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Tech Update Summary from Blue Mountain Data Systems September 2017


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September 2017: For CTOs, CIOs & CISOs Every business day, we publish a Daily Tech Update for Federal & State CTOs ,CIOs & CISOs on the Blue Mountain Data Systems Blog. We hope you will visit our blog for the latest information >>

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Tech Update Summary from Blue Mountain Data Systems September 2017

  1. 1. Blue Mountain Data Systems Tech Update Summary September 2017
  2. 2. For CTOs, CIOs & CISOs Visit Blue Mountain Data Systems
  3. 3. For CTOs, CIOs & CISOs Every business day, we publish a Daily Tech Update for Federal & State CTOs ,CIOs & CISOs on the Blue Mountain Data Systems Blog. We hope you will visit our blog for the latest information. You can also receive these updates via email. Click here to subscribe. Here’s the summary of the Daily Tech Updates for September 2017. Hope the information and ideas prove useful. Best, Paul Vesely President and Principal Architect Blue Mountain Data Systems Inc.
  4. 4. Network Security
  5. 5. Network Security FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: All the Ways US Government Cybersecurity Falls Flat. Data breaches and hacks of US government networks, once novel and shocking, have become a problematic fact of life over the past few years. So it makes sense that a cybersecurity analysis released today placed the government at 16 out of 18 in a ranking of industries, ahead of only telecommunications and education. Health care, transportation, financial services, retail, and pretty much everything else ranked above it. The report goes beyond the truism of government cybersecurity shortcomings, though, to outline its weakest areas, potentially offering a roadmap to change. Read more [WIRED.COM]
  6. 6. Network Security CYBERSECURITY: Washington, Not Silicon Valley, Leads the Way in Cybersecurity. It’s a common trope that government has a lot to learn from Silicon Valley when it comes to technology. But in cybersecurity, Washington is leading the way in many respects. Read the rest [NEXTGOV.COM] PODCAST: Improving Government Productivity by Reducing IT Friction. A recent FedScoop study shows the federal government workforce could see a meaningful boost in productivity by reducing friction with devices and applications and improving secure access to data and information via their mobile devices. Find out more [FEDSCOOP.COM]
  7. 7. Network Security SECURITYSCORECARD: Government Ranks #16 Out of 18 Industries in Cybersecurity. SecurityScorecard’s annual U.S. State and Federal Government Cybersecurity Report was released August 24, and it paints a very grim picture of the government’s cyber health status. Read more [SDTIMES.COM]
  8. 8. Encryption
  9. 9. Encyption NEWS: Keybase Launches Fully Encrypted Slack-like Communications Tool – and It’s Free. Keybase added to its encrypted tool kit when it launched Keybase Teams, an open source, Slack-like communications tool with end-to-end encryption. Desktop and mobile versions are available for download now. Read more [TECHCRUNCH.COM] HOW TO: It’s Time to Replace Your Encryption-Key Spreadsheet. On-premises or in the cloud, smart key management is at the heart of cybersecurity. Find out more [DATACENTERKNOWLEDGE.COM]
  10. 10. Encyption DATA PROTECTION: Need-to-Know Only – Use Encryption to Make Data Meaningless to Prying Eyes. Organizations continue to be plagued by data breaches, and data is leaking from our enterprises in large quantities. However, data leakage is not the only issue. The problems — namely, regulatory fines, brand damage and lost revenue — begin when sensitive data that is readable and accessible falls into the wrong hands. Despite these concerns, security professionals can rest assured that there is a way to immediately stop the madness: Use data encryption. Click here for key takeaways. [SECURITYINTELLIGENCE.COM]
  11. 11. Encyption FIELD GUIDE: Why You Should Be Encrypting Your Devices and How to Easily Do It. Is the data on your phone or laptop encrypted? Should it be? And what does encrypting your data do to it anyway? Here we’ll explain the ins and outs of encryption, and how you can make sure that everything in your digital life is safe from prying eyes. Read more [FIELDGUIDE.GIZMODO.COM]
  12. 12. Databases
  13. 13. Databases AMAZON: Wants Your Enterprise Database. Amazon’s awaited release of PostgreSQL on Aurora sharply raises the stakes in its competition with Oracle. Still in public preview, when will Aurora PostgreSQL go GA, and what can we look forward to in the roadmap? Here are some hints of what we expect. Read more [ZDNET.COM] MICROSOFT: Upgrading to SQL Server 2016. Here is a series of blog posts that, when taken as a whole, provide a guide for upgrading to Microsoft® SQL Server® 2016. Read the rest [SQLMAG.COM]
  14. 14. Databases ORACLE: What the Annual Oracle Database Release Cycle Means for DBAs. As Oracle changes its database release cycle to yearly updates with new version numbers, Oracle users will get faster access to new features — but also new upgrade questions to weigh. Find out more [SEARCHORACLE.TECHTARGET.COM] MySQL: Real-time MySQL Performance Monitoring. A key part of keeping your MySQL database running smoothly is the regular monitoring of performance metrics. In fact, there are literally hundreds of metrics that can be measured that can enable you to gain real-time insight into your database’s health and performance. Several MySQL monitoring tools have been developed to make performance monitoring easier. Here’s how to use Monyog to measure a few of the more important metrics. Read more [DATABASEJOURNAL.COM]
  15. 15. More About Blue Mountain BLUE MOUNTAIN DATA SYSTEMS HAS THE EXPERIENCE: 1994 to Present – U.S. Dept. of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration. Responsible to the Office of Technology and Information Systems for information systems architecture, planning, applications development, networking, administration and IT security, supporting the enforcement of Title I of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act — ERISA. Within the EBSA, Blue Mountain is responsible for design, development and support for its various enforcement database management systems, as well as all case tracking and customer service inquiry systems. Blue Mountain also provides IT security services to the EBSA, in the form of FISMA Assessment and Authorization, System Security Plans, Risk and vulnerability assessments, monitoring and investigation support. Read more.
  16. 16. Federal Tech
  17. 17. Federal Tech FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: APIs, Shared Services Can Reshape, Modernize Government Technology. The size and scope of the federal government’s information technology landscape only continues to grow and in a way that makes it incredibly difficult to change. In the Federal Chief Information Officers Council’s latest study, the current state of government IT is described as monolithic. And, it is not meant as a compliment. Read more [FEDERALNEWSRADIO.COM]
  18. 18. Federal Tech OPINION: Government Efforts to Weaken Privacy are Bad for Business and National Security. The federal government’s efforts to require technology and social media companies to relax product security and consumer privacy standards – if successful – will ultimately make everyone less safe and secure. Read the rest [INFOSECURITY-MAGAZINE.COM] PUBLIC SAFETY: Rapid DNA Technology Gives Law Enforcement Access to Your DNA in 90 Minutes. Before recently-passed legislation, law enforcement agencies had to send DNA samples to government labs and wait for it to get tested, which could take days or even weeks. Find out more [GOVTECH.COM]
  19. 19. Federal Tech MODERNIZATION: Making Modernization Happen. Now more than ever before, comprehensive IT modernization for federal agencies is a real possibility. The question that remains is whether President Donald Trump’s words and actions during his first months in office will be sustained by the administration and Congress in the months and years ahead. Read more [FCW.COM]
  20. 20. State Tech
  21. 21. State Tech SURVEY: Cybersecurity Concerns May Keep One in Four Americans from Voting. Cybersecurity concerns may prevent one in four Americans from heading to the polls in November, according to a new survey by cybersecurity firm Carbon Black. The company recently conducted a nationwide survey of 5,000 eligible US voters to determine whether reports of cyberattacks targeting election-related systems are impacting their trust in the US electoral process. The results revealed that nearly half of voters believe the upcoming elections will be influenced by cyberattacks. Consequently, more than a quarter said they will consider not voting in future elections. Read more [HSTODAY.US.COM]
  22. 22. State Tech ALASKA: Unique Challenges in IT Consolidation. The Last Frontier is centralizing IT operations under Alaska’s newly created Office of Information Technology. But consolidating IT in a sprawling state like Alaska offers challenges not found in other environments, says the state’s new CIO Bill Vajda. Read the rest [GCN.COM] ALABAMA: Acting CIO Jim Purcell Is a Man on a Mission for Smarter State IT. Jim Purcell wasn’t expecting a call from Alabama’s new governor, Kay Ivey, and he certainly wasn’t expecting her to ask him to head up the Office of Information Technology (OIT) – but that’s exactly what happened last week. Find out more [GOVTECH.COM]
  23. 23. State Tech ILLINOIS: Inside a State Digital Transformation. Hardik Bhatt, CIO of the State of Illinois, sought to become the nation’s first Smart State – a process that required reorganizing its 38 IT departments into one, improving government services, and finding new sources of innovation to apply to its revenue model. Within 18 months, Illinois rose in national rankings from the bottom fourth of state governments to the top third. Read more [ENTERPRISERSPROJECT.COM]
  24. 24. Electronic Document Management
  25. 25. Electronic Document Management CFPB: Looks to Embrace Cloud for Email, Office Application Needs. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants to move to a public cloud setup for some of its core enterprise apps. The financial watchdog agency recently sent out a Request for Information (RFI) on the process, technical requirements and costs of moving to cloud services in fiscal year 2017. CFPB wants to establish a more complete understanding on the costs associated with moving fully to a cloud solution for email and office applications (e.g., documents, spreadsheets, presentations, SharePoint and more).Read the rest [FEDTECHMAGAZINE.COM]
  26. 26. Electronic Document Management ROI: 4 Ways Business Document Management Software Can Save You Money. Lisa Croft, Group Product Marketing Manager at Adobe Document Cloud, talks about the many ways business document management can save your company time, space, and more importantly, loads of money. Here are the four most obvious ways these tools provide excellent return-on-investment. Read more [PCMAG.COM]
  27. 27. Security Patches
  28. 28. Security Patches MICROSOFT: Outlook Security Patches Intentionally Break Custom Forms. While the language-changing bug in KB 4011089 wasn’t intended, Microsoft now says the unannounced part that breaks VBScript printing in custom forms is a feature, not a bug. Read more [COMPUTERWORLD.COM] WORDPRESS: Patches Nine Security Vulnerabilities. released version 4.8.2 of its content management system that fixes nine security issues, five of which involve cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities. Click here for key takeaways. [SCMAGAZINEUK.COM]
  29. 29. Security Patches ANDROID: Google Patches Dozens of Dangerous Bugs, Including Some in Oreo. Pixel and Nexus owners will get the September Android patch as part of the Android 8.0 Oreo rollout. Find out more [ZDNET.COM] EQUIFAX: Failure to Patch Enabled Massive Hack. Last week, a massive hack of the credit bureau Equifax stole critical personally identifiable information (PII) on 143 million US citizens. The company’s response to the incident has been strongly criticized, and now we know the incompetence isn’t limited to the customer- facing sections of the company. The flaws that allowed hackers to penetrate Equifax and steal its customer data were patched several months ago. The flaw in question is within Apache Struts and is identified CVE-2017-5638. It’s described as a flaw in file upload handling. Read more [EXTREMETECH.COM]
