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Global Awards for BPM and Workflow

  1. 1. Welcome The Awards Ceremony took place on December 19, 2011 Duration: About 35 minutes 2011 Agenda • Introduction Global Awards for • Awards Assessment Criteria • Global Finalists Excellence in • Industry and Awards Trends • Presentation of Gold and BPM & Workflow Silver Awards by regionMedia support by
  2. 2. 2011 Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow WelcomeMedia support by
  3. 3. Awards Introduction Presented by, Nathaniel Palmer Industry Analyst Executive Director, Workflow Management Coalition 19th Annual Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow Judges:  Nathaniel Palmer, Cor Visser, Ken Mei, Ramsay Millar  Lead Judge: Keith Swenson, Chair WfMC  Awards Director: Layna Fischer  Future Strategies Inc3
  4. 4. Recognizing Excellence in BPM & Workflow Europe North America Middle East/Africa Impact Pacific Rim Innovation South and Central America Implementation4
  5. 5. Assessment Criteria Innovation • Innovative use of BPM technology to solve unique problems • Creative and successful implementation of advanced BPM concepts • Level of integration with other technologies and legacy systems • Degree of complexity in the business process and underlying IT architecture Implementation • Successful BPM and/or workflow implementation methodology • Size, scope and quality of change management process • Scope and scale of the implementation (e.g. size, geography, inter-company processes) Impact • Extent and quantifiable impact of productivity improvements • Significance of cost savings • Level of increased revenues, product enhancements, customer service or quality improvements • Impact of the system on competitive positioning in the marketplace • Proven strategic importance to the organizations mission • Degree to which the system enabled a culture change within the organization and methodology for achieving that change5
  6. 6. Finalists 2011See for Press Release Europe • Arbejdsmarkedets Tillægspension (ATP), Denmark nominated by ATP, Denmark • Avio SpA, Italy nominated by EKA Srl, Italy • HanseMerkur Insurance Group, Germany nominated by inubit AG, Germany • Homeloan Management Limited (HML), UK nominated by IBM, USA • Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group PLC, UK nominated by HandySoft, USA • Toyota Spain, Spain nominated by AuraPortal USA, USA Middle-East Africa • Ecobank LLC, Senegal nominated by Newgen Software, India • Riyadh Military Hospital, Saudi Arabia nominated by Bizagi, United Kingdom …./ continued6
  7. 7. Finalists 2011 continued North America • Danfoss Power Electronics, USA nominated by Aalborg University, Denmark • Farmers Insurance, USA nominated by Pegasystems, USA • National Institute of Mental Health, USA nominated by BP Logix, Inc., USA • Prudential Group, USA nominated by Pegasystems, USA • San Joaquin County Information Systems Division, USA nominated by Oracle, USA • U.S. Navy, Naval Special Warfare Group Four, USA nominated by HandySoft, USA Pacific Rim • Audi Japan KK, Japan nominated by Bizagi, United Kingdom • Viteos Capital Market Services Ltd, India nominated by EMC, USA South and Central America • Carbones de Cerrejón, Colombia nominated by Bizagi, United Kingdom • Comisión Nacional del Agua, Mexico nominated by PECTRA Technology Inc, USA • Grupo Hospitalar Conceição, Brasil nominated by H&R Consultores, Brasil7
  8. 8. Industry Trends  Big Data and Event Processing  Mobile Applications  Social and Consumerization  Dynamic and Adaptive Case Management  Greater Rules and Process Integration  Continued and Growing Emphasis on BPMN8
  9. 9. Trends Seen From the Entries Platform Leverage - different processes have been automated cost effectively under the same platform Enterprise-wide - interdisciplinary teams in different departments working closely together on completely new things and in completely new ways of thinking in technology and business models. Case Management - ACM and dynamic case management becoming more commonly deployed Financial Services still the most active sector in BPM deployment Opportunity Ahead – legacy dependence on spreadsheets and paper-driven manual processes to run the business before BPM9
  10. 10. Awards Ceremony  Presented by Lead Judge, Keith D Swenson  VP of Research & Development, Fujitsu America Inc., USA  Chairman, Workflow Management Coalition10
  11. 11. Europe Silver Award (tie) Arbejdsmarkedets Tillægspension (ATP) Denmark nominated by ATP, Denmark11
  12. 12. Arbejdsmarkedets Tillægspension (ATP) Denmark Situation • Based in Denmark, the ATP Group is responsible for the operation and development of pensions, schemes and other statutory administration • Siloed operations, services were tailored to individual customer solutions • Subject to legislative changes and political decisions Implementation & Innovation • EA became shared responsibility between IT and a corporate strategic unit. BPM became the accepted tool for documenting business • New customer solutions are implemented quickly and with full understanding of the documented complexity. Benefits • Executing pay outs from one system rather than 12 individual systems has presented vast savings. • Eg: redesigning a payout process delivered a cost-saving equivalent to 11 million Danish kroner. • Entered into strategic alliances with government departments and other bodies for mutual cost and time savings across public sector
  13. 13. Europe Silver Award (tie) Avio SpA, Italy nominated by EKA Srl, Italy13
  14. 14. Avio SpA, Italy Situation • Leading supplier of engine modules and components with operations in aircraft engines repair and overhaul • Core business changed from a single customer, the Italian air force, to many customers worldwide • Started new initiative for streamlining its Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MR&O) process in order to sustain new business and market conditions Implementation & Innovation • All the work performed on the engine at some points in the process could now be made publicly visible to the customer, • BPM COE team used BPMN / Six Sigma extensively to develop custom workflow solution to manage the MR&O process Benefits • Reliable performance data of the entire process are now available and can be used to measure process improvement • eg: Cycle time to repair and overhaul engines has reduced by about 20%14 • Productivity (number of engines overhauled ) will increase by about10%.
