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Tech Update Summary from Blue Mountain Data Systems February 2016

  1. Tech Update Summary February 2016 Blue Mountain Data Systems
  2. For CTOs, CIOs & CISOs Visit Blue Mountain Data Systems
  3. For CTOs, CIOs & CISOs Every business day, we publish a Daily Tech Update for Federal & State CTOs ,CIOs & CISOs on the Blue Mountain Data Systems Blog. We hope you will visit our blog for the latest information. You can also receive these updates via email. Click here to subscribe. Here’s the summary of the Daily Tech Updates for February 2016. Hope the information and ideas prove useful. Best, Paul Vesely President and Principal Architect Blue Mountain Data Systems Inc.
  4. Databases
  5. Databases & Storage NoSQL: A Primer on Open-Source NoSQL Databases. A beginner’s guide to the different flavors of NoSQL databases, including key-value, document-oriented, graph, and column-oriented databases. Read more [DZONE.COM] OPEN SOURCE: 16 Open Source Big Data Databases. The databases and data warehouses you’ll find on this list are the true workhorses of the Big Data world. They hold and help manage the vast reservoirs of structured and unstructured data that make it possible to mine for insight with Big Data. Read more [DATAMATION.COM] SHAREPOINT: Shrinking An Already Ginormous SharePoint Database Transaction Log. What do you do when you can’t avoid huge transaction logs in SharePoint and your files are too large? Read more [COMPUTERWORLD.COM]
  6. Databases & Storage OPEN SOURCE FOR GOVT AGENCIES: Bringing Open Source to Government Agencies. Although the American economy has stabilized, Capitol Hill is still closely examining the spending and budgets of government agencies with an eye toward program cuts wherever possible. With this in mind, government CIOs are always on the lookout for ways to centralize and optimize their existing technology to fit into new budget requirements, and are looking to open source to enhance innovation while reducing costs. In fact, open-source technologies have become a high priority for government agencies as they look to rein in spending while delivering high performing, secure, flexible, and scalable solutions for government IT groups. Read the rest [DATA-INFORMED.COM]
  7. Databases & Storage ORACLE: Despite the Rise of Open Source, Oracle Was 2015’s Fastest-Growing Database. It’s far too early to count Oracle out of the database wars. According to a new report from DB-Engines, a site that tracks the popularity of database technologies, Oracle was not only the most widely used and discussed database in the world in 2015, it was also saw the most growth in those areas last year as well, at least by one metric. Read more [WIRED.COM]
  8. Databases & Storage PRIVATE BLOCK CHAINS: Why Private Blockchains Will Not Replace Relational Databases (yet). While blockchain technology carries the same sizzle as cloud technology did a few years ago, its current usefulness may be more limited than many expect. Businesses eager to appear on the bleeding edge have entered the second stage of DeRose’s law: They are experimenting with private, proprietary implementations of blockchains and want to “blockchain all of the things.” However, in many cases, blockchains are not any faster, safer, cheaper, or easier to use than a properly architected, administered, and secured relational database. Read more [UPSTART.BIZJOURNALS.COM]
  9. Databases & Storage NoSQL: NoSQL Databases – 4 Game-Changing Use Cases. Sure, you’ve heard about NoSQL, but is it just another technology fad that’s all hype? What can you actually do with a NoSQL database? With the performance and scalability that NoSQL offers, the only limit is your imagination. Read more [SMARTDATACOLLECTIVE.COM] SQL SERVER 2005: What You Need to Know as SQL Server 2005 Fades Away. On April 12, 2016, Microsoft will end support for the 2005 version of the venerable database server, which means no more upgrades or security patches. IT directors who haven’t already upgraded face the possibility of a costly migration from the decade-old technology. There’s still time to plot your upgrade strategy before Microsoft ceases support.Read more [STATETECHMAGAZINE.COM]
  10. More About Blue Mountain BLUE MOUNTAIN DATA SYSTEMS HAS THE EXPERIENCE: 1994 to Present – U.S. Dept. of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration. Responsible to the Office of Technology and Information Systems for information systems architecture, planning, applications development, networking, administration and IT security, supporting the enforcement of Title I of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act — ERISA. Within the EBSA, Blue Mountain is responsible for design, development and support for its various enforcement database management systems, as well as all case tracking and customer service inquiry systems. Blue Mountain also provides IT security services to the EBSA, in the form of FISMA Assessment and Authorization, System Security Plans, Risk and vulnerability assessments, monitoring and investigation support. Read more.