  30. 30. CIO, CTO & CISO
  31. 31. For the CIO, CTO & CISO CTO: Should Your CTO Still Be Coding? Your chief technology officer (CTO) is integral to your operations by overseeing technology integration, acceptance and issues. But has your CTO moved on from the task you primarily hired them to complete in the first place? Are they no longer coding as a regular part of their responsibilities? Or do they no longer have the time for it as business architecture design, prototyping and other day-to-day issues require more and more of their undivided attention? 11 executives from Forbes Technology Council share the reasons why your CTO should be coding as part of their regular duties and under what circumstances they should give up the practice. Read the rest [FORBES.COM]
  32. 32. CIO, CTO & CISO CIO: Daimler’s Jan Brecht Says Emerging Technology Is Key to Competitive Edge. Jan Brecht, chief information officer for Daimler AG, says current emerging technologies such as AI and blockchain are moving to the mainstream, and that businesses must keep up with that adoption. Read more [BLOGS.WSJ.COM] CIO: How to Stay Current with Emerging Tech: CIO Tips. CIOs from Target, CVS Health, GE, and others share strategies for keeping up with the latest technologies. Read more [ENTERPRISERSPROJECT.COM]
  33. 33. CIO, CTO & CISO CISO: The Security Leader’s Expanding Role: Seven Priorities to Drive CISO Success. Some of the security leader’s tasks are project-based, but because the job is ongoing, CISOs need to remain cognizant of a set of priorities that can’t be left to chance. Here are seven priorities can help today’s CISOs stay on top of their game and keep their companies secure. Find out more [SECURITYINTELLIGENCE.COM]
  34. 34. Penetration Testing
  35. 35. Penetration Testing APPLICATION TESTING: Don’t Sweep Web Application Penetration Testing Under the Rug. Web application penetration testing is one of the most critical components of your information security program. The exploitation of a web- related vulnerability could result in a massive breach, so web security must be front and center in any organization. However, people sweep web security under the rug and fail to follow through on their findings. Read more [SECURITYINTELLIGENCE.COM] SECURITY: The Front-Line Defensive Measure: Penetration Testing. Growth in leaked exploit attacks means penetration testing should be a front-line defensive measure, warns Sec-1. Read more. [INFORMATION-AGE.COM]
  36. 36. Penetration Testing EQUIFAX: All the Ways Equifax Epically Bungled Its Breach Response. The breach of the credit monitoring firm Equifax, which exposed extensive personal data for 143 million people, is the worst corporate data breach to date. But, incredibly, the mistakes and the superlatives don’t end there. Three weeks since the company first publicly disclosed the situation, a steady stream of gaffes and revelations paint a picture of Equifax’s deeply lacking response to catastrophe. Find out more [WIRED.COM] NEXT-GEN: Breaking Into Infosec. Discover the career path information security analyst and penetration tester Ryan Hausknecht followed to break into the information security field. Read more [INFOSECURITY-MAGAZINE.COM]
  37. 37. Open Source
  38. 38. Open Source AI: Government Ventures Into AI. The Army has enlisted artificial intelligence to help mechanics predict problems in Stryker armored vehicles before they happen. IBM’s Watson system analyzed data from the vehicles’ onboard sensors and 15 years of maintenance logs to create a comprehensive maintenance picture. Watson demonstrated its abilities on 350 Stryker vehicles during a field test that began in mid-2016. The Army is one of a handful of early AI adopters in the federal government, and several other agencies are looking into using AI, machine learning and related technologies. AI experts cite dozens of potential government uses, including cognitive chatbots that answer common questions from the public and complex AIs that search for patterns that could signal Medicaid fraud, tax cheating or criminal activity. Read more [GCN.COM]
  39. 39. Open Source ERP: The Coming Federal ERP Systems Battle. Across government, agencies can expect their legacy IT business systems to fall behind at an accelerating rate. Vendors are aiming many of their advances in business analytics, big data and artificial intelligence at their cloud platforms and not at on-premises systems. That approach will hit enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems hard. Chatbots, for instance, now use texting and voice in human-like, conversational formats to interface with applications. They are gaining artificial intelligence capabilities and could fundamentally change how people interact with computers. Read the rest [FCW.COM] FLASH: A Foolish Petition to Open Source Adobe Flash. In 2020, Adobe promises us that Adobe Flash will finally be put in its grave. Thank God! But now developer Juha Lindsted wants to open-source Flash. Oh please! Not just no, but hell no! Find out more [ZDNET.COM]
  40. 40. Open Source MANAGEMENT: Active Management of Open Source Components Delivers Measurable Improvements Claims Sonatype Report. Sonatype has released their third annual State of the Software Supply Chain report concluding that when organisations actively manage the quality of open source components in software applications they see a 28% improvement in developer productivity (through reduction in manual governance), a 30% reduction in overall development costs, and a 48% increase in application quality (as application vulnerabilities are removed early reducing their incidence in production). Analysis also showed that applications built by teams utilising automated governance tools reduced the percentage of defective components by 63%. Read more [INFOQ.COM]
