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Hcna Coax Mdu

  1. 1. HomePNA3.1 Home Networking & EOC MDU Solution SendTek Corporation July, 2009
  2. 2. Contents Who’s SendTek SendTek & HomePNA Product Portfolios HomePNA3.1 Application Home Networking Solution EOC MDU Solution Carrier/Operator Level Evaluation Local Support in Singapore
  3. 3. 勝傳科技股份有限公司 SendTek Corporation
  4. 4. 勝傳科技股份有限公司 SendTek Corporation Founded in 1999 with accumulated talent R&D expertise, SendTek Corporation has been specializing in integrating the cutting edge technologies to converge data, voice, and video to provide SI, ISP, carriers and operators cost effective broadband solutions. Concentrating resources in R&D and sales, outsourced product manufacturing by partnering with qualified subcontracted production factories.
  5. 5. 勝傳科技股份有限公司 SendTek Corporation Focusing on product development, 1. ISDN Solution with NT1 & U-TA for Teleo in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America; 2. HomePNA Solution with V1.1, V2.0 and V3.1 CPE & MDU for SI, ISP, Telco and MSO in Europe, Asia and America; 3. Router, Gateway & VoIP Solution for SOHOs and Enterprises(ODM).
  6. 6. 勝傳科技股份有限公司 SendTek Corporation Office located in Hsin-Chu, TAIWAN Qualified subcontracted manufacturing factories, 1. Chu-Nan Factory, Abocom Systems Inc. http://www.abocom.com/ 2. Tai-Chung Factory, PowerMate Technology Co., Ltd. http://www.pduke.com/ 3. Shen-Zhen Factory, Rayson Technology Co., Ltd. http://www.rayson.com/ 4. Guan-Yin Factory, Sirtec International Co., Ltd. http://www.sirtec.com.tw/
  7. 7. SendTek - a Team Familiar to implement HomePNA Technology Announced 1Mbps HomePNA1.1 MDU Solution in Q3, 2000. Announced 10Mbps HomePNA2.0 MDU solution Q1, 2002. Working with CopperGate Communications to implement 128Mbps HomePNA3.0 Solution since Q2, 2003 and selected as one of the first qualified alpha site trial partners. Announced 128Mbps HomePNA3.0 solution in Q4, 2004. Announced 160Mbps HomePNA3.1 solution in Q3, 2007. Announced 256Mbps HomePNA3.1 solution in Q1, 2009. Participant Member of HomePNA Organization.
  8. 8. A Complete HomePNA Product Line
  9. 9. A Company Working with HomePNA3.1 since 2003 Implemented with CopperGate Solution based on CopperStream Technology. Working with CopperGate since 2003 for product development and selected as one of the first alpha site trial partners. Simplest Bridge Solution to up-link with FTTx/xDSL/PON extending connections for both Home Networking and MDU applications.
  10. 10. HomePNA3.1 Technology Evolution
  11. 11. HomePNA3.1 Application Coverage
  12. 12. HomePNA3.1 Application Profile
  13. 13. A Simplest to Deploy HomePNA3.1 Solution Simple Bridges… To ease the installation To fast deploy the services Sustaining reliable connections No need to replace existing devices Utilizing existing deployed devices to upgrade the services Least investment… Service provider: minimal investment to upgrade the service & increase the ARPU End customer: pay least to get more
  14. 14. Simple Bridges with Featured Configurations Smart web configuration to customize the services
  15. 15. HomePNA3.1 Product Matrix COAX Solution Product Home Networking MDU Management Non-Management Management Non-Management CAR-740 CET-330 CEM-336 CET-330 CAR-740G CUA-300 CEM-538M CES-532D CES-532M CES-530 CEM-638 CES-630 CES-632 PHONELINE Solution Product Home Networking MDU Management Non-Management Management Non-Management PAR-720 PET-320 PLS-8880 PET-320 PAR-720G PUA-310 PES-522 PES-521 PES-622
  16. 16. HomePNA3.1 Solution – Home Networking over Phoneline
  17. 17. HomePNA3.1 Solution – Home Networking over Coax
  18. 18. HomePNA3.1 Solution – MDU over Coax
  19. 19. HomePNA3.1 Solution – MDU over Coax EOC(Ethernet Over Coax), an alternative solution of CMTS+CM enables operators and service providers cost effectively to deploy efficiently to provide subscribers the broadband access services.
  20. 20. HomePNA3.1 Solution – MDU over Coax CES-532D Satellite/CATV VHF/UHF CEM-538M Tap M/C Splitter Optical Fiber ISP
  21. 21. HomePNA3.1 Solution – MDU over Coax Satellite/CATV VHF/UHF Mixer Combiner EP CEM-538M Splitter M/C Optical Fiber ISP
  22. 22. Smart Configurations
  23. 23. Carrier Level Service Providers Evaluating HomePNA3.1 based Solutions North America – Telus, Bell Canada, Bell Aliant, AT&T, Surewest, Telmex … Latin America –Telecom Argentina, GTD Chile, Telefonica Latam, CodeTel, NET Angra, MSO … Europe – BT, France Telecom, Bezeq, KPN, Deutsch Telecom, Belgacom, Sonaecom, Telecom Italia, Vodafone, Portugal Telecom, MSO … Asia – KDDI, KT, B-Star, SingTel, Kbro, Digicable, MSO …
  24. 24. SendTek provides HomePNA3.1 Products As a member of HomePNA,  SendTek provides customers all  HomePNA3.1 compliant &  certified products.  For details, please visit  http://www.sendtek.com/ ,  and contact SendTek.
  25. 25. Your HomePNA3.1 Contact  in Brasil AT&T SecuritSecuritSystem do Brasil SC. Ltda Mr. Bismarck de Paula Filho : bismarck@floripa.com.br : 48-3211-8825 : 48-9942-3114 : Rua Esteves Junior, 50 Cj 206/207, Centro -Florianópolis –SC, BRASIL 88015-130
  26. 26. Thank You 勝傳科技股份有限公司 SendTek Corporation http://www.sendtek.com/ : sales@sendtek.com.tw : +886-3-500-9399 : +886-3-500-9388 : 12F-3, 333, Kuang-Fu Road Sec.1, Hsin-Chu 30074, TAIWAN