  11. Security Patches
  12. Security Patches ANDROID SECURITY: Google Kills Remote Hacker Bug, Patches Seven Critical Flaws. Google has fixed seven critical security vulnerabilities in its February Android update for Nexus devices. Read more [ZDNET.COM] ORACLE: Oracle Releases a Record 248 Security Patches for Multiple Products: Security news IT leaders need to know. Read more [BUSINESS.FINANCIALPOST.COM]
  13. Security Patches MICROSOFT: Microsoft Patches Six Critical Security Flaws Affecting Windows, Office. Microsoft said Tuesday as part of its its monthly security bulletin that all Windows users should patch their systems to prevent attackers from exploiting at least two critical flaws. The first two critical patches fix a number of security vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge respectively. The most serious flaw (MS16-001) affecting Internet Explorer could allow an attacker to remotely execute code by tricking a user into visiting a specially-crafted webpage. The attacker would gain the same user rights as the current user, which puts administrators at a greater risk. Read more [ZDNET.COM]
  14. Application Development
  15. Application Development AGILE SECURITY: How Policy Can Enhance, Rather Than Hinder, Breach Detection. With the recent attacks on U.S. organizations in the commercial and public sectors, many companies have asserted they have done everything in their power to prevent further incidents. Most of these claims are tied to adherence to regulatory compliance. In theory, security policies put standards in place to protect organizations, stakeholders, and users. But in practice, security policy often becomes a distraction, forcing organizations to focus on satisfying the demands of a governing body or an auditor, rather than addressing real threats. Behaviorally, organizations become more concerned with meeting these standards than protecting the business. Read more [INFOQ.COM]
  16. Application Development SOFTWARE: Bimodal IT – Best Of Both Worlds For Large Enterprises. Managing two separate modes of IT delivery, one focused on stability and the other on agility, can be critical for IT success — if the company is large enough. Read more [INFORMATIONWEEK.COM] MOBILE: Key Business and Process-related Mistakes in Mobile Application Development. How do you add staying power to an app? More precisely, when you’re developing a new app, what should you avoid? What are the common mistakes? Most app slip-ups fall into one of two categories: process-related mistakes and business-related mistakes. Read more [DEVELOPER-TECH.COM]
  17. Application Development AGILE CLOUD: IBM Aims To Make Enterprises Agile With Cloud Data Service. IBM says its new “Open for data” slogan encompasses a slew of new cloud data services and analytics offerings designed to make it easy for enterprises to quickly get started with big data in the cloud, even if their workloads require secure on- premises implementations. Read more [INFORMATIONWEEK.COM] ADOBE: Rolls Out New Enterprise App Creation Service. The Experience Manager Mobile service can help business users without a lot of coding know-how to build professional-looking apps. Find out more [INFOWORLD.COM]
  18. Application Development CIOs: Why CIOs Need to Plan for API Deprecation. As the strategic value of APIs continue to grow, so do the risks associated with the common act of updating or retiring them. Read more [CIO.COM] STACKS: Beware of One-Click, Fuss-Free Application Stacks. Prebuilt stacks offer a handy shortcut, but sometimes the shortcut leads to a longer journey. Read more [INFOWORLD.COM] QUESTION: How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom App? Thanks to advances in app-building technology and a changing mindset, the answer may surprise you. Read more [CIO.COM]
  19. Application Development TRENDS 2016: 3 Trends That Will Shake Up App Development in 2016. With the number of apps and mobile users projected to increase exponentially, developers who create the most advanced technology fastest will gain the competitive edge needed to stand out amongst competition. Read the rest [INFORMATION-AGE.COM] HYBRID APPS: Web Standards Evolution Drives Hybrid Apps: IDC Study. Progress in the Web platform standards such as HTML5 and in the latest versions of iOS and Android has made Web languages and tools more viable for a greater swath of enterprise apps, according to a recent IDC study. In a report titled “The Evolving State of Mobile Software Development,” IDC analyst Al Hilwa says Web platform technologies now occupy an “ever-larger footprint” inside of many third-party cross-platform mobile platforms. Read more [EWEEK.COM]
  20. Application Development AGILE: Why One Real Estate CIO is Sold on Agile. A part of a plan to increase business value, Marcus & Millichap is embracing agile software development as it plans to refresh or replace several applications in 2016, says CIO Ken Sayward. Read more [CIO.COM] HEALTH TECH: Sending Medicaid to the Cloud. The Wyoming state government already has considerable experience with cloud-based services. It uses Google Apps for Government, NEOGOV for human resources and is looking at for customer relationship management. But as its Department of Health prepares to issue an RFP to replace its Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS), all eyes in the Medicaid IT sector are on Wyoming because it will be the first time a state has tried to move away from an expensive custom- developed system to an MMIS-as-a-service approach. Read more [GOVTECH.COM]
  21. Electronic Document Management