  41. 41. Business Intelligence
  42. 42. Business Intelligence READ: 12 Ways to Empower Government Users with the Microsoft Business Intelligence (MBI) Stack. Are your organization’s Federal IT resources under constant pressure, with no end in sight? Your agency is not alone. With limited access to dedicated information technology resources, non-technical end users often play the waiting game, relying on IT staff to do simple tasks like generating custom queries and embedding them within applications. Your department’s need to generate on demand, ad hoc reports gets pushed to the back burner while IT resources respond to more pressing matters. Implementing a self-service approach alleviates your IT staff from such tasks, affording them more time to focus on solving high impact problems. Read more [BLUEMT.COM]
  43. 43. Business Intelligence REPORT: 2017 State Of Business Intelligence And Predictive Analytics. Insights gained from interviews with Dresner Advisory Service’s research community of over 3,000 organizations, in addition to vendor customer community interviews. 57% of respondents are from North America, 31% from Europe, the Middle East & Africa, with the remaining 12% from Asia-Pacific (8%) and Latin America (4%). For additional details regarding the methodology, please see page 11 of the study. Industry interest in advanced and predictive analytics grew sharply in 2017, with business intelligence experts, business analysts, and statisticians/data scientists being the most prevalent early adopters. Click here for key takeaways. [FORBES.COM]
  44. 44. Business Intelligence READ: Business Intelligence vs. Business Analytics: Where BI Fits Into Your Data Strategy. While BI leverages past and present data to describe the state of your business today, business analytics mines data to predict where your business is heading and prescribe actions to maximize beneficial outcomes. Find out more [CIO.COM] U.S. GOVT FINANCE: 11 Ways to Speed Up Government Procurement. Buying with public money is difficult by design, but are there fair ways to fix it? Read more [GOVTECH.COM]
  45. 45. Operating Systems
  46. 46. Operating Systems ORACLE: Unveils New SPARC Chip in Wake of Layoff Reports. The vendor rolls out the SPARC M8 platform and servers just weeks after reports that it is slashing the workforce in its hardware business. Read more [EWEEK.COM] MICROSOFT: Is Adding a Potent Security Feature to Windows 10. Microsoft is making it easier for Windows 10 business customers to recover from security breaches. The tech giant plans to add a new tool to its flagship software that automates what a security professional would do in response to a hacking. Click here for key takeaways. [FORTUNE.COM]
  47. 47. Operating Systems LINUX: Mint 18.3 Ubuntu-based Operating System is Named ‘Sylvia’. If you are a diehard Linux Mint user, here is interesting news. Version 18.3 is coming soon, and we now know the official code name. As is typical with the Mint operating system, a woman’s name is being used. This time, “Sylvia” has been selected. Besides the name, we know some other interesting tidbits — the distro will be getting a secondary default backup tool (Timeshift), and Xreader is being significantly improved. Find out more [BETANEWS.COM] IBM: Watson Data Platform Aims to Become Data Science Operating System. IBM’s plan is to create a data science operating system that can bring together data scientists, analysts, and business leaders. Read more [ZDNET.COM]
  48. 48. Incident Response
  49. 49. Incident Response FEDERAL CISOs: Want More Education and Training to Help Boost Incident Response. Federal CISOs agree that investment in workforce training and education is the key to increasing incident response capabilities. If budgets weren’t an issue, Department of Homeland Security CISO Jeffrey Eisensmith said during a panel on CISO priorities for 2018 at the Sept. 13 Billington Cybersecurity Summit in Washington, D.C., he would put a “significant investment in workforce both in training and retention” by instituting performance-based training and testing.” Read more [FCW.COM]
  50. 50. Incident Response BANKS: How to Strengthen Incident Response. Effective incident response requires fine coordination between technical and human resources, says Mike Fowler of DF Labs, an incident-response platform provider. “Think about the last cyberattack you read about [and what] we see is that we need more cyber-trained people,” Fowler says in an interview at Information Security Media Group’s recent New York Fraud and Breach Prevention Summit. “Part of the problem is the human element, and I think part of the solution is taking what we have – the resources, be they hardware, software or human – and making them better.” Read the rest [BANKINFOSECURITY.COM]
  51. 51. Incident Response FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: IRS Computer Security Incident Response Center Needs Improvement. The Internal Revenue Service’s Computer Security Incident Response Center is preventing some cybersecurity violations, but could use some improvements, according to a new report. The report, from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, noted that the CSIRC is responsible for preventing, detecting, reporting, and responding to cybersecurity incidents, such as computer related threats and attacks targeting the IRS’s technology assets. As the IRS holds tax information on all taxpayers, the agency presents an attractive target for hackers. But weaknesses in the CSIRC program could prevent the timely detection, prevention, or reporting of unauthorized access and disclosure of taxpayer data. Find out more [ACCOUNTINGTODAY.COM]
