Interoperability between BPMN-based platforms


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Interoperability between BPMN-based platforms

  1. 1. Interoperability between Sparx® Enterprise Architect® TIBCO Business Studio™ Sparx Systems® Enterprise Architect® as front-end to TIBCO Business Studio™ BPM-Xchange® for seamless enterprise management tool interoperability
  2. 2. BPM-Xchange® interoperability map EA, BPA ERP Software Design BPM(S) CMDB ProVision Visio XPDL/BPMN Oracle BPA sycat SAP BPM / PINIMBUS Control ADONIS WebMethods MEGA BIC Metastorm Casewise W5 SAP ERP XMI Global360 SAP Solution Enterprise ARIS iGrafx TIBCO HP UCMDB Manager Architect BPM-Xchange® Enterprise Application Integration for model, master and meta data interchange Centrasite SharePoint SQL HP QC Application Logs UDDI Excel SAP Solution Manager Testing XML (ETL) Any Data (ETL) Services ECM Arbitrary QAS ABPD Q4/2011
  3. 3. What you will learn from this videoBPMN™ is a standard of the OMG ( for business process modeling How to use BPM-Xchange® software to link the Sparx® Enterprise Architect tool with TIBCO Business Studio™ How to overcome the barriers between vendor-specific BPMN™ implementations for a seamless model integration How to convert XMI model data formats into XPDL for model data exchange between tools BPM-Xchange® provides model data interoperability
  4. 4. Exchanging process models with BPM-Xchange®A best-of-breed approach integrates the best tools into your BPM solution Sparx® Enterprise Architect® TIBCO Business Studio™ XMI format XPDL format BPM-Xchange® Converter Server Edition
  5. 5. Live demo: BPMN™ model in Enterprise Architect® The input business process model
  6. 6. Live demo: Enterprise Architect® model exported as XMIXMI representation of the input model
  7. 7. Live demo: BPM-X Converter Server – task schedulingCreate a scheduled task to convert the input model
  8. 8. Live demo: BPM-X Converter Server – task configurationSpecify the technical details of the conversion task
  9. 9. Live demo: BPM-X Converter Server – schedule detailsSpecify the temporal details and run the conversion task in BPM-X Converter
  10. 10. Live demo: TIBCO Businees Studio™ – XPDL importImport the transformed model in XPDL format
  11. 11. Live demo: TIBCO Business Studio™ – model viewThe transformed business process model in TIBCO Business Studio™
  12. 12. BPM-Xchange® value proposition BPM-Xchange® supports BPMN™  Versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2  Latest version 2.0  Vendor-specific extensions BPM-Xchange® is a professional standard software for companies and organizations  Seamless interoperability between modeling tools and standards  No dependency upon a specific tool or standard  Migration of any legacy process models into BPMN™ standards BPM-Xchange® is an enterprise application integration software (EAI) with enterprise service bus architecture (ESB)  Scalable performance and high degree of automation  Flexible through individual customizing  Mature and reliable
  13. 13. Providing the best tools for interoperability Ask for information or a webinar: Email: Sparx Enterprise Architect® linked with TIBCO Business Studio™ BPM-X GmbH Sauerwiesen 2 67661 Kaiserslautern - Germany Phone: +49-(0)6301-703-278 Email: Web: All product, service and company names mentioned herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners