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Developer Marketing - 2010


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Developer Marketing - 2010

  1. 1. Developer Marketing.
  2. 2. Challenges and OpportunitiesFramework and ApproachHigh Level StrategyTacticsDesired Outcome
  3. 3. Challenges and Opportunities
  4. 4. Understanding the “App” MarketAn existing perception that App Store means Apple
  5. 5. Gartner’s PlatformPredictions for 20126 Major Platforms in the App Business
  6. 6. App Store Stats8+ Stores in the App BusinessRank Name Available apps Download count1 App Store 185,000 4,000,000,0002 GetJar 53,000 600,000,0003 Android Market 50,000MobiHand 5000 Unknown4 Software Store (Palm) 5,0005 Ovi Store 2,500 10,000,0006 App World 2,0007 App Catalog 1,561 1,800,000LG Application Store 1400 UnknownSlideME 1200 UnknownAppsLib 445 Unknown8 Windows Marketplace for Mobile 376
  7. 7. AdMobIts a new market
  8. 8. AdMobDevelopers like (and use) the new platforms
  9. 9. AppceleratorAnd want to develop for them
  10. 10. AdMob78% plan to cross-develop
  11. 11. 11% increase in Apple SDK Developmentin the last 60 Days - 89% of all new projects.Flurry AnalyticsDevelopers can be fickle
  12. 12. 300,000 iPhone SDK Developers- This Yearthat is more than the 2009 total number of All Apps - All Platforms 254,000
  13. 13. Pre-iPad100,000 Developers75 Million iPhone Devices185,000 appsApp Store: $200M/Month70% intend cross platform$2,000 Average Revenue15x Devices4x Apps5x Developers8x Per Dev Revenue20,000 Developers*5M Android Devices50,000 appsStore: $5M/Month48% cross platform$250 MADR
  14. 14. App publisher market2012 Predictions210,000+ Developers*76M Annual Devices??? apps300,000+ Developers71M Annual Devices??? apps
  15. 15. App publisher market2012 Predictions210,000+ Developers*76M Annual Devices??? apps300,000+ Developers71M Annual Devices??? appsover 9 millionJava DevelopersReady to develop cross platform
  16. 16. The Mobile Developer Market•An existing media perception that App Store means Apple•6 Major Platforms in the App Business•8 Stores in the App Business•Its a new market with new minds to mold•Developers like, use and want to cross develop for each newplatform•Java, iPhone, and Android Developers are leading cross platformintentions
  17. 17. The Challenge•Providing “value” to this new and evolving community of cross platformdevelopers•Building Brand Awareness and Purpose•Delivering the Brand Promises “Appsolutely Everything”
  18. 18. The Opportunity•The Original App Store•An existing relationship with the largest community - Java developers•Second position based on both number of Apps and Downloads•The ONLY store that can credibly claim and hold the “Cross PlatformCrowd”
  19. 19. Framework and Approach•Deliver a developer experience better than the platform stores•Assume the role of Developer Evangelist•Build GetJar as “The Developer’s Source” for cross platform services,information, apps
  20. 20. High Level Strategy
  21. 21. Deliver a developer experience better thanthe platform stores•Analyze the developer experience of the other stores•Hone Brand - Developer Message•Provide a list of developer portal improvement suggestions•Design a developer site•Create website content•Engaging how to videos•Adding your App•Benefits of GetJar•Cross Functional Development•Create monthly developer data metrics “white papers”• Example: Survey of cross-platform developers
  22. 22. Assume the role of Developer Evangelist•Become immersed in customer data, be the voice of the customer•Help develop and support needed Product changes and Marketing plans•Automate Loading of Top Apps•Build / Execute a developer facing campaign•Communicate•Online Campaigns•Informative Videos•In person, at events•Creating/Hosting Events•Giving Presentations at Key Events•Build key relationships
  23. 23. Becoming “The Source” for cross platformservices, information and apps•Defendable position in a platform based market•Provides “value” that is needed in the market•The number one request of enterprise customers•Creates a “sticky site” with more traffic•Continues the dialog with developers•Possible partnership with text publishers, cross development experts
  24. 24. Tactics & Outcomes
  25. 25. Objective Tactics Desired OutcomeGettingStarted &Setting aBaselineOrientation in GetJar General understanding within company, constraintsImmersion in Existing Internal DataUnderstanding of Current Developers, Popular Apps, SiteStats, Previous Surveys, Existing FeaturesImmersion in Developer Portal DataUnderstanding of Untapped Market, Build FeatureComparison with other AppStore “Developer Portals”Design Key Developer Metric DashboardProvides daily automate knowledge of Key Metrics: AlexaRating, Hits, Downloads, Rank among App Stores, App countby Platform, # Developers Represented, # DevelopersRegistered, Percentage of top 80% of downloaded apps onGJ, Rank among App Stores, % unaided brand awarenessExisting Developer Survey: Plan/Build/ExecuteBuilds Customer Relationship, Baseline Existing ClientDevelopers, Get Publishable Content, Comparison to FutureResultsAnonymous Survey of Untapped Developers:Plan/Build/ExecuteBaseline Unaided Awareness, Publishable Content,Measurement for Results, Acceptability of Automatic Appdata collection