  22. Electronic Document Management 2016 TRENDS: 8 Tech Trends Changing How We Work In 2016. People value the flexibility to work from anywhere, any time, on any device, and have come to expect this user experience. What does this mean for the business? Greater complexity to support the end user experience in a secure way. However, the benefits to the business when they support mobile workspaces and workplace of the future are typically substantial. Here are some key trends that organizations need to consider and prepare for as the workforce of the future is at their doorsteps today. Read more [FORBES.COM] GOVT TECH 2016: 3 Government Tech Trends to Watch in 2016. Legislation under the U.S. Patriot Act and Government Paper Elimination Act, as well as recent programs such as the Affordable Healthcare Act, have legalized electronic signature applications and made the use of digital document management systems not only available, but a requirement in some cases. Read more [NEXTGOV.COM]
  23. Electronic Document Management INTEGRATORS: Document Overload. Just like the security market, the language services industry is undergoing major technology advances. Manual processes are more a thing of the past. Quality localization is as much about the varying cultures and languages as it is about data mining and document management systems. There are three major categories of work that must be completed when going global. Read more [SECURITYINFOWATCH.COM] PHARMA: Streamlining the Regulatory Review Process in Pharma: The Upcoming Transition to Electronic Common Technical Documents. For pharmaceutical companies, filing Common Technical Documents (CTDs) is a critical aspect to the regulatory approval process. Historically, this process has been paper-centric until recently. Read about a recent collaborative effort between West Pharmaceutical Services, FDA, Health Canada and others to establish a process and protocol for filing CTDs electronically, which will likely become common practice as early as 2017. Read more [RAPS.ORG]
  24. Big Data
  25. Big Data BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Transforming An Antiquated Business Intelligence Process. The personal story of how one executive transformed an unused business intelligence system. Find out more [INFORMATIONWEEK.COM] APACHE: Apache Arrow Aims to Speed Access to Big Data. Apache’s new project leverages columnar storage to speed data access not only for Hadoop but potentially for every language and project with big data needs. Read more [INFOWORLD.COM] DATA SECURITY: Comparing the Top Big Data Security Analytics Tools. Expert Dan Sullivan compares how the top-rated big data security analytics tools measure up against each other to help you select the right one for your organization. Read more [SEARCHSECURITY.TECHTARGET.COM]
  26. Big Data MEDICAL: How Big Data Is Transforming Medicine. In order to safeguard participants and improve reliability, clinical trials have to meet rigorous scientific standards. However, that’s not to say there is no risk of methodological flaws, or that the small-ish populations used in clinical trials always generalize well outside of a particular study. This is where big data can help. By mining the world of practice- based clinical data—i.e. actual patient records—for information on who has what condition and what treatments are working, we could learn a lot about the way we care for individuals. Read more [FORBES.COM]
  27. Project Management
  28. Project Management PROJECT MANAGERS: Project Managers Are Great Change Managers Too. Driving transformational change can seem like an insurmountable challenge. But you may already have more resources at your disposal than you think. Read more [MANAGERS.ORG.UK] BEST PRACTICES: 5 Reasons You Didn’t Get That Last Project Management Job. You wanted a job or tried for a career move that didn’t happen. Here are five top reasons why you maybe didn’t land the position. Read more [CIO.COM]
  29. Project Management THE CLOUD: Managing Projects in the Cloud. Technology is moving to the cloud. We no longer use our precious SSD space to store the pictures from our recent holidays. Our personal files are located on Dropbox, Google Drive or any other storage or sharing service. This not only helps in keeping the files safe from the hardware malfunctions, but also assists in sharing the data with our networks. Besides these obvious incentives there are a growing number of reasons to use cloud-based project management. Read more [SMARTDATACOLLECTIVE.COM] cURL: How to cURL the JIRA Project Management API. The cURL project is the cross- browser command line utility for transferring files using various protocols. The project consists of two products; curl is the CLU for sending or receiving files using URL syntax; libcurl is the client-side URL transfer library that supports a range of protocols, including FTP, IMAP, SMTP and HTTPS, among many others. Learn more [PROGRAMMABLEWEB.COM]
  30. Open Source
  31. Open Source CYBERSECURITY: U.S. Cyber Effort Targets Open Source Software. A growing list of cyber attacks targeting U.S. government employees has prompted the Obama administration to launch a high-profile cyber security effort that among others things will target Internet “utilities” such as open source software. Read the rest [ENTERPRISETECH.COM] SAN FRANCISCO: Prepares to Open Source Its Voting System Software. Will it be the first in the nation to do so in 2019? The proposal to adopt a solution in time for the end of the current contract on January 1, 2017 reappeared at the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday when Supervisor Scott Wiener called for a hearing on how the city is progressing with the plan to use standard hardware and open-source software to carry out future balloting. Read more [THEREGISTER.CO.UK]