  15. 15. Europe Gold Award (tie) HanseMerkur Insurance Group, Germany nominated by inubit AG, Germany15
  16. 16. HanseMerkur Insurance Group, Germany Situation • HanseMerkur has a leading position among German private health insurers. • Goal : raise the degree of automation in claims processing to absorb increased gross revenue of 10-15% without increasing staff Implementation & Innovation • New architecture enabled HanseMerkur to introduce new process steps such as online retrieval of claims data, additional data input channels such as mobile devices • Uniform settlements due to the introduction of business rule-based services for fee regulations Benefits • Turnaround time for claims processing was reduced from around 2 weeks to 1 day • Because of SOA, process steps can be routed according to skills, which means the experts can better focus on specialized tasks. • The number of claims experts remained almost constant despite increase in claims by 10-15% each year.16
  17. 17. HanseMerkur Insurance Group, GermanyThank you very much for the Award! Although we are very proud of the great new software architecture we created and the astounding business value, that even surpassed our expectations, I guess the greatest value we gained from this project was to see an interdisciplinary team of claims specialists, business architects, software architects, developers and many more from different departments work so close together on completely new things and in completely new ways of thinking in technology and business models, yet having one vision and one goal. Unlike classical projects, where business requirements are documented to be implemented by a technical team afterwards, we created a new methodology where all parties worked together all the time to achieve that one goal. So the major factor of success in my eyes is not technology nor skills, but common spirit. And of course that spirit is sustained by the ever increasing rate of automation, which is reported on a daily basis. And, I guess, recognition thru an award will also help. Thank you..• Dr. Horst Karaschewski - Director software development• Gunnar Grund - Director organizational development• Folke Tedsen - Director health insurance claims management 17
  18. 18. Europe Gold Award (tie) Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group PLC, United Kingdom nominated by HandySoft, USA18
  19. 19. Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group PLC, UK Situation • JLT -- international group of Risk Specialists and Employee Benefits Consultants. • Listed on London Stock Exchange, one of largest companies of its type in the world; 2010 turnover of £746 million with 6500 employees across 34 countries. • The Employee Benefits Group (EB) a key part of the JLT Group with turnover of £132m and 1500 employees. • 2007‐2010 JLT made more than 20 acquisitions across the group. Implementation & Innovation • Processes treated more than 16 million EB workflow elements, 300+ million rows of table data, 15 million SharePoint documents, 14 EB offices in the UK and India, supporting off‐shoring, evidencing and supporting processes in areas with heavy regulatory oversight. Benefits • JLT EB used BPM to streamline >130 processes, has been a key element of acquisition and new market initiatives, underpinning over 50% growth in the trading profit in the last financial year. • A key element in large acquisitions in supporting process integration and business reorganization • Adapts faster to market forces, allowing EB to sell highly tailored and innovative solutions in regulated markets 19
  20. 20. Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group PLC, UKChris Ryan, BPC and Development Manager, EB IT Services JLT EB HoldingsProud Winners of European Pensions Pension Scheme Administrator of the Year 2010I would like to take this opportunity to thank HandySoft for their support over the past 18 months, and the effort all of the HandySoft team made to get the systems onto Bizflow in such a short timescale whilst assisting us with our learning process.I would also like to thank the team at JLT for the massive efforts put in to meet very tight deadlines and delivery of several solutions in such challenging circumstances.This was a joint effort in every way, from HandySoft Professional Services, JLT EB Development, JLT EB Test Team and the Project Managers on both sides. Thanks to you all! 20
  21. 21. Middle East-Africa Silver Award Ecobank LLC, Senegal nominated by Newgen Software, India21
  22. 22. Ecobank LLC, Senegal Situation • Ecobank operates in more than 32 countries, has 755 branches with 779 ATMs and 888 points of sale • Business processes worked in silos with manual intervention, insufficient compliance to forgery control policies. Implementation & Innovation • BPM solution resulted in processes made live in 22 days, processes were rolled out in 35 branches in a single day. • All work now processed in the central office resulting in leaner branch offices, quicker opening of new branches • Processes standardized for rollout to Pan Africa group level . Benefits • Cycle time of the Account Opening process at branch level reduced by 75% • Expecting more than 200% ROI at the end of the year. • Productivity Improvements:  Processing capacity increased by over 80%  Completing the process first time right (FRT), improved by 95%. 22  Adherence to SLAs improved by 99%