  52. 52. Incident Response GOVERNANCE: The Methodology of Improving Incident Response. AusCERT is one of the oldest CERT’s in the world, and Phil Cole says the independent organization is now laser-focused on helping enterprises across sectors to fundamentally improve their strategies and solutions for incident response. Read more [DATABREACHTODAY.COM] HHS: Incident Response Will Be Scrutinized. A federal watchdog agency has added two security-related evaluations to its to-do list: assessing the Department of Health and Human Services’ incident response capabilities and reviewing internal IT and security controls of federal Affordable Care Act health insurance enrollment systems. Read more [GOVINFOSECURITY.COM]
  53. 53. Incident Response IoT: Operational Integrity and Incident Response for IoT Security. Given the increasing volume of connected devices throughout society, Internet of Things (IoT) security should be a key consideration for businesses and consumers alike. Embedded in everything from our homes and cars to commercial and industrial manufacturing, IoT solutions are already providing significant benefits. As a result, IDC expects organizations to increase their IoT investments to an estimated $1.29 trillion by 2020. Click here for key takeaways. [SECURITYINTELLIGENCE.COM] ADOBE: In Spectacular Fail, Adobe Security Team Posts Private PGP Key on Blog. Having some transparency about security problems with software is great, but Adobe’s Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) took that transparency a little too far today when a member of the team posted the PGP keys for PSIRT’s e- mail account—both the public and the private keys. The keys have since been taken down, and a new public key has been posted in its stead. Find out more [ARSTECHNICA.COM]
  54. 54. Incident Response CISO: When Responding to a Data Breach, Cooperation Is Nine-Tenths of the Law. In recent years, several high-profile breaches involving customer data have led to long and costly litigations. These events demonstrated that data protection is more than just a cybersecurity concern. When responding to a data breach, legal teams have to work closely with the chief information security officer (CISO) to ensure that security policies, regulatory compliance and response plans are adequate to effectively protect sensitive data. Together, these departments can develop a sound incident response strategy that protects both the organization’s data and its legal interests in the event of a breach. Read more [SECURITYINTELLIGENCE.COM]
  55. 55. Cybersecurity
  56. 56. Cybersecurity MICROSOFT: A Pictorial Walk-Through Of Microsoft’s New Cybersecurity Tools. Cybersecurity should be on every person’s mind in 2017, and certainly every lawyer’s. Here’s why…Read more [ABOVETHELAW.COM] FEDERAL GOVT: U.S. Government Cybersecurity Lags Behind That of a Fast Food Joint, Say Analysts. The American federal government and countless state and local governments throughout the U.S. are more vulnerable to cyberattacks than your local McDonald’s. A new study ranking the cybersecurity of 18 industries “paints a grim picture” with the U.S. government 16th when it comes to protecting its computer systems and data from hackers. Read the rest [NEWSWEEK.COM]
  57. 57. Cybersecurity DATA: The Piece of Cybersecurity Feds Can No Longer Ignore. The Trump administration needs to work with Congress to fully fund the Department of Homeland Security’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program. Find out more [FEDTECHMAGAZINE.COM] STATE & LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Annual Cybersecurity Review for State and Local Government Approaches. Non-federal agencies still ride low on the maturity benchmark, but the increased political attention around cybersecurity could improve results in the coming survey period. Find out more about the study results [STATESCOOP.COM]
  58. 58. IT Management
  59. 59. IT Management FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: Trump Finally Begins to Fill Out Important Government Management Leadership Roles. The long-wait is over. The Trump administration has revealed the names of the four people who could, possibly, maybe hold key federal management positions. It was like someone poured an entire bottle of Drano to move the clog that has backed up White House personnel. Read more [FEDERALNEWSRADIO.COM] PRODUCTIVITY: Here Are PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi’s Secrets For Managing Her Hectic Life. In a Fortune Magazine interview, Indra Nooyi revealed that every day she makes a to-do list of 50 to 60 items, down to very small things. Her list is two columns—one side the personal, the other the professional – that both live on a single page. Tasks that aren’t completed get carried over to the next day, although she tries to keep that down to two to three items. Read more. [FORTUNE.COM]
  60. 60. IT Management DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: 10 Tips for Change Management Success. Change management is the discipline of leading individuals, teams and entire organizations through organizational change via a combination of behavioral and social sciences, information technology and business solutions. Here are 10 steps to success when transforming your company. Find out more [CIO.COM] CLOUD: Multi-Cloud Management: 6 Expert Tips. Using multiple cloud providers? Here’s how to keep your environment running without a hitch. Read more [ENTERPRISERSPROJECT.COM]
  61. 61. Application Development
