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Student guide how to start a student bully awareness group in your school - bp alliance - copyright 2012


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PDF document (c) 2012 Bully Prevention Alliance.

Published in: Education
  • Education is very good in the school, bullying is apparently a rampant problem and bullying is really a growing concern both for parents and schools. The best thing you can do parents to your child is that be supportive and listen to your child if they confide in you about bullying.As a way of helping everyone especially the parents, who still find it quite hard to manage issues like this, I found this great application which featured a safety app which gets me connected to a Safety Network or escalate my call to the nearest 911 when needed, it has other cool features that are helpful for your kids with just a press of a Panic Button. #SafekidZone, Check it here:
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Student guide how to start a student bully awareness group in your school - bp alliance - copyright 2012

  1. 1. Student Guide: How to start aStudent Bully Awareness Group in your school © 2012. Bully Prevention Alliance 1
  2. 2. How to start a student group in your schoolCONGRATULATIONS on wanting to start a student group in your school! Student groups are educa-tional programs that are put together by a group of students in conjunction with a teacher sponsor, and some-times other adult volunteers, that focus on a cause in which additional education is researched, learned, andshared between students and staff in order to provide support, encouragement, education and communityawareness. Below is a checklist that you can use to help you get started in this process. Steps to get startedWhen deciding to form a student group in ones school there are a few beginning steps that to take:_____ A good start is to get a group of about 10 friends together. Can you think of 10 friends? _________________________________ __________________________________ _________________________________ __________________________________ _________________________________ __________________________________ _________________________________ __________________________________ _________________________________ _______________________________________ Decide on what specifically you want to do in your group, or what the purpose of your group is. Answer the following question: We want to develop a student group based upon the following issue ______________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Next think of some teachers that you can approach to ask if they would be willing to be a Teacher Sponsor for your student group. Student groups are required by school districts to have a Teacher Sponsor. Can you think of at least two possible teachers that may want to help you? __________________________________ _______________________________________________ Write up a letter, or send an E-mail, to the two teachers in whom you would like to consider helping your group by being a teacher sponsor. Your letter, or E-mail does not have to be long. Need a good example? See the attached example to help get you started! When you write your letter make sure that you address the following points: _____ Thanks for taking the time to read your proposal request for assistance on being a teacher sponsor. _____ The particular type of student group that you are wanting to form: what is the purpose? _____ How many students do you have that are interested in helping to start the group? _____ What day of the week are you wanting to hold your student group after school? _____ Do you have assistance from someone in the community that can help you develop the group and provide valuable beginning training and education on the purpose of your group? If so, who, and what do you know about the organization? _____ Explain that before you can submit a proposal to the school principal for final approval you will have to have a teacher who is willing to be a Teacher Sponsor. 2
  3. 3. _____ Ask the teacher if they will consider your request and get back with you soon. _____ Ask that if they are unable to assist in your student group as a teacher sponsor if they would be willing to help by writing a letter of recommendation for your group that will be submitted to the principal with your proposal request to form the group. _____ Let the teacher know that your group has also sent the request to other teachers and state which teachers you have sent the proposal request to. If you can think of more than two teachers to send the proposal request to then great. That gives the teachers the ability to check their schedules and see who may be able to work with you. _____ Tell the teachers that you are looking forward to their response and are excited about bringing such program to your school. _____ Sign your letter._____ Once you have sent out the letters to the teachers put on a calendar a date in which you will check in with those teachers to see if they had a chance to review your request and make a decision. Let’s put that date three (3) days out from the date in which you sent them the proposal request, then also put it on your calendar to check in with them again in one (1) week. First follow up date: ______________________________________________________________ Second follow up date (one week since sending request): ______________________________________ When your teacher(s) have decided upon whether or not they have the ability to assist your group prepare your thank you letter to them for their consideration, assistance and guidance. Make up one special thank you letter to the teacher who has decided that they have the ability to assist you. See attached for examples of such letter that you can send to them. You always want to send a thank you letter. It is the polite thing to do and it shows just how seriously you are taking this, which earns you great support._____ Set a date! Schedule a date for your group to meet after school with your new teacher sponsor! You will want to consider setting a couple of dates if you can. This way you can stay in touch and make sure that you are well coordinated prior to submitting to your school principal your proposal request for your student group. Set the dates one (1) week apart: First meeting date: ______________________________________________________________ Second meeting date: _________________________________________________________________ Prepare your materials! Prior to your first meeting date, prepare materials that you can find that you can show to your teacher sponsor that will help in preparing your proposal request to your principal. 3
  4. 4. _____ With your teacher sponsor consider and discuss the list below on what you may need for your proposal request to your school principal. Some school principals may want all of the following, but some may only want just a letter. Discuss this with your teacher sponsor and go from there._____ Below are some helpful things to prepare, or gather, for your proposal request to your school principal: _____ Statistics _____ Articles that discuss the reason why your purpose is a needed one. _____ Information about an outside agency that could be a valuable resource for your group in learning and how the information you could learn from that organization could help in your overall education in the school. _____ Develop a plan on ideas on how your group will raise funds, if needed, to help you in doing activities. _____ Develop a mini budget on what type of materials you may need to help you in your activities. _____ Gather letters of support from teachers, parents and others._____ Prepare all the information that you may need for your proposal request to your principal and have this ready for your second meeting with your teacher sponsor._____ During your second meeting with your teacher sponsor work on drafting your proposal request to your principal and have your teacher sponsor check your letter to make sure you have all the needed, and suggested information. Put your packet together and let the teacher sponsor turn in your requested proposal to the school principal for you._____ Wait to find out the result of your proposal request to the school principal. Schedule three dates in which to check in with the principal for a decision. First check up date: _______________________________________________________________ Second check up date: _____________________________________________________________ Third check up date: ___________________________________________________________________ When you receive a response from your school principal (whether that decision is a yes or a no to your requested proposal), send the principal a letter thanking them for their approval or for their consideration to your request._____ If you have received approval for your group to start the particular student group, then get with your Teacher sponsor and plan your meeting dates. 4