  23. 23. Middle East-Africa Gold Award Riyadh Military Hospital, Saudi Arabia nominated by Bizagi, United Kingdom23
  24. 24. Riyadh Military Hospital, Saudi Arabia Situation • Riyadh Military Hospital (RMH) is a Tertiary Healthcare Facility belonging to Medical Services Department (MSD) of the Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MODA) in Saudi Arabia. • Al-Wazarat Health Center (WHC) is a JCI–Accredited Primary Healthcare Facility related to RMH. The center is specialized primarily as a Family and Community Medicine (F&CM) with large general practitioners’ footprint in the area of Al-Wazarat covering complex healthcare processes along with other medical specialty services. Implementation and Innovation • The purpose of the BPM project was to Design and Model (using BPMN Convention) then Automate the core processes of WHC with over 300 personnel. • BPM initiative was led by the Medical Informatics Research and Development Center (MedICen) @ RMH to completely automate over 70 (mostly dynamic) processes. Benefits • Project covers complete life-cycle of the patient, from registration and triage management, to diagnosis and treatment used for serving 2,000 outpatients per day. MedICen plan is to roll-out the automation services to RMH (with total patient visits of 8,000 per day). • Cycle-time Reductions in: Patient Waiting Time, Medical Procedures and Treatments, Medication Prescription and Dispensing. Now, WHC Management can provide better Human Resources Utilization and more accurate Healthcare Activity Planning which all will result in providing high-quality patient care services. 24
  25. 25. Riyadh Military Hospital, Saudi ArabiaDr. Reem Al-HamidiHealthcare Business AnalystMedical Informatics Research and Development CenterRiyadh Military Hospital (MedICen)25
  26. 26. North America Silver Award (tie) Danfoss Power Electronics, USA nominated by Aalborg University, Denmark26
  27. 27. Danfoss Power Electronics, USA Situation • Overseas division of a large Denmark-based company, SAP user since 1990s • Undisciplined sales, shipping processes and out-dated workflows frustrated employees, reduced customer satisfaction and impacted revenue Implementation and Innovation • Process mining study allowed recreating process models from transactional data stored in enterprise systems • Social network miner plug-in was used to determine relationships among group entities, rather than individuals. Benefits • Process supports the highly complex product configuration, allowing the company to provide customers with highly-tailored products • Shipping saved about 30%, automation in invoicing went up to 95% from 50% because of standardized shipping methods. • New, team-oriented culture aligned with the organization’s value stream. .27
  28. 28. North America Silver Award (tie) Farmers Insurance, USA nominated by Pegasystems, USA28
  29. 29. Farmers Insurance, USA Situation • Third largest insurer in USA in property and casualty insurance market. • 24,000 employees, 15,000 dedicated agents and 25,000 Independent agents. • Challenge to integrate & assimilate multiple legacy customer services systems from acquired companies to ensure unified standard of customer service Implementation and Innovation • Assembled a road map of activities encompassing more than 300 separate initiatives accomplished by cooperative efforts between business teams and IT. • Replaced complex legacy systems with proprietary application providing CSRs with easy-to-use front end, developed “intent-led” processing with content-aware processes. Benefits • Claims cases are routed and tracked through all involved parties (e.g., medical, body repair, glass replacement, towing, auto rental etc.) quickly and efficiently.29 • CSRs process more claims, in less time, resulting in improved customer
  30. 30. North America Silver Award (tie) U.S. Navy, Naval Special Warfare Group Four, USA nominated by HandySoft, USA30
  31. 31. U.S. Navy, Naval Special Warfare Group Four, USA Situation • NSW is a division within the U.S. Navy that includes more than 2,400 active- duty Special Warfare Operators, known as SEALs. • High demand for combat operations, security force assistance (SFA) and fiscal downsizing forced NSWG4 to develop a business sustainment model to complete missions with less assets  Implementation and Innovation • Solution expertly weaves Lean Six Sigma, Agile, and dynamic BPM into a system that improves the Government Purchase Card Program (GPCP) process. Benefits • Automation for the GPCP provides visibility into the process, standardization, and forcing function for over 6,000 purchases and $5.2 million spent annually. • With 450 requests/month, average lead-time is now 3.2 days vs several weeks • Operational readiness is increased: combat craft repair and training is faster31 and there are fewer defects.