  62. 62. Application Development INDUSTRY INSIGHT: 4 Steps to Agile Success. There’s a noticeable shift toward agile development taking place within the federal government. Driven by a need for accelerated application development and meeting internal customers’ needs on the very first attempt, agencies like the General Services Administration and Department of Homeland Security have begun to move away from traditional waterfall project management frameworks and toward iterative, agile frameworks like scrum. Read more [GCN.COM]
  63. 63. Application Development IT MODERNIZATION: 3 Strategies for Building Successful Agile Teams. Is the federal government truly ready to embrace agile software development? Successful agile environments do not start with technology; they start with creating the right team. This can be harder than it may first appear, because agile challenges preconceived norms of how federal IT teams should be structured and the way they approach projects. Agile teams are typically a combination of individual contributors (particularly those from development and quality assurance backgrounds) who rarely work together but must now collaborate to achieve common goals. Read the rest [NEXTGOV.COM] ENTERPRISE: Air Force Intelligence Unit Goes Agile. The US Air Force is determined to get more agile to produce applications that can be useful in times of conflict. Find out more [INFORMATIONWEEK.COM]
  64. 64. Application Development PEOPLE & CAREERS: Sloughing Off the Government Stereotypes. What are CIOs doing to lure millennials into government IT? Government CIOs across the board are being forced to confront the retirement wave that’s about to decimate their ranks. But does the next generation of IT pros want the jobs their parents and grandparents are leaving behind? Read more [GOVTECH.COM]
  65. 65. Big Data
  66. 66. Big Data FINTECH: For the Finance Sector, Big Data Keeps Getting Bigger. The value that can be extracted from a growing wealth of data across boundless sectors is only just beginning to be grasped. If you look at search engines or digital commerce platforms, an almost direct relationship exists between the amount of data users willingly give up and the value this has. There is also the fact that those with the most data at their disposal will probably have the best artificial intelligence in the future, making them nigh on invincible. In finance, data of one sort or another has always held intrinsic value. People who trade in the zero-sum game of capital markets all need a Bloomberg terminal or Thomson Reuters data to have a look at all the traditional price information, earnings estimates and so on. Read the rest [NEWSWEEK.COM]
  67. 67. Big Data OPINION: Big Data Needs Bigger Security. The age of “big data” is here, along with a growing list of big data breaches and the big mess created for millions of affected consumers. The only thing missing is big consequences for companies that are causing these big losses. Read more [USNEWS.COM] REAL ESTATE: How Real Estate Agents Can Capitalize on Big Data for Big Results. Big data powers predictive analytics. As the field grows, these massive data sets propel some of the biggest companies in new, unexpected ways. The truth is that big data isn’t just for big companies — and leveraging predictive technology doesn’t mean you have to scrap your current business model for something built in a hacker lab. Predictive products can help agents optimize nearly everything from mailers and marketing to cold calls and conversational outreach. Find out more [INMAN.COM]
  68. 68. Big Data HOW: Big Data and Digital Transformation – How One Enables the Other. Drowning in data is not the same as big data. Here’s the true definition of big data and a powerful example of how it’s being used to power digital transformation. Find out more about the study results [ZDNET.COM]
  69. 69. Personal Tech
  70. 70. Personal Tech DOWNLOADS: Resolutions for the Big (and Small) Screens. When it comes to streaming and downloading movies, find out the difference between standard definition and the high-definition versions. Read more [NYTIMES.COM] TECH TRAVEL: Checking Voice Mail While Abroad. Find out how to check voice mail on a smartphone when traveling in Europe. Read more. [NYTIMES.COM]
  71. 71. Personal Tech STAY ALERT: Technology Can Be A Threat To Your Physical Safety. Discover the personal safety habits you can practice to stay safe at home and on the go. Find out more [FORBES.COM] HOW TO: Schedule Your Smartphone for a Little Peace and Quiet. Have you signed up for alerts from a bunch of news sites on your iPhone to keep up with the headlines, but now they’re waking you up at night with their sounds and turning on the phone screen? Find out how to mute the noises and phone screen light before bed without turning off the phone’s alarm clock. Read more [NYTIMES.COM]
  72. 72. Mobile Applications
  73. 73. Mobile OPINION: It’s Time for IT to Take Control of Mobile Apps. IT is seeing a very dangerous collision of two trends: BYOD and mobile apps. IT’s job is to protect corporate data – and it’s an app download away from failing. Read more [COMPUTERWORLD.COM] USDA: Unveils Mobile Application for Its Government Ethics Content. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue officially unveiled a new mobile app Wednesday for agency employees – a simple ethics guide called “USDA Ethics.” The app promises to answer employees’ ethics questions “on the go” with short articles on ethics requirements, easy-to-access forms and even a video library of ethics training content. Read the rest [FEDSCOOP.COM]