  32. Open Source SECURITY: New Bill Aims to Stop State-Level Decryption Before It Starts. Over the last several months, local legislators have embarked on a curious quest to ban encryption at a state level. For a litany of reasons, this makes no sense. And now, a new bill in Congress will attempt to stop the inanity before it becomes a trend. Read more [WIRED.COM] VERIFIED GOVT SOCIAL MEDIA: Feds Launch Social Media Verification Registry. Called the U.S. Digital Registry, the effort aims to provide much-needed verification not only for agencies’ social media accounts, but also for their third-party sites and apps. Read more [GOVTECH.COM]
  33. Network Systems
  34. Network Systems ETHERNET: 25 Gigabit Ethernet Forges a Path Forward. Since 2014, large network players such as Brocade, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft have been working to develop a standard for 25 Gigabit Ethernet. According to experts, 2016 will be the year the technology finally makes its way into large data centers. Read more [STATETECHMAGAZINE.COM] INCIDENT RESPONSE: How Incident Response Fails In Industrial Control System Networks. Experts say a solid incident response plan is the best way to minimize the damage of a cyberattack–but IR isn’t so simple for the ICS/SCADA world. Read more [DARKREADING.COM]
  35. For the CTO, CIO & CISO
  36. For the CTO, CIO & CISO CIO: Why Change Initiatives Fail. Creating the right conditions for successful change requires putting people before things. Many companies want to change and transform (especially when facing digital disruption from competitors). Yet a majority of change efforts fail – one famous and oft-cited study pegged the rate of failure at 70%. Read more [CIO.COM] CTO: Maker Movement at Center of HHS’ Innovative Strategy. Like the emergence of open health data movement, CTO Susannah Fox sees the maker and inventor movements as the future of innovation around health care at HHS. .Read more [FEDSCOOP.COM]
  37. For the CTO, CIO & CISO CISO: Survey Roundup: Feeling Better With a CISO. A survey of around 200 security analysts by ThreatTrack Security found, for those organizations that have a chief information security officer, 23% said it’s become easier to defend against malware-based cyberattacks in the past year versus 15% of respondents from companies without a CISO who said that. Ninety-four percent of those at a company with a CISO said they also have a dedicated incident response team, compared with 48% for those at a business without a CISO. And 71% at CISO companies said they would personally guarantee the safety of customer data in 2016, versus 42% of those at a non-CISO firm who would make that promise. Read more [BLOGS.WSJ.COM]
  38. For the CTO, CIO & CISO CIO: How to Conquer Recruiting, Retention and IT Skills Challenges. Experts in the technology industry look at the year ahead and what it holds for recruitment and retention. They also identify what tech skills will top the charts. Read the rest [CIO.COM] CTO: ‘Corporate’ IT Teams Can Hamper Agile Projects, Warns William Hill CTO. “Corporate” IT teams who try to use agile within their organisations without notifying other departments are more likely to hamper “agile” as a concept, than those organisations that try to carry out too many agile projects, according to Finnbar Joy, chief technology officer at William Hill. Read more [COMPUTING.CO.UK]
  39. For the CTO, CIO & CISO CISO: Obama Wants More Cybersecurity Funding and a Federal CISO. In the final budget of the Obama administration, the White House is looking to boost spending on security, hire more experts and partner with the private sector. Read more [CIO.COM] GOVERNMENT CIO: Senate Passes Permanent Ban on Internet Access Taxes. The ban on taxes targeting Internet services now heads to Obama. The Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act was included in a trade enforcement bill passed by senators in a 75-20 vote Thursday. The provision, passed by the House of Representatives last June, would permanently extend a 18-year moratorium on Internet-targeted taxes that expired in October. Congress had extended the moratorium several times since 1998, but supporters weren’t able to pass a permanent ban until now. Read more [CIO.COM]
  40. Incident Response
  41. Incident Response NETWORKS: The Incident Response “Fab Five”. CISOs should consider and coordinate incident detection and response in five areas: hosts, networks, threat intelligence, user behavior monitoring, and process automation. Read more [NETWORKWORLD.COM] FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: Incident Response in the Spotlight. The White House is devising a plan specifying federal agencies’ responsibilities in the event of a crippling cyberattack, which could be released as an executive order or presidential directive in the next few months, MC has learned. The guidance will address the federal response to a cyberattack against “critical infrastructure,” including power plants, chemical facilities, banks and telecommunications providers, according to industry officials. The goal is to ensure agencies are focused on chasing hackers out of compromised systems rather than figuring out who to call or talking to lawyers. Read more [POLITICO.COM]