  32. 32. North America Gold Award San Joaquin County Information Systems Division, USA nominated by Oracle, USA32
  33. 33. San Joaquin County Information Systems Division, USA Situation • Strategic initiative to modernization of Law and Justice systems. • County provides diverse programs /services to over 650,000 residents • Decreasing Budgets; Changing Demographics; Service Constrained by Organizational Structure and existing Processes Implementation and Innovation • BPM COE team used Business Process Analysis, Service Oriented Architecture and Business Analysis Monitoring tools, developing: • Online Citation Inquiry and Payment System. • District Attorney Case Management System. • JCAD (Application for Mobile Police Units) • Online Assessment System • Adult Probation Case Management System Benefits • Maximize ROI on BPM and SOA • Agility in delivering business applications to customers • Flexibility in choosing Best of Breed COTS applications • Standards based and Technology coherent with Vertical County applications33
  34. 34. San Joaquin County Information Systems Division, USA Jerry Becker, CIO San Joaquin County Information Systems Division34
  35. 35. Pacific Rim Silver Award Viteos Capital Market Services Ltd, India nominated by EMC, USA35
  36. 36. Viteos Capital Market Services Ltd, India Situation • Rapidly-growing worldwide hedge fund administrator and operations service provider for financial services companies. • Needed scalable solution to automate manual processes, reduce paperwork, help the company meet compliance standards  Implementation and Innovation • Developed web portal for secure client access as well as the investors, brokers, and fund managers who interact with them. • Automated know-your-customer/anti-money-laundering (KYC/AML) compliance.  Benefits • Standardized platform with broad feature set supports applications, and processes company-wide: • Breaking down processing silos yields substantial cost savings and positions the company for faster growth. • Speed and accuracy of interactions with consumers, governments, and businesses creates a significant competitive advantage.
  37. 37. Pacific Rim Gold Award Audi Japan KK, Japan nominated by Bizagi, United Kingdom37
  38. 38. Audi Japan KK, Japan Situation • Audi Japan KK is importer of Audi vehicles and a subsidiary of Audi AG • Core back-end administrative processes in financial department were manual and paper-based Implementation and Innovation • Request for Approval process covers almost 20 departments and divisions, 100+ personnel • Fast results were a key motivator for more activities around BPM initiative. • BPM initiative has changed their fundamental business structure Benefits • Cost savings as a result of the automation and reallocation of human resources • Reduced cycle times for high level requests, optimized distribution of workload and responsibilities • Poised for long term growth and sustainable competitive advantage.38
  39. 39. Audi Japan KK, JapanAudi Japan recognized the need to systemize manual operations and selected a core business process which involved all persons in the company. We now find that we have revolutionized and provided transparency to a fundamental operation. It is with appreciation that Audi Japan has been acknowledged as the 2011 Gold winner in the Asia Pacific Region.Bizagi has been a key element in our success, in that it allows focus on business requirements instead of technology, and thus realizes quick solutions. We look ahead with excitement to further integrate and expand the scope of BPM into all areas of our business.Thanks very much, Aaron A Llop, Business Analyst. from left to right: • Timothy May, Controlling Manager. • Andrew Dore, Business Operations Manager. • Rozvin Marchan, IT Developer. • Hiroshi Ohkita, President. • Aaron A Llop, Business Analyst. 39
  40. 40. South & Central America Silver Award Grupo Hospitalar Conceição, Brasil Nominated by H&R Consultores, Brasil40
  41. 41. Grupo Hospitalar Conceição, Brasil Situation • Grupo Hospitalar Conceição (GHC) is the largest hospital complex in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, fully dedicated to public health service. • Responsible for the annual admission of 59,900 people, 2.2 million appointments, and 36,100 surgeries. • Group comprises 4 hospital units, 12 health clinics, 3 psychosocial care centers. Implementation and Innovation • Automated strategic supply and service procurement process used by entire hospital complex, in compliance with legal statutes and public transparency • Innovative initiative for Brazilian public management, a benchmark for other Brazilian hospitals and public entities. Benefits • Cut execution time by 20% to 70%, according to the type of purchase • Automated process immediately afforded monthly savings in the amount of BRL10,000. • Substantial productivity gains allows team to dedicate a larger portion of their time to actions that continuously improve the process 41