  74. 74. Mobile FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: Startups Are Finally Taking On Food Stamps. Felicia Graybill uses her smartphone for everything: sending email, checking Facebook, and even monitoring her bank account. But for years, when the 28-year-old Brooklyn mom went to check on her food stamps benefits she might as well have been using a landline. Reviewing her balance required dialing into a hotline and entering her entire card number. All she could access was the sum of her funds – there was no way of breaking down how and when she’d spent the money. Thanks to new trends in civic technology, that’s beginning to change. Young tech workers have increasingly noticed the wide-open opportunity to bring disruption to outdated social programs. With a user base of nearly 43 million Americans, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which provides food stamps, is ripe for innovation. Take Graybill. Now she uses FreshEBT, an app launched by mobile software startup Propel. The app allows her to check her balance on her phone and organize her budget around local deals using an online shopping list. Find out more [WIRED.COM]
  75. 75. Mobile HEALTH: Mobile Apps for Diabetes Patients Need Careful Review. Diabetes patients who use smartphone applications to manage their condition should know that not all apps are reliable, researchers say. “We have more than 165,000 health and fitness apps in app stores right now and little control over what’s being published,” said study author Francois Modave of the University of Florida in Gainesville. “App manufacturers want to produce good information, but there’s no oversight from any health organization or agency,” Modave told Reuters Health. Approximately 29 million Americans have diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. Modave and colleagues used the Mobile App Rating Scale to analyze and rank the top free apps for diabetes management. They also looked at the number of diabetes-specific management tasks that the apps included, such as physical activity, nutrition, blood glucose testing, medication and insulin dosage, health feedback, and education. Find out more about the study results [REUTERS.COM]
  76. 76. Programming & Scripting Development Client & Server-Side
  77. 77. Programming & Scripting Development Client & Server-Side JAVASCRIPT: How to Write Shell Scripts with JavaScript. How to use JavaScript to recursively iterate over the files in a directory and to identify any occurrences of a specified string. Read more [SITEPOINT.COM] JAVA: Java 9 Delayed Due to Modularity Controversy. Oracle has proposed that Java 9 Standard Edition be delayed until September 21 so the open source community that is finalizing Java 9 can address the ongoing controversy over a planned but later rejected approach to modularity, said Georges Saab, vice president of software development in the Java platform group at Oracle and chairman of the OpenJDK governing board. Read the rest [INFOWORLD.COM]
  78. 78. Programming & Scripting Development Client & Server-Side C#: The Future of Microsoft’s Languages: C# To Be Powerful, Visual Basic Friendly. Since their introduction in 2002, Microsoft’s pair of .NET programming languages, C# and Visual Basic.NET, have been close siblings. Although they look very different—one uses C-style braces, brackets, and lots of symbols, whereas the other looks a great deal more like English—their features have, for the most part, been very similar. This strategy was formalized in 2010, with Microsoft planning coevolution, to keep them if not identical then at least very similar in capability. But the two languages have rather different audiences, and Microsoft has decided to change its development approach. Read more [ARSTECHNICA.COM]
  79. 79. Programming & Scripting Development Client & Server-Side PYTHON: How to Set Up and Learn Python Coding on a Mac. Python is one of the most popular programming languages. Students use Python to learn coding; data scientists use Python to crunch numbers. Discover how to set up and learn Python coding on a Mac, including the best Python text editors and the best Python training courses. Find out more [MACWORLD.CO.UK]
  80. 80. Cloud Computing
  81. 81. Cloud Computing AUTOMOTIVE: How The Automotive Industry Is Leveraging Cloud Computing. The Volkswagen Group, the world’s second largest car manufacturer, is planning to use open-source cloud-computing platforms in order to build a private cloud to host websites for its brands Audi, VW, and Porsche. The company is also looking at a comprehensive platform for innovative automotive technology. In fact, VW officials debated for a long time over how to leverage the technology. The Group employs over 600,000 employees globally and of them, there are 11,000 who are internal IT experts. Read the rest [CXOTODAY.COM]
  82. 82. Cloud Computing MICROSOFT: Huawei Ups Its Bet on Cloud Computing with Broader Support for Microsoft Apps. Huawei’s bid to be a player in China’s cloud computing scene got a little stronger with the signing of a deal with Microsoft to host more of the software giant’s apps on its cloud. Read more [GEEKWIRE.COM] GOOGLE: Service Promotes Hybrid Clouds. Google is offering Dedicated Interconnect a new service for enterprises to build hybrid infrastructure by extending corporate networks into its cloud. Read more [NETWORKWORLD.COM]
  83. 83. Cloud Computing OPINION: It’s Time to Think Beyond Cloud Computing. That problem from the frontier of technology is why many tech leaders foresee the need for a new “edge computing” network – one that turns the logic of today’s cloud inside out. Today the $247 billion cloud computing industry funnels everything through massive centralized data centers operated by giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. That’s been a smart model for scaling up web search and social networks, as well as streaming media to billions of users. But it’s not so smart for latency-intolerant applications like autonomous cars or mobile mixed reality. Find out more [WIRED.COM]
