategies What are the single cams Single Camera Directing Identify single camera 45 WSTB1.10.01 directing commands? Commands directing commands. What are the single cams Single Camera Directing Discuss single camera 46 WSTB1.10.02 directing techniques? Techniques directing techniques. 47 WSTB1.11.01 What are script formats? Script Formats Identify script formats. 48 49 What are scriptwriting Differentiate scriptwriting WSTB1.11.02 Scriptwriting Techniques techniques? techniques. 50 What are the diff. between Differences in Actor and Identify the diff. between 51 WSTB1.12.01 an actor and a performer? Performer an actor and a performer. 52 What are the standard Discuss standard uses of Vocal and Physical 53 WSTB1.12.02 uses of vocal or physical Performance Techniques vocal or physical performance techniques? performance techniques. 54 55 56 What are the basic lighting Apply basic lighting techniques that can be Basic Lighting WSTB1.13.01 techniques to various used in various Techniques 57 productions. productions? 58 59 What are the basic camera 60 Apply basic camera operations that can be WSTB1.13.02 Basic Camera operations to various used in various Operations productions. 61 productions? 62 63 64 What are the basic Apply basic microphone microphone operations to Basic Microphone WSTB1.13.03 operations to various hat can be used in various Operations 65 productions. productions? 66 How is cooperation with Crewmember Demonstrate cooperation 67 WSTB1.13.04 other crewmembers vital? Cooperation with other crewmembers. Day Date SCS Objectives Essential Questions Content Tasks/Strategies WSTB1.13.04 68 (Continued)
  4. 4. 69 70 How is basic studio Demonstrate basic WSTB1.13.05 directing used in various Basic Studio Directing studio directing in 71 productions? various productions. 72 73 How is basic scriptwriting Demonstrate basic WSTB1.13.06 used in various studio Basic Scriptwriting scriptwriting in various 74 productions? studio productions. What are the types of edit Editing Identify types of editing 75 WSTB1.14.01 and editing procedures? Editing Procedures & editing procedures. How are the different types Determine the type of 76 WSTB1.14.02 of editing chosen? Types of Editing editing req for var. prod. 77 What are in-camera, In-Camera, Assemble, Demonstrate in-camera, WSTB1.14.03 assemble, and insert and Insert Editing assemble, and insert 78 editing techniques? Techniques editing techniques. What is diff. between non- Non-Commercial and TV Compare non-commer. 79 WSTB1.15.01 commer. & TV for profit? for Profit Broadcasting & TV for prof broadcast What is diff. between local Local Show Production Discuss local show prod 80 WSTB1.15.02 show & synd.programs? vs. Syndicated Programs vs. buying a synd prog. What are career Identify career 81 WSTB1.16.01 opportunities in TV Prod? Career Opportunities opportunities. What are resumes and air Resumes and Air Check Develop a resume and 82 WSTB1.16.02 check tapes? Tapes air check tape. 83 WSTB1.17.01 What are the basic Basic Business Meeting Demonstrate basic business meeting skills? Skills business meeting skills. 84 What are personal and Personal and Establish personal and 85 WSTB1.17.02 organizational goals? Organizational Goals organizational goals. 86 87 88 Review/Exam 89 90