  42. 42. South & Central America Gold Award Comisión Nacional del Agua, (CONAGUA) Mexico nominated by PECTRA Technology Inc, USA42
  43. 43. Comisión Nacional del Agua, (CONAGUA) Mexico Situation • CONAGUA (National Water Commission) manages and preserves national waters, with community involvement, to attain sustainable use of resources. • Standardized management processes of budgetary resources (over one thousand million dollars annually) via online information system available to citizens. Implementation and Innovation • 700% growth in users and incorporated 23 new states, 13 regions and 15 cities • Decentralized implementation of the solution has overcome the obstacle of geographical dispersion, Benefits • Reduction of costs: USD 340,000 per year in materials / supplies and USD 238,000 a year for current expenditure. • Recovery of the investment in the first 18 months • Time optimization, reducing reporting tasks from 50% to 5% • Elimination of inefficiencies resulting from high workloads of technical and operational staff.43
  44. 44. Comisión Nacional del Agua, (CONAGUA) MexicoSergio Soto, Under Director General of Hydro Agricultural Infrastructure. National Water Commission.Comisión Nacional del Agua, (CONAGUA) MexicoHello, my name is Sergio Soto Priante, Under Director General of Hydro Agricultural Infrastructure,Mexico´s National Water Commission.I want to thank Future Strategies Inc and all the other organizations for this awards:, OMGand WfMC, as well as our BPM supplier, PECTRA Technology and its Business Partner Cencade.On behalf of the National Water Commission, CONAGUA I would like to mention some highlights of ourBPM project:Since 2004, as a result of regulations and initiatives of the Mexican Government, we decided to start aBPM project in order to organize and control the management processes of budgetary allocation forpublic works, through an online system of information available for public consultation. It is an importantissue to mention, that the system manages more than one billion dollars each year.Implementing BPM allowed us to improve CONAGUA’s transparency and accountability by providing access to everyone relevant toinformation intended to assessing and monitoring the performance of public administration, among other benefits we can identify:Greater adoption of BPM, from 1 process in 2004 to 19 processes in 2010, and the incorporation of the complete 31 states of the Mexicanrepublic.A recovery of the total investment in the first 18 months and savings in materials and supplies every year.Greater employee satisfaction due to a 70% reduction in administrative and manual activities.In other words the implementation of the BPM project meant an outstanding achievement for the institution, taking into consideration thedemands of transparency of the Mexican society to governmental entities and organisms, as well as favoring greater control of tasks,processes and actions carried out by officers and employees. 44
  45. 45. 2011 Winners RecapEurope  Silver (tie) Gold (tie) • Danfoss Power Electronics, USA nominated by • HanseMerkur Insurance Group, Germany Aalborg University, Denmark nominated by inubit AG, Germany • Farmers Insurance, USA nominated by • Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group PLC, United Pegasystems, USA Kingdom nominated by HandySoft, USA • U.S. Navy, Naval Special Warfare Group Four, USA nominated by HandySoft, USA Silver (tie) • Arbejdsmarkedets Tillægspension (ATP), Pacific Rim Denmark nominated by ATP, Denmark  Gold • Avio SpA, Italy nominated by EKA Srl, Italy • Audi Japan KK, Japan nominated by Bizagi, UnitedMiddle-East Africa Kingdom Gold  Silver • Riyadh Military Hospital, Saudi Arabia • Viteos Capital Market Services Ltd, India nominated by Bizagi, United Kingdom nominated by EMC, USA Silver South and Central America • Ecobank LLC, Senegal nominated by Newgen  Gold Software, India • Comisión Nacional del Agua, Mexico nominated byNorth America PECTRA Technology Inc, USA Gold  Silver • San Joaquin County Information Systems • Grupo Hospitalar Conceição, Brasil nominated by Division, USA nominated by Oracle, USA H&R Consultores, Brasil 45
  46. 46. Thank you! Our congratulations again to the Finalists and Winners. Keith Swenson, WfMC Technical Committee Chair, Lead Judge Nathaniel Palmer, Executive Director, WfMC Layna Fischer, Awards Director and Publisher Future Strategies Inc. The recording and slides will be posted to within a few days. Media support by46