  42. Incident Response OPINION: A Breach is Coming — Is Your Agency Ready? Advanced threats are spreading at an alarming rate, putting agency data at risk and making attacks almost inevitable. In July, the Government Accountability Office reported that information security incidents involving federal agencies skyrocketed from 5,503 in fiscal 2006 to 67,168 in fiscal 2014. Read more [FCW.COM] VICTIMS OR VILLAINS: Intelligent Incident Response Can Save the Day. We all know the lessons of nursery school tales: don’t lie, don’t steal, and play nice with others. The data breach morality tale is a bit more complicated. When you find out someone is stealing from you: don’t lie, act quickly, and be nice even when everyone’s mad at you. If you get defensive or try to be sneaky, you’ll go from victim to villain in the swipe of a headline. Data breaches are happening with greater frequency, and are compromising larger volumes of data, than ever before. Read more [INFOSECURITY-MAGAZINE.COM]
  43. Operating Systems
  44. Operating Systems NETWORK SECURITY: Juniper Will Repatch Its Netscreen Operating System. Company says there’s nothing wrong with the current patch, but redoing it will make ScreenOS more robust. Read more [NETWORKWORLD.COM] THOUGHT LEADER ON LINUX… AND MORE: Why Linux Is Still Better Than Windows 10. Why one writer dumped Windows and switched to Linux 13 years ago, and Amazon wants its Android OEMs to integrate its services into their phones. Read more [INFOWORLD.COM]
  45. Operating Systems APPLE: Safari Suggestions Bug Causes Browser Crashes in iOS and OS X. A server-side problem with the Safari Suggestions feature in recent versions of iOS and OS X appears to be causing Safari to crash and hang for some users. Developer Steve Troughton- Smith helped to identify the issue overnight, though it has also been discussed in a pair of Reddit threads in the Apple subreddit. The problem appears to be causing hanging and strange behavior in OS X and outright crashes in iOS. Going to Settings > Safari in iOS (or to the Safari Preferences and then the Search tab in OS X) and disabling the Safari Suggestions feature appears to fix the problem, or you could try using another browser. Read more [ARSTECHNICA.COM] MOBILE: 5 Gmail App Alternatives for Android. For most Android users the stock Gmail or Email apps on smartphones and tablets is plenty. They have enough features or functionality to complete most daily tasks. But…not everyone wants to use Gmail. Here’s a list of five or so great Email app alternatives for Android. Read more [GOTTABEMOBILE.COM]
  46. Programming & Scripting Development Client & Server-Side
  47. Programming & Scripting Development Client & Server-Side TRENDS: Programming Trends To Look For This Year. There has never been a more exciting time for technologists and developers worldwide. The number of active development languages and frameworks, as well as development tools and learning avenues, continues to soar. Despite all these resources at our fingertips (or perhaps because of this abundance), it may not be obvious where industry trends are leading us. Here is what to look out for in programming trends over the next year. Read more [TECHCRUNCH.COM] FISH: A Better Alternative to Bash in Linux? Bash is a fantastic tool in Linux, but there’s room for improvement in everything. Fish is an alternative shell for Linux that some might consider to be a significant upgrade to what Bash has to offer. Read more [INFOWORLD.COM]
  48. Programming & Scripting Development Client & Server-Side PROGRAMMING FONT: ‘Operator’ Font Designed To Make Coding Easier. The idea is to put an emphasis on how certain characters appear in a programming environment. While many of us bristle at the sight of Comic Sans, coders have an altogether different view of typefaces and how they’re presented. Thus, Operator Mono, the new font from one of the highest-regarded typeface-creators that was forged to make life easier for the folks who build the websites you visit. “In developing Operator, we found ourselves talking about Javascript and CSS,” founder Jonathan Hoefler writes. While the blog post about typography and font faces can come off as a bit pretentious, it’s clear that the team paid attention to how the likes of brackets, commas and semicolons are spaced and how they appear in back-end coding environments. Read more [ENGADGET.COM]
  49. Programming & Scripting Development Client & Server-Side JAVA: Reactive Programming by Example: Hands-On with RxJava and Reactor. Here’s a one-stop-shop introduction to the world of reactive programming. What “reactive” means and why it matters. Learn about Reactive Streams and Reactive Extensions and the emerging ecosystem around them. Get a sense for what going reactive means for the programming model. See lots of hands-on demos introducing the basic concepts in composition libraries using RxJava and Reactor. Read more [DZONE.COM] JAVASCRIPT: JavaScript, Scaling and Microservices – a Team That Can’t Be Beaten. Today it’s all about scalability. An app capable of swiftly adapting to growing user numbers is most likely to become one of the front runners of the app game. How is JavaScript doing in this field? According to Johann-Peter Hartmann: “Historically, the involvement of JavaScript in this field happened purely by mistake.” Find out more [JAXENTER.COM]
