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Wayne, Turnaround (TAR) Engineer - Future Leaders Programme


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Get an insight into some of the career paths of our current Future Leaders Programme members.
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Wayne, Turnaround (TAR) Engineer - Future Leaders Programme

  1. 1. Wayne Meng Turnaround (TAR) Engineer, Zhuhai City, China Future Leaders Programme I chose to study Computer Aided Engineering Design at university and upon graduating joined an oil and gas engineering company (Rotary Engineering Ltd) in 2007. After eight months training in China I moved to Singapore in 2008 to start my career as a field engineer which is where I gained hands on experience of large scale petrochemical project management. Three years later I left the company to study for a Project Management Masters at Singapore Nanyang Technological University before joining Jacobs Engineering Ltd as project engineer in 2012. In April 2014 I made the decision to join the BP Future Leaders Programme for two key reasons. The first reason was about cultural identity – it is important to me to work for a company the values of which I share. Not only do I feel my personal values are aligned with BP’s but I also admire BP’s corporate values. The second reason I joined BP is that I believe it to be one of the best energy companies in the world. Being a part of it gives me the opportunity to work with the most talented people in the industry and develop myself. I already understood when I joined BP, from my past experience in Singapore that working in international teams creates an environment to develop in ways which are of great mutual interest and create good ideas. My experience on the FLP has been fantastic. The way it is constructed provides immediate access, on joining the organisation, to a strong and senior network around the world. This means access and experience of working with, and learning from, experts in different parts of the business with different cultural backgrounds. I have never met so many talented people in once place! One particular aspect of the FLP that marks it out for me too is that my managers in China are very supportive. From day one they have had belief in me and assigned me responsibilities and accountabilities that enable me to make a real difference to the organisation. “If others are looking for a career move which will stretch them by combining hands on learning with the opportunity to try new things and make a difference I would definitely recommend applying to the FLP. It has not only enabled me to contribute to the business through leveraging my knowledge and skills, but also to develop myself in a dynamic, fast paced international environment.” Wayne Meng joined BP’s FLP programme in 2014 as a TAR Engineer based in Zhuhai City, Guangdong, China. Turnarounds (or TAR's) are scheduled events wherein an entire process is taken offstream for an extended period for revamp and/or renewal. As such, in his role as a TAR engineer, Wayne works on the major maintenance and upgrade projects undertaken at refineries and petrochemicals plants. “Growing up in China I loved good food and my dream was to become a chef someday. Even today I often cook at home and enjoy it very much, the satisfaction of making something really good by using your skills. The pleasure that comes from applying skills in both a creative and problem solving nature is what attracted me to engineering.