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Hitting the youth demographic where they are. A focused approach to multiple social platforms

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  • vetted by the youngins
  • talk about ranking and algorithm and improvements custom categories: canucks, fashion, cars, onlinemarketing, SEO
  • 9:00am/tuesday: both most active times in the entire week
  • show what digg is really quickly - link out to the browser
  • vetted by the youngins
  • first time in 23 years no superbowl - especially with youth: traditionally the market targeted for superbowl ads 20 million on doing something great instead of a quick laugh mutual respect - greater vision - lasting effects - engagement and organic engagement - bring friends into something that really isn’t all about the “brand”
  • ultimate fail - naming it after the market you’re trying to target next thing? microsoft “old people phone”, oh wait, that’s windows mobile
  • we’re a visual and shallow generation: show it loud and show it proud facetime: here’s how we use it, here’s how it can change your life droid: focusing on what it can do fill in the blanks
  • fast company allows people to tweet a link to see how many people click - in a link scheme - people want to be made! people want to look like a rockstar... it’s innate for us to want to be popular
  • “ It took about a month and a half of very intense work, with people on-site all the time,” Sadowsky said. Sadowsky estimates that 55 to 60 people worked on the project in all. That includes eight “core builders” who did the bulk of the design and building, along with another 12 or so builders who helped part-time. In addition, Syyn Labs recruited 30 or more people to help reset the machine after each run. Because of the machine’s size and complexity, “We needed to bring in every resource we could to help reset,” said Sadowsky. Even with all those people helping, resetting the whole machine took close to an hour. The video was shot by a single Steadicam, but it took more than 60 takes, over the course of two days, to get it right. Many of those takes lasted about 30 seconds, Sadowsky said, getting no further than the spot in the video where the car tire rolls down a ramp. Read More
  • pretty much useless when they’re picked out
  • only reported now... last year you would’ve called me crazy for these stats: Average user creates 70 pieces of content each monthMore than 25 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each month.130 friends on average - but when in this day in age someone can tap a finger on a glass screen in mid-bite of a dish to slander your brand or to help it
  • innovate to market innovation is half what’s said that can be done, and what you do decide to do at the end of the day, doing shit is the best policy
  • american centric, but there is relevance to all cultures with innovators
  • BOLO2010 Wong

    1. 1. We’re young. And we know you’re coming for us. Presented by Brian Wong, founder & CEO, Kiip, at BOLO 2010
    2. 2. things 7
    3. 3. A bit about me
    4. 10. © 2010 Digg Inc. All rights reserved.
    5. 12. things 7
    6. 13. Help us accomplish something great 1
    7. 14. “ Social media is the new Superbowl”
    8. 15. Vision Brand Retention overlap The “Great” Model Market
    9. 16. Be cooler than our parents 2
    10. 17. FAIL.
    11. 18. Show us possibilities 3
    12. 19. Organic interactivity, not contrived 4
    13. 20. The Needs Ecosystem of Youth Social Approval Constant Connectivity Perception of Choice Social Connectivity “ Idol” Mentality Innate/Intrinsic Alignment Contextual Sharing Compatibility Cross-platform Celebrity Alignment Statement Alignment
    14. 21. MPL
    15. 22. Keep it fresh 5
    16. 23. It takes some work
    17. 24. Statistics are boogers 6
    18. 26. Measuring Youth Behaviour Numerical Age Network Presence Growth Potential Brand Affinity “ Youth” is a misnomer 7
    19. 27. © 2010 Digg Inc. All rights reserved.
    20. 28. Aren’t we all? © 2010 Digg Inc. All rights reserved.
    21. 29. 1 Help us accomplish something great 2 Be cooler than our parents 3 Show us possibilities, not just pretty pictures 4 We prefer organic interactivity 5 Keep it fresh; blow us away 6 Statistics are boogers 7 We’re all young
    22. 30. A generation of innovators.
    23. 32. [email_address] brian_wong