  5. 5. _____ Set your agenda for your first few meetings. What do you wish to discuss in your first meeting? _____ Sometimes the first meetings in student groups is to decide whether or not to have student group officers. If your group wishes to have student group officers decide on what type of officers you wish to have. Do you want a President, Vice-President and Secretary? Would you like to designate someone who will do research for your group? Would you like to have someone who will be designated to head up group activities that you can do in school? Would you like to have a designated person who will head up group activities / fund-raisers in your community? Discuss this topic with your teacher sponsor and let the teacher sponsor help you decide if that is an option that you would like to do. This is not something that you have to make a complete decision on in your first meeting. If you decide you would like to do these things put them on the schedule for the next meeting. _____ Discuss activities that you would like to do around the school that will help bring awareness to your group. Here are a few ideas to help you get started: _____ Grab some construction paper and design posters that you can hang up around school. Do not forget to add when your next group meeting is going to be and where you will be meeting. _____ Request that the development of your group be announced on the school’s PA system. _____ Make up a flyer that discusses your organization and then give these to the teachers in the school so that they may give them to their students to take home. Make certain to include in the flyer your groups Mission, Vision and Goals. Also who is your teacher sponsor, when is your meetings and where. Who can the parents / students contact for further information. What type of activities are you planning on doing in school, after school, in the community? What type of educational value will such group have on your school and in helping to further the education of the students in your school? _____ Plan out what you want to discuss in your next meeting and work on the development of the next meetings agenda so that you have it already prepared and you know what you want to get done prior to that next meeting. Give everyone a task to complete. _____ Consider having your third student group meeting be the meeting in which you start working together to learn more about the issue in which your groups purpose is about. Do you want someone to come in and help give you some very valuable educational information on a particular topic area? The resources are endless on the different topic areas. Can you think of different areas of issues that you may be interested in getting assistance on from experts in those different particular areas? Get help from your teacher sponsor to get with a community organization that will help you in getting experts who will come in and talk with your group. 5
  6. 6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Be creative!! Have fun!! Learn!!Stand up! Speak out! Stop Bullying! 6
  7. 7. Benefits of a student bullying awareness groupThere are many wonderful benefits to having a student bullying awareness group in schools. Some of thesebenefits include: * Educationally such groups will give students the ability to further learn about bullying, cyber- bullying and the specific acts that fall under these two blanketed terms and how these actions effect education, social skills, the economy, businesses, physical and mental health, public policy, government policy, the judicial system, and juvenile delinquency. * Students peers are the main social structure of kids. Kids turn more often to others in their peer groups before turning to parents about issues due to fear that they will get into further trouble for the issue; fear that their parent(s) will be worried about them and they do not want their parent(s) to worry; or that their parent(s) reaction will cause them to have to contend with further bullying. Student who are in the student groups can help as a resource for their peers and give them that much needed courage to seek help from trusted adults that will be there to help them, will take them seriously. * Student groups do not cost schools anything and are not a financial burden on the school to have. Students can do their own fundraising in order to help them to purchase supplies that they may need in order to achieve a project they wish to do, but even more so students can actually get assistance from many in the community and area businesses to help cover any supply costs—some businesses will even be willing to donate supplies directly to student groups for their purpose. * The student anti-bullying group can work well with an already established student anti-bullying program that the school may have put into place. It can help to emphasize what is being taught in the curriculum about bullying. It gives students the opportunity to develop ways in which they can further retain the lessons. It can help them to also learn ways in which they can strategically handle conflict resolution in a positive and productive manner thus increasing the student’s educational growth, social growth, leadership skills. * Through student groups a school, or even a school district, has a excellent source of being able to evaluate how a school is progressing on the issue. School administrators and school district administrators can develop surveys in which students in student groups can respond truthfully and such can be used in conjunction with evaluating need within a school, or school district, on potential changes that could be made, or put into place, that are pertinent. Such can essentially help a school, or school district, in saving money. 7
  8. 8. Example Teacher Sponsor Proposal Request The following can be used to send a teacher a proposal request for being a teacher sponsor for your group.{Date}RE: Teacher Sponsor for a Student Bully Awareness GroupDear _________________________:Thank you for taking the time to read our proposal request for seeking a teacher sponsor for a student bullyawareness group in which we would like to start at ___________{name of your school} .We would like to start a student bully awareness group because of the issue being one that is highly critical.We as students would like to learn more about bullying, cyber-bullying and the specific acts that fall withinthese two blanketed terms and from that education help our peers who may need a friend, who may need en-couragement to seek help before something tragic occurs, and to help each other to build our social skills in amanner that will help us in our future educational and professional career goals.We are aware that we will need to seek a teacher sponsor in order to have such a group in our school and priorto submitting our proposal request to the school principal allowing us to have our group. We would like toknow if you would be interested in assisting us and doing us the honor of being our teacher sponsor. Togetherwe can make absolutely certain that what needs to be done will be and that educationally we can help improveour school.Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to hearing back from you soon and will follow up withyou on {insert date}. We have also submitted this proposal request to other teachers so that if one cannot do itthen maybe another one will be able to, or maybe together as a team we can really make a difference. Theteachers that we also sent this to are: _______{list the names of all the teachers in which you are sending theproposal to} ___.Respectfully:{Student name}; {Student name}; {Student name}; {Student name}; {Student name}; {Student name};{Student name}; {Student name}; {Student name}; and {Student name} 8
  9. 9. Bully Prevention Alliance ™ Office: (317) 721-8201 E-mail: 9