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Aktiivinen, laadukas ja oikein kohdistettu asiakastyö luo perustan myynnin kasvulle ja tuotteen tai palvelun tunnetuksi tekemiselle. Miten kasvatan asiakasaktiivisuutta ja hankin uusia asiakkaita? Miten kohdistan asiakastyön oikein? Miten parannan asiakastyön laatua ja kehitän asiakassuhteita? Miten valitsen ja kehitän jälleenmyyjiä? Miten mittaan asiakastyötä? Kasvun aikaansaamiselle ei ole oikotietä. Kasvu vaatii optimaalisen resurssien kohdentamisen ja selkeän suunnitelman.

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BMN Sales 2013_myynnin kasvattaminen

  1. 1. HOW TO BUILD SALESCustomer thinking and customers’importance to the company
  2. 2. 2/3 of a companys value is determinedby the value of its customer base2/31/3How much are we investing in machines, tools etc. annually much are we investing in developing customer relationshipmanagement and customer understanding?
  4. 4. Company XYZ, Mr. Smith… ?• Our customer:– User– Decision-maker– Beneficiary– Who will gain from the value?– Who will support us?– Who will object to us?
  5. 5. How is the decision made?Organizational benefit/sacrifice?Personal benefit/sacrifice?Personal sacrificeOrganizational sacrificePersonal benefitOrganizational benefit
  6. 6. WHAT DO WE SELL?
  7. 7. Most of us are selling features…• Products, services• Features• Advantages• BenefitsHow many people in your organizationunderstand the advantages and benefits ofthe products and services you are selling?
  9. 9. Find informationabout yourcustomerAre we selling products, solutions or value?1. Product or servicesales• The customer has aproduct, service orsolution in mind• We offer theproduct or solutionthe customer wants,differentiateourselves from ourcompetitors andclose the deal2. Solution sales• The customer has aproblem/challenge/need• We find out thechallenge/problem/need and agree withthe customer that itexists. We create asolution and linkwith thechallenge/need3. Adding value• We understand thecustomer valueprocess and valuedrivers• We create an ideathat creates valueeven if the customeris not planning tobuy anything• We create the needby showing thevalue of our newideaTHE SELLER’S OPPORTUNITIES TOAFFECT THE OUTCOME INCREASETHE CUSTOMER HAS A STRONG VIEW ONWHAT HE WANTS
  10. 10. Evolution from product focus to customerfocusUniqueproductUniquefeatures/selectionGood product/differentiation/sales focus onspecificcustomers&segmentsIdentifycustomer’schallenge /problem/ needand provide asolutionFind information,help customers tocreate value,develop abilities toshow the value1950 1980 2000 2010
  11. 11. Solution sales• In addition to a product or service, the customeroften looks for a solution for his challenges orproblems. What challenges or problems does ourcustomer have?• Benefits and advantages to the customer. Whatwe sell should be presented through the benefitsand advantages the customer will gain
  12. 12. What is selling all about?• Understanding the customer’s needs• Creating the right atmosphere• Interacting• Listening• Providing solutions for the customer’schallenges and problems• Creating value for the customer
  13. 13. Customer thinking and value creation• Customer thinking means an ability to help thecustomer to create value• In order to help the customer you need to haveinformation- a customer-oriented company seeks in every wayinformation on how its customers create value forthemselves
  14. 14. Information is critical…• Customers will continue to have a wider choice than everbefore• Customers often have more information than you have• Customers perceive less differentiation between products andare attracted to more suppliers/brands• This development is flattening prices• Your ability to compete and make your own offerstand out relies on your ability to find information on yourcustomers (which your competitor may not have)
  15. 15. Customer information• You should also understandthe customer edge of your customerSELLER CUSTOMERCUSTOMER OFTHECUSTOMERVery few companies have the knowledge andreadiness to demonstrate to their customersthe value they provide (or could provide) forthem
  16. 16. We can help youBMN Brand Management Network OyJari Skyttä M.Sc. Marketingp. +358-45-2793450jari.skytta@bmn.fiwww.bmn.fiIf you need help to build customer thinking in yourorganization, contact us!
  17. 17. BMN services: training, coaching, andmarketing & sales interim managementCUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPMANAGEMENT PROCESSES
  18. 18. 1. How to get newcustomers?2 How to sell/closea deal ?3. How to develop acustomer relationship?4. End of customerrelationship?• Opportunity management• ”Action funnel”• First contact• Preparation andopening• Identification ofneeds and challenges• Solution, value,argumentation• Closing the deal• Follow-up andsupport• Customer strategy andchannel strategy• Development of customerrelationship, additionalsales• Customer relationshipmanagement (CRM ) tools• Exit• RemovalCRM PROCESSESA new process- organization- management- targets and follow-upChange in operating policy- spirit management