21 day anthony bold


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21 day anthony bold

  1. 1. Be transformed by the Renewing of Your MIND Today Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 10 11 12 13 14 15 I can do all things When I am weak, All things are Your mercies are I am I am more than through You, Christ, YOU, LORD, are possible with YOU never exhausted encouraged. You a conqueror… who strengthens me strong God or spent, but are are with me More than new each always morning 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 What I say My spirit man rises I commit myself to I am ONLY moved My body is a I entrust my You always today, I will have up today and takes you and I trust you by the word of temple of The plans to you and provide a way authority over my today God today Holy Spirit they succeed out flesh 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 In Christ, I am My faith overcomes God, you meet all You’ve given me a You sustain me My mind is I will receive always led to the world my needs according well balanced Lord. You never steadfast & You power when triumph to Jesus’ riches mind, discipline, allow me to fall keep me in Holy Spirit & self-control perfect peace comes upon me 30 31 I will not grow I press for the mark, weary in well for the prize, for the Celebrate your victory! Is God having you continue? doing, but know high calling in Jesus that I will reap Christ 
 In order to ensure behavior change, experts agree that it takes a minimum of 21 days to change a behavior. Again, look at the date you are planning on changing your habit. Count ahead 21 days and mark that date down. Now, make a commitment that you will follow your plan for 21 days. Daniel’s prayers were heard on day 1; on day 21 he received breakthrough. God is with us throughout. What is God speaking to you about to change? What has been an idol? What is God asking you to do? Daily, take God’s bread. Eat His Word, Soak His Presence. Take communion daily to remember what God did for us, and as a symbol of the strength He provided us to do whatever we need to return. WE HAVE ALL WE NEED. Holy Spirit power resides in us. I repeat: HOLY SPIRIT POWER RESIDES IN US… That is power over our mind, our will, our emotions, our flesh, our habits, our past, our history, etc.