  50. Programming & Scripting Development Client & Server-Side SECURITY PATCHES: Critical Fixes Issued for Windows, Java, Flash. Microsoft Windows users and those with Adobe Flash Player or Java installed, it’s time to update again! Microsoft released 13 updates to address some three dozen unique security vulnerabilities. Adobe issued security fixes for its Flash Player software that plugs at least 22 security holes in the widely-used browser component. Meanwhile, Oracle issued an unscheduled security fix for Java, its second security update for Java in as many weeks. Read more [KREBONSECURITY.COM] TYPESCRIPT: Stop Writing Spaghetti Code: Why You Should Use TypeScript. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript created by Microsoft that compiles directly to regular JavaScript to enable JavaScript developers to code with type safety. This is important because coding with type safety allows developers to code more cleanly, resulting in easier maintenance and fewer bugs. Read more [DZONE.COM]
  51. Programming & Scripting Development Client & Server-Side HTML5: Google – Flash Ads Are Finally Going Out, HTML5 Ads Are In. Flash-based ads will no longer be accepted starting January 2, 2017. After taking many steps in this direction, Google announced Tuesday that it will finally stop serving Flash formatted display ads. As of June 30, 2016, advertisers will no longer be able to upload new Flash ads into AdWords or DoubleClick. The final hit will happen on January 2, 2017, when Flash ads will no longer be eligible to run on Google’s ad networks. All display ads are to be built in HTML5. Read more [MARKETINGLAND.COM] IN-DEMAND SKILLS: What Are the Most-Wanted Data Science Skills for 2016? To find the most-wanted data science skills, CrowdFlower analyzed job postings on the business-oriented social media site, LinkedIn. Hadoop, Python, Java, and R round out the top five in-demand skills. Read more [ADTMAG.COM]
  52. Programming & Scripting Development Client & Server-Side JAVA: Developers can dish out tastier Web apps with JSweet. With JSweet, which recently became available via open source, developers can leverage their Java skills to build Web apps in JavaScript. The technology transpiles from Java to TypeScript and, in turn, JavaScript. TypeScript is a Microsoft-built superset that compiles to JavaScript. Read more [INFOWORLD.COM] JAVASCRIPT: Ransom32 – Even JavaScript Can Implement Ransomware. Despite JavaScript living inside the browser’s protected and sandboxed environment, restricted on what it can or not do on the user’s machine, it is still possible for those restrictions to be bypassed upon infection with ‘drive-by download’ malware. Read more [I-PROGRAMMER.INFO]
  53. Programming & Scripting Development Client & Server-Side NEVER TOO EARLY: Fisher-Price Now Has a Toy That Teaches Preschoolers How to Code. When is the ideal time to start your child on the path to a comfortable and mostly satisfying career as a developer? High school? Grade School? Fisher-Price thinks preschoolers should be introduced to the problem solving skills they might one day need to be a great coder. Read more [GIZMODO.COM]
  54. Cloud Computing
  55. Cloud Computing HYBRID: 9 Key Trends in Hybrid Cloud Computing. All three forms of cloud computing – public, private, and hybrid – have undergone considerable evolution since the concepts first gained the attention of IT years ago. Hybrid cloud is the overwhelming favorite form of the cloud, with 88% of firms surveyed rating it as important or critical to their business. The lightning-fast evolution of hybrid cloud means the conventional wisdom of a year or two back is already obsolete. Several industry analysts have some interesting ideas where the hybrid cloud is headed in 2016. Read more [DATAMATION.COM]
  56. Cloud Computing VERIZON: Why Verizon Communications Inc. Killed Two Public Cloud Services. Verizon recently announced that it will shutter two of its public cloud services, Verizon Public Cloud and Reserved Public Cloud services, on April 12. However, the company will keep its on-site Verizon Private Cloud (VPC) and Verizon Cloud Storage services active. Here’s a closer look at Verizon’s frequently overlooked cloud business, and why it’s retreating from the crowded public cloud market. Read more [MOTLEYFOOL.COM] GOOGLE: Google Seeks Most-Flexible Cloud Crown. Google continued to push its cloud as an attractive alternative to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure on Wednesday by making a new, more flexible unit of cloud computing capacity broadly available. Google’s Custom Machine Types, which have been in test mode since November, let the buyer configure computing power with different amounts of processing power and memory to best suit the application at hand. Read more [FORTUNE.COM]
  57. Cloud Computing GOVERNMENT: CenturyLink Launches Government Cloud Service. CenturyLink has announced the addition of a new Government Cloud offering to its hybrid IT services portfolio. The new Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) service is available to federal government agencies and offers cloud colocation and managed hosting services. The service utilizes VMware’s vCloud Governement Services platform. Read more [CEDMAGAZINE.COM]
  58. Cloud Computing ENTERPRISE: Are Enterprises Taking On More Cloud Services Than They Can Handle? Does it make sense to have a lot of clouds doing different things for the enterprise? A recent study suggests enterprises may be taking on more cloud services that they can handle. What is a solid threshold for cloud service adoption? Read more [FORBES.COM] MICROSOFT: Microsoft to Donate Cloud Services Worth $1 Billion Over 3 Years. Microsoft Corp. will donate cloud services worth more than $1 billion to nonprofit groups over the next three years in a bid to “advance the public good” and help solve some of the world’s toughest problems, President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith said. Read more [BLOOMBERG.COM]