  84. 84. Cloud Computing FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: Here’s a Cloud Guide Written by Feds for Feds. Will the White House Listen? Several dozen federal technologists, chief information officers and acquisition experts have developed a guidebook for how agencies ought to pursue cloud-based solutions. Here’s a draft copy of the guide, which was authored in partnership with an interagency group comprised of tech leaders from the Defense Department, Federal Communications Commission, General Services Administration and other agencies. Read more [NEXTGOV.COM]
  85. 85. Cloud Computing DHS: Invests in Mobile App Security. When it comes to the securing mobile computing, government agencies are challenged not only by traditional software vulnerabilities, but also by the number and types of services accessible through mobile apps. The Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate began taking an active role in validation and threat protection for mobile apps two years ago when it began working with Kryptowire for assessing risk, analyzing vulnerabilities and archiving mobile applications. Click here for key takeaways. [GCN.COM] CLOUD COMPUTING: Spurs Hybrid Architecture Adoption. Enterprises turn to the hybrid cloud for disaster recovery, data archiving and other applications. Find out more [INFORMATIONWEEK.COM]
  86. 86. Cloud Computing READ: Google, Microsoft Emphasize Cloud Security as Hacks Intensify and Big Businesses Eye the Cloud. Security fears have been associated with cloud computing ever since it began, and for the most part those fears have been unfounded: the big cloud providers are way better at security than your average enterprise. Still, there’s always more to be done, and Google and Microsoft unveiled new services this week to give customers additional peace of mind. Read more [GEEKWIRE.COM]
  87. 87. Announcement
  88. 88. Announcement Blue Mountain Data Systems DOL Contract Extended Another Six Months The Department of Labor has extended Blue Mountain Data Systems Inc. contract DOLOPS16C0017 for 6 months for network administration and application support. U.S. Dept. of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration 1994 to Present Responsible to the Office of Technology and Information Systems for information systems architecture, planning, applications development, networking, administration and IT security, supporting the enforcement of Title I of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act — ERISA. Within the EBSA, Blue Mountain is responsible for design, development and support for its various enforcement database management systems, as well as all case tracking and customer service inquiry systems. Blue Mountain also provides IT security services to the EBSA, in the form of FISMA Assessment and Authorization, System Security Plans, Risk and vulnerability assessments, monitoring and investigation support.
  89. 89. IT Security | Cybersecurity
  90. 90. IT Security | Cybersecurity INSIGHT: Why State and Local Government Still Struggle with Cybersecurity. State and local governments are struggling to deal with a number of cybersecurity threats. Tight budgets, lack of talent in the workforce and the constantly evolving nature of threats are a few reasons why the challenge is mounting. But cybersecurity cannot go neglected. State and local agencies store massive amounts of sensitive constituent data such as Social Security numbers, health care records and driver license numbers. And without a secure infrastructure, the public transportation systems, electric grids and water plants powering our nation’s cities remain vulnerable. Read more [GCN.COM] FYI: New Framework Defines Cyber Security Workforce Needs. Both the federal government and its contractors are locked in a battle for talent with commercial providers, each vying for the best personnel in critical areas of cybersecurity, and each dealing with a shortage of available talent. Read the rest [GOVTECHWORKS.COM]
  91. 91. IT Security | Cybersecurity OPINION: We’re Thinking about Cybersecurity All Wrong. Obama’s former cyber advisor, Michael Daniel, on how we need to overhaul the way we manage the new “tool for statecraft.” Find out more [TECHNOLOGYREVIEW.COM] FEDERAL HIRING: One Easy Thing Your Agency Can Do to Attract More Cybersecurity Talent. Building a well-trained cyber workforce has been a challenge for the federal government, and the first step in that process is finding well-qualified candidates to fill the positions. Laura Bate, senior programming associate for New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative, said there are several factors that make that the case, but agencies do have options to overcome the obstacles. Read more [FEDERALNEWSRADIO.COM]
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  97. 97. From the Blue Mountain Data Systems Blog People-Centric Security Pentagon Tries BYOD To Strike Work/Life Balance Open Source Model Considered for MS Windows Open Internet: To Be or Not to Be?
  98. 98. From the Blue Mountain Data Systems Blog Malware Stays A Step Ahead Infecting One Third of Websites websites/ Machine-Generated Data: Potential Goldmine for the CIO cio/ Government Legacy Programs: Reuse vs. Replacement It Takes a Whole Village to Protect Networks and Systems systems/
  99. 99. From the Blue Mountain Data Systems Blog Governance For the CIO Help Desk Consolidation – Lessons Learned One Year Later, Companies Still Vulnerable to Heartbleed heartbleed/ Federal Projects Cultivate Worker Passion
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