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The Fundamentals of Developer Marketing - 2013


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Given at the Evans Data Developer Marketing Conference on March 18, 2013.

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The Fundamentals of Developer Marketing - 2013

  1. 1. The Fundamentals of What We Do
  2. 2. The HookA new perspective?Be able to explain it to your mother?Predict the future?
  3. 3. Bruce Jones @BMcCJC Programmer, MBAEntrepreneurDeveloper EvangelistGetJar, HTC, VerifoneHead of NA, PayPal
  4. 4. The first personto celebrate150 birthdayshas already beenborn. -Aubrey De Grey Chief Scientist SENS Mountain View
  5. 5. Earth, IncGlobal MindPower ShiftsEconomic CompassScience RevolutionsHuman Influence
  6. 6. Show of Hands Brain Wave Recognition Voice Recognition Character RecognitionFaxing
  7. 7. Brain Wave Helicopter September 2012
  8. 8. Hits the makersphere December 2012
  9. 9. Imagine that YOU have to get developers to build to that?
  10. 10. 4 Ps & 3 Cs Product Price Cost of Developement Place Online In the field Promotion Discounts T Shirts Benefits Co Promotion
  11. 11. 4 Ps & 3 Cs Company Competition Customers Developers End Consumer
  12. 12. Product
  13. 13. PlaceFields Events Groups, MeetUps, Conferences, PartieseMailsCRMVCs, Incubators, Exubators, Accelerators, VerticalAccelerators, HackerSpaces, Peer Evangelists
  14. 14. PromotionDiscountsT ShirtsBenefitsCo Promotion
  15. 15. Place & Promotion
  16. 16. CompanyAre we perceived to be cool?Are we trustworthy?Where will our APIs be in the future?Should developers invest their time with us?
  17. 17. People / RolesDeveloper MarketingDeveloper AdvocateTechnical EvangelistDeveloper Evangelist
  18. 18. Measuring CandidatesDeveloper / TechnicalEvangelist / Public SpeakingMoney / Business Development / Delivering Value
  19. 19. CompetitionWhat are the other APIs in your space?What are the alternatives to implementation?
  20. 20. ConsumersConsumers of the API = DevelopersConsumers of the final product
  21. 21. Tinkerer / Academic Professional Walled Garden Everyone Publishes html Independent Developers
  22. 22. Let’s Get Some DevelopersSome dudes in a garage, with spare time
  23. 23. Crowd Sourcing vs. Developer Sourcing**© 2013 Bruce Jones
  24. 24. Inside their HeadsWho Are They? Which ones can we influence?What do theybelieve now? What do we ACTION want them toWhat do they Believe?do today? What do we want them to do?
  25. 25. PriceThe Cost of Development1 man month, $12,500A CarA Commitment
  26. 26. DRM Developer Relationship Management**© 2013 Bruce Jones
  27. 27. Funnel Event List Business Card DRM System
  28. 28. AwarPipeline e Consider & Trust Commitment Trial Usage
  29. 29. BenchmarkExample: Cost per App Built: My Cost: $nnn Competitor’s Cost: $nn,nnn
  30. 30. The CloseA new perspective on what we do.Be able to explain it to your mother.Predict the future.
  31. 31. @BMcCJ@PayPalDev
  32. 32. The Fundamentals of What We Do