  59. Encryption CYBERSECURITY: Privacy Groups Discuss Encryption with White House. White House officials met Dec. 10 with multiple civil liberties groups behind a petition urging the Obama administration to support strong encryption. Administration officials told representatives from the American Civil Liberties Union, the Center for Democracy and Technology, Human Rights Watch, Access Now and New America’s Open Technology Institute that they planned to issue a formal response over the holidays. Read more [FCW.COM]
  60. Encryption FBI: Renews Warnings on Terror and Encryption, With No Clear Solution in Sight. Lawmakers face dueling security concerns as tech companies warn any backdoor access to encrypted data will pave the way for cyber attacks. In the wake of the Paris and San Bernardino terror attacks, a long-simmering debate over the security risks of terrorists using encryption has come to a boil. Speaking before Congress last week, FBI Director James Comey reiterated warnings that popular encrypted communication apps are making it difficult for law enforcement officials to monitor suspected criminals and terrorists. Read more [FASTCOMPANY.COM]
  61. Encryption SSL: Testing Your SSL Encryption Can Provide Important Security Insights. Since the Heartbleed vulnerability of 2014, more IT managers have been concerned about the integrity of their SSL encryption, TLS services and associated supporting code libraries. And while most SSL technology vendors have patched their servers since then, there are still many ways to take advantage of this encryption protocol that you should be aware of. A new series of free SSL server tests from High-Tech Bridge can help highlight any problems and potentially show you what is going on with how you encrypt your Internet traffic. Read more [SECURITYINTELLIGENCE.COM]
  62. Encryption SECURITY: The Government Really Doesn’t Seem to Like Encryption. Cryptographers, civil libertarians, and privacy advocates have spoken loud and clear about how weakening encryption will make online communications and e- commerce more vulnerable (and make tech companies less competitive economically). But the war against crypto rages on in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. Read more [WIRED.COM]
  63. Business Intelligence
  64. Business Intelligence HADOOP: Why Most Business Intelligence Tools Fail the ‘Hadoop Test’. There are now well-known statistical techniques for dimensional reduction (e.g., principal component analysis – PCA) but there is a huge potential for even simpler techniques like automatically pointing out dimensions that correlate well with your KPIs. Read the rest [INFORMATION-MANAGEMENT.COM] GOVT DATA: Is the Government Hoarding Too Much Data? Keeping everything forever is a recipe for inefficiency and waste. Government databases are filled with everything from traffic data to pet-ownership statistics, and many agencies lack the necessary staff and infrastructure to maintain and analyze all of this information. Public-sector data analysts report that they spend 47 percent of their time collecting and organizing data but less than a third of their time actually gleaning actionable insights from it. Read more [GOVTECH.COM]
  65. Business Intelligence COLORADO: Legislators Move to Formalize Open-Data Program in Secretary of State’s Office. Colorado lawmakers are taking steps to formalize a 2-1/2-year-old pilot program that encourages state government agencies to “streamline access to public data” by making datasets available online in machine-readable formats. Read more [COLORADOINDEPENDENT.COM] DATA ANOMALIES: 4 Strategies for Finding and Interpreting Data Anomalies. When people think of a data anomaly, they often think of an error – a random blip outside of the normal scope of things that can be considered but discarded. A data anomaly, to many, is little more than a data defect. In the world of business data intelligence, however, this view is not only usually wrong, but in many cases, it can also be damaging. A data anomaly is often much more than a blip – it’s a signal. Read more [INSIDEBIGDATA.COM]
  66. Business Intelligence SOFTWARE: How the Navy Is Navigating the Move Away from SQL Server 2005. With Microsoft on the eve of shuttering support for SQL Server 2005, agencies are planning and carrying out their exit strategies. Read the rest [FEDTECHMAGAZINE.COM] GOVT DATA: Bringing Innovation into Cyberdefense Technologies. Hackers use innovative thinking when breaching systems, why can’t government? The difference between a hacker and cybersecurity companies is that a hack has no brand, no national loyalty, no secure employment. Hackers immediately use or develop for their purposes the best hacking technology out there. It is this same innovative thinking we must use in approaching our cyber defense technologies. Read more [GOVTECH.COM]
  67. Business Intelligence HADOOP: How Different SQL-on-Hadoop Engines Satisfy BI Workloads. A new benchmark of SQL-on-Hadoop engines Impala, Spark and Hive finds they each have their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to Business Intelligence (BI) workloads. Read more [CIO.COM] DATA: Search-driven Business Intelligence: Intelligence for a Customer-centric Business World. Irrespective of whether a company wants to boost its customer service efforts, intensify the efficiency of its marketing activities, or increase its competitive edge – in a world in which the customer and customer demands are increasingly becoming the focal point of corporate strategic thinking, the “Three Rs” of business success are crucial: the right information to the right person at the right time, as Forrester spells out in a current report. Read more [COMPUTERWEEKLY.COM]
  68. Federal Government
  69. Federal Government AGRICULTURE: Mapping the Big Data Ecosystem of U.S. Agriculture. The Congressional Research Service recently released a report (PDF, 688 kb, 17 pages, January 2016) describing the big data ecosystem for U.S. agriculture. The purpose of the report was to understand the federal government’s role in emerging big data sources and technologies involved in U.S. agriculture. As the report author, Megan Stubbs, points out, there is not even a standard definition of big data. Read more [DIGITALGOV.GOV.COM] NSA: Hacker Chief Explains How to Keep Him Out of Your System. Rob Joyce, the nation’s hacker-in-chief, took up the ironic task of telling a roomful of computer security professionals and academics how to keep people like him and his elite corps out of their systems. Read more [WIRED.COM]
  70. Federal Government FBI: New Technologies Give Government Ample Means to Track Suspects, Study Finds. For more than two years the F.B.I. and intelligence agencies have warned that encrypted communications are creating a “going dark” crisis that will keep them from tracking terrorists and kidnappers. Now, a study in which current and former intelligence officials participated concludes that the warning is wildly overblown, and that a raft of new technologies – like television sets with microphones and web-connected cars – are creating ample opportunities for the government to track suspects, many of them worrying. Read more [NYTIMES.COM]
  71. Federal Government HARDWARE: Lightweight Laptop Headed for Standard Configuration List. The three agencies charged with wrangling federal desktop and laptop computer purchases are closing in on a new lightweight laptop configuration for the current list of baseline computer models. Read more [FCW.COM] MANAGEMENT: How the Clinger-Cohen Act Continues to Ripple Through Federal IT Today. 20 years ago, a single piece of legislation took government technology out of the dark ages. The modern era of federal IT can be traced to one landmark event: the signing of the Clinger-Cohen Act on Feb. 10, 1996. Although they did not know it at the time, the vision then-congressmen William Clinger and William Cohen set forth would guide government technology for more than two decades and lay the groundwork for innovation that continues today. Read more [FEDTECHMAGAZINE.COM]
  72. Federal Government SDx: Is SDx the Model for IT Security? Is this the year when software-defined anything (SDx) becomes the template for federal agency IT security? It’s been knocking at the door for a while, and the spending outlook for government IT in President Barack Obama’s recent budget proposals could finally be the opening it needs. In calling for a 35 percent increase in cybersecurity spending to $19 billion, the White House also proposed a $3.1 billion revolving fund to upgrade legacy IT throughout the government. Venting his frustration, and no doubt that of many others in the administration and Congress, Obama talked about ancient Cobol software running Social Security systems, archaic IRS systems and other old, broken machines and software at federal agencies. Read more [GCN.COM]
  73. IT - State & Local Governments
  74. IT - State & Local Governments CALIFORNIA: Step-by-Step Solution for Its New Child Welfare System. California is dabbling with innovative ways of procuring technology for its new Child Welfare System, transitioning from waterfall procurement to an agile and iterative acquisition that aims to revamp the mammoth system’s services one at a time. Read more [GCN.COM] LOCAL GOVERNMENT DATA: 4 Guidelines for Governments to Ease the Cost and IT Burden of Housing Data. Connected, always on and fully transparent – consumer tech trends are hitting state and local governments hard. Many are moving straight from paper files and other analog solutions to complex technologies and the systems required to support them. Data demands are pushing IT limits in cities, so what can these local governments do to support this deluge of data? Read more [GOVTECH.COM]
  75. IT - State & Local Governments NEW YORK CITY: What to Expect From the NYC Tech Scene in 2016. Yeah, it ain’t Silicon Valley. But why does it have to be? Read more [INC.COM] LOCAL GOVT: Security, Strategic Planning Top Local Government IT Execs’ 2016 Priorities. The Public Technology Institute released its annual poll of local government executives’ key concerns for the year ahead. Read more [STATETECHMAGAZINE.COM]
  76. IT Security | Cybersecurity
  77. IT Security | Cybersecurity HACKING: Federal Government Confirms That It Still Sucks at Cyber Security. A $6 billion security system intended to keep hackers out of computers belonging to federal agencies isn’t living up to expectations, an audit by the Government Accountability Office has found. Read more [CNBC.COM] BANKING: FDIC Warns Banks To Beef Up Cyber Security. Due to the increase in number and sophistication of cyber threats, cyber security has become a critical issue facing the financial services sector. The cyber threat landscape and how financial institutions’ information security programs can be enhanced to address evolving cyber security risks. Learn more about the actions taken by the federal banking agencies in response to the increase in cyber threats. Read more [TECHNEWSWORLD.COM]
  78. IT Security | Cybersecurity OPINION: Enterprise CIOs, Think It’s OK to Ignore SMB Security Holes? The CIOs, IT Directors and CISOs for large companies have enough to worry about without having to take on the mountains of security holes infesting small- and medium-sized businesses around