  26. 26. 80% of thetopdownloaded appsacross allplatformsare onGetJarDevelop Source Lists of All Mobile & JavaDevelopers, Consider Ad Campaigns onpopular developer resource sites to build lists(StackOverflow, SlashDot, gitHub, BaseCamp,XP-Dev, SDK Forums)List showing Top Downloaded Apps and Contact InformationDevelop Sourcing Plan for AutomatedGathering of App Developer ContactInformationContact Information for Vertical Response CampaignDevelop, Execute Developer Ad CampaignBuilds awareness, encourages voluntary submissions,website community participation
  27. 27. Ensuredevelopersite isready fornewdevelopertrafficDesign Improved Developer SiteUses survey data, internal analytics, Research from other AppSite Features, A/B landing page testing, etc, to createawesome Developer portal.- Landing Page- Developer Services- Videos (existing on YouTube)- Create How-To VideosGetting Started, How to make the most of it, participation,analytics, sucess stories, making quick-link apps, short URL- Cross Platform Survey Results- Ease of Adding / Modifying App- Autoloading of data and screenshots- Value Proposition, More Content, Forums- How to Make a “Short Cut” App- How to Generate a Marketable URL- Other ServicesSign-Up Bonuses, Ad Credits, Stickers,CollateralDeveloper website changes begin Website is changed per design
  28. 28. 80%Unaidedbrandawarenessof GetJarwithdevelopers50% forAndroiddevelopersDesign Comprehensive Campaign- GlobalWebsite, Email, Surveys, Awards, EventSponsorship, Key Event Attendance,Presentations, White papers, Facebook Page,Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, MicrosoftAdsense, Google Analytics, AdmobIncrease awareness, Leave viral messages (e.g. Video TapedPresentations or Video Taped Interviews), site stickiness,developer value, reciprocity, brand message, goodwill,advertising revenue, momentum- NationalJournalists, Publishers, Advertisers,Enterprise/Corporate DevelopersAffiliations, referrals, recommendations, app submissions,advertising revenueDeveloper Events App submissions, traffic, advertising revenue- RegionalEstablish personal relationships with keyinfluencers, journalists, bloggers, tweeters,teachers, super developers, authorsInformation Sharing, Viral Key Moment Messaging, TweetTribe- LocalHackathons, MeetUps, Developer GroupsGain developer insight, feedback, local source of support,test subjects, viral marketing, goodwill, reciprocityOnline Advertising Campaign
  29. 29. Success Criteria:- Of the top downloaded apps across all platforms are on GJ- Unaided brand awareness of GetJar with developers(50% for Android developers)80%
  30. 30. Examples
  31. 31. Fraser Speirs is a Mac OS X and iPhone Developer andDirector of Connected Flow, Ltd. On Mac OS X, he is bestknown for the FlickrExport plugins for iPhoto and Aperture,and the file and folder comparison application Changes. OniPhone OS, his Flickr client Darkslide has consistently beenone of the most popular Flickr apps. In the past, Fraser haswritten for Mac Developer Journal and blogged atMacDevCenter. He has also worked to support the LargeHadron Collider experiment at CERN.Voices That Matter
  32. 32. Aaron Hillegass has over 18 years ofexperience as a software engineer anddeveloper trainer. He wrote the Big Nerd Ranchcourse on Cocoa, drawing from his experiencesas a trainer and curriculum developer at AppleComputer, Inc. and NeXT Software, Inc. Aaronis the author ofCocoa® Programming for Mac® OS X, 3rd Edition. This book is generally regarded as "The Book"from which to learn Cocoa programming. He isalso the co-author of Core Mac OS X and UnixProgramming. Aaron has developed anddeployed very large systems for clientsincluding Cogent Design, Nortel Networks, andthe United Parcel Service. He has taught at theUniversity of Washington and the New Collegeof Florida.Voices That Matter
  33. 33. Andy Ihnatko is one of the best-known Mac experts andauthor of The Mac OS X Tiger Book, as well as iPod FullyLoaded (Wiley). He has written for nearly everypublication with "Mac" in its name, co-hosts MacBreakWeekly, and is currently a technology columnist for theChicago Sun-Times.Voices That Matter
  34. 34. Lee S. Barney is the creator of the QuickConnect framework forJavaScript-based iPhone installable application development anda professor in the Computer Information Technology Departmentat Brigham Young University - Idaho. He served as CIO/CTO of@HomeSoftware, a company that produced web-based, mobiledata and scheduling applications for the home health careindustry. He is the author of the recently published DevelopingHybrid Applications for the iPhone.Voices That Matter
  35. 35. Jessica runs Engineering atTapulous, makers of Tap TapRevenge, the #1 most-installedgame in the App Store. Tapulouswas founded just six months beforethe App Store launched, has beenthere since opening day, and today,they have 14 titles available fordownload. Prior to joining Tapulous,Jessica held various positions inSoftware Engineering at Apple forjust shy of a decade, most recentlyworking as a Senior SoftwareEngineer on the Safari web browser.Voices That Matter
  36. 36. Voices That Matter
  37. 37. Understanding the MarketThere will be no slowingthis app economy.Matt Murphy,iFund - Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers