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Developer Program ROI - 2014


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Establishing Your Program's ROI
The first hurdle is at home. Every program manager must defend his program to the execs in the corner office. It is absolutely essential that you can establish a positive ROI for your program and be able to show its value. Bruce Jones will show you how this is done.

First Presented: March 23, 2014 - Developer Relations Bootcamp

Published in: Marketing
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Developer Program ROI - 2014

  1. 1. Developer Program ROI
  2. 2. The Workshop A new perspective Be able to demonstrate ROI To dance well when you can not
  3. 3. Bruce Jones @BMcCJ C Programmer, MBA Entrepreneur Developer Evangelist Consultant Automotive, StartUps, App Stores Mobile OEMs, Mobile Payments, BMcCJ, LLC – Your Developer Relations Team™
  4. 4. Your Developer Relations Team™ - Three Consultants (so far) - Automotive, Digital Health & Wearables
  5. 5. The Future of Developer Programs The more new inventions we have, the more developers we will need to program them. We will have developer programs, encouraging developers to build to these new technologies for the next 100 years. - Bruce Jones
  6. 6. ROI What is it?
  7. 7. A Reminder…ROI Return On Investment
  8. 8. Your Boss/Compa ny… You Program
  9. 9. Developer Program ROI?
  10. 10. Developer Program ROI?
  11. 11. Your Developer Program ROI or Why?
  12. 12. 15 Is it Change or Die? Losers  OEM “Walled Gardens”  Few Select Partner Developers  Limited Consumer Experience  Slow to respond to consumers Winners  Open Developer Ecosystems  Access to consumers  Hundreds of Thousands of Developers  Rich Platforms, Data, Experiences  Nmarket response to consumers
  13. 13. Measurments More than “integrations” More than “apps built” More than “API keys issued”
  14. 14. Consider the 3 Cs & 4 Ps
  15. 15. 4 Ps Product Price Cost of Developement Place Online In the field Promotion Discounts T Shirts Benefits Co Promotion
  16. 16. 3 Cs Company Competition Customers Developers End Consumer
  17. 17. Company Developer Perceptions? Are we perceived to be cool? Are we trustworthy? Where will our APIs be in the future? Should developers invest their time with us? Consider Market Research
  18. 18. People / Team Roles Developer Marketing Developer Advocate Technical Evangelist Developer Evangelist Field Event Planner Online Communications (CRM & Social Media) Engineering Support Marketing Public Relations Legal Executive Support
  19. 19. Competition What are the other APIs in your space? What are the alternatives to implementation?
  20. 20. Customers Buyers = Decision Makers = Business Leaders Consumers of the API = Developers = Influencers Consumers of the final product
  21. 21. Influencers Independent App Developers Everyone Publishes java/html Walled Garden - CVC Professional Tinkerer / Academic
  22. 22. Let’s Get Some Developers Some dudes in a garage, with spare time
  23. 23. Crowd Sourcing vs. Developer Sourcing* *© 2013 Bruce Jones
  24. 24. Inside Developer Heads Who Are They? What do they believe now? What do they do today? Which ones can we influence? What do we want them to Believe? What do we want them to do? ACTION
  25. 25. Research
  26. 26. DRM Developer Relationship Management* *© 2013 Bruce Jones
  27. 27. Product: Education, API, Platform
  28. 28. Price & Commitment The Cost of Development 1 man month, $12,500 A Car A Commitment
  29. 29. Place: Developers are Global
  30. 30. Place Portal: Social: @CompanyDev (Twitter, G+, blogs) Fields Events Groups, MeetUps, Conferences, Parties VCs, Incubators, Exubators, Accelerators, Vertical Accelerators, HackerSpaces, Peer Evangelists CRM / eMail Followup Campaigns
  31. 31. Promotion: Field / Booth / Prizes
  32. 32. Promotion Education / Information Hacks / Workshops Discounts / Free APIs Swag, T Shirts, Devices Prizes Benefits Co Promotion CVC Dollars
  33. 33. Measuring Success
  34. 34. Funnel DRM System Business Card List Event Pres0s
  35. 35. Funnel Metrics DRM System Business Card List Event How Many? Total Audience? How many? Time to first… Automate and feed into… Pres0s Growth over time, Quality, Segmentation, Usefulness
  36. 36. Pipeline Awar e Consider & Trust Trial Usage Commitment
  37. 37. Pipeline Awar e Consider & Trust Trial Usage Commitment Market Research Website Traffic Time to Hello World POC App Built or Integration Publish
  38. 38. Benchmark Example: Cost per App Built: Our Cost: $nnn Competitor’s Cost: $nn,nnn
  39. 39. Benchmark Examples: Awareness Attitude Time to Trial Number of API Keys issued Number of Apps Built using API Marketing Cost per App Built
  40. 40. Closing A new perspective Be able to demonstrate ROI To dance well when you can not
  41. 41. uce Jones @BMcCJ McCJ, LLC our Developer Relations Team™