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  • Sources: eMarketer and
  • Matt Lawson is the Vice President of Marketing at Marin Software, the paid search, social and display campaign management and bid optimization platform. Matt brings a wealth of experience in the marketing analytics space as well from his previous experience and roles at Coremetrics. I’ve asked Matt to speak today because Marin Software works both with agencies and directly with enterprise and SMB clients, and they keep a close watch on industry trends in paid media management. Jason Damas is the Director of SEO at AKQA. Jason and his team have worked on clients such as Nike, Visa, Clorox, PetSmart and HSBC on a global scale. Jason has a deep understanding of the connections between SEO, SEM, social media, brand strategy and all forms of advertising interact. I asked him to speak today because SEO tends to be grouped into the big unknown for agencies – even agencies who are developing websites and other interactive assets for their clients! Steve Schildwachter is the Executive Vice President at Draftfcb and was just named the Agency Innovator of 2011 by Internationalist Magazine – I can’t do his background justice with a short summary here, but we’re very happy to have him in the forum to speak from his considerable experience. Steve will address the important issue of agency disintermediation in his presentation, and he is an active blogger on that and many other topics relevant to the advertising world. Lisa Bari – me.
  • I mean that agencies can Adopt new technologies or targeting options or measurement tools as a bolt-on, or they can truly take a risk and become innovators in the space
  • Bari -Advertising Super Forum

    1. 1. The Future of Agencies in Paid, Earned and Owned Media<br />Advertising Super Forum<br />Lisa Bari, Matt Lawson, Jason Damas, Steve Schildwachter<br />
    2. 2. State of the Union<br />Online advertising spend is still growing - $31.3B projected for 2011 up from $26B in 2010. Online advertising growth outpacing offline/traditional.<br />Global advertising spend projected to grow at a slower rate in 2011 (3.6% vs. previously projected 4.1%)<br />New opportunities to engage and measure abound<br />Clients continue to reevaluate AORs and media AORs<br />
    3. 3. US Online Ad Revenues<br />
    4. 4. US Online Ad Revenues by Format<br />Important point: “One reason the IAB suggested for the declining ad spend among CPGs—historically big spenders on mass media like TV—was the inability of these companies to accurately measure the impact of their integrated online and offline efforts, keeping them and other heavy TV ad spenders from moving dollars more freely online.”<br />
    5. 5. Who Are These Speakers?<br />Matt Lawson – VP of Marketing, Marin Software<br />Jason Damas – Director of SEO, AKQA<br />Steve Schildwachter – EVP at Draftfcb<br />Lisa Bari – Director of Search Marketing, Eleven<br />
    6. 6. What Are They Going to Talk About?<br />Trends in paid search and social advertising<br />SEO and why “earned” and “owned” media is important for advertising agencies to understand and participate in<br />Agency disintermediation and what to do about it<br />
    7. 7. The Big Idea<br />Evolution vs. Adoption<br />