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Developer Program Slides


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Do you have or run a 3rd party developer program? Are you building a business case for a developer relations, marketing, advocacy program? Here are a few recent slides I've built:

- landscape of example developer program logos
- map of where popular programs are located
- sample purpose / mission statement
- hierarchy of internal, private and public APIs
- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th parties to a program
- my contact information

These are just some helpful slides when building a business plan for a developer program. Please reach out and let me know if you agree or would change any. Definitely let me know if they are helpful and if I can help you in your efforts to build a world class program.

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Developer Program Slides

  1. 1. Example Developer Programs
  2. 2. Developer Programs are in Silicon Valley Silicon Valley has the largest and oldest developer, iOS and Android concentrations Bangalore has the second largest.
  3. 3. Developer Pain Points Pain Point Public Program I want to work with [company] where is their Developer Program? I want to work with [company] but I don’t know where to start? I want to know what data [company] offers? I have never seen an implementation! I want to know what’s coming so I can build for it! I have built an app, I want to try projection, data or voice! I am having a problem please HELP! Press, Advertised, Google Search Contact Information Interest Form Reference data points See demo Build Test Contact Us
  4. 4. The purpose of the [company] Developer Relations Program is to foster positive relations with the global 1st, 2nd and 3rd party developer communities. Improving the experience of the consumers of [company] Products. The program provides the coordinated “face” and touchpoint for data access to [company] products around the word by providing the appropriate joyful information, communication, access, experiences, application programming interfaces (APIs) and the ability to put [company] data in the hands of consumers. Ultimately, this improves brand image and consumer experience for [company] Products and increases the company’s value to shareholders through increased Brand Equity, increased product sales, and increased product functionality.
  5. 5. Developer Relations PublicFacing PrivateFacing B2B InternalAPIs
  6. 6. Understanding the Parties 1st Party 2nd Party Partners (B2B) 3rd Party Developers 4th Party Consumers App UsersAPIs
  7. 7. Contact Information Bruce Jones CEO / Principal Consultant BMcCJ, LLC @BMcCJ Your Developer Relations Team