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BP Energy Outlook 2035 Infographic for America


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Infographic depicting the key themes for America from 2014's BP Energy Outlook 2035 animated video which can be found on YouTube:

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BP Energy Outlook 2035 Infographic for America

  1. 1. BON BOYAGE LNGLNG LNGLNG LNGLNG LNGLNG supply demand eventually becoming energy self-sufficient. GAS All this will make the US a net exporter of natural gas, Shale gas and tight oil growth will mean the US becomes the #1 producer of liquid fuels and remains the global leader in natural gas production. Declining use of oil and coal What are the wider implications?4 is accompanied by flattening energy demand. means falling CO2 emissions in the US as economic growth 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 Transport will use less energy owing to improved efficiency. Oil remains dominant but will lose share to renewables and natural gas. 18% 5% 15% 19% 25% 25% 35% 43% How will energy be used?3 2012 vs. 2035 Energy consumed in power generation will grow by 10%. Coal will still dominate, but its share will decline while gas’s remains stable and nuclear power will be overtaken by renewables. Coal Gas Nuclear Renewables renewables nuclear hydro gas coal oil 2035 - 80% 2012 - 85% and natural gas will replace oil as America’s leading fuel. Renewables will become increasingly competitive and grow most rapidly but overall fossil fuels will remain dominant. renewables nuclear hydro gas coal oil What is the outlook for individual fuels?2 Today oil is still dominant but its use will decline the most. Oil and coal will lose market share 2012 2035 In 2035 how much energy will the US need?1 as the economy becomes more energy efficient. By 2035 US energy consumption will grow by just 3% BP Energy Outlook 2035 Join the conversation: #BPstats BP Energy Outlook 2035 Our 2014 look-ahead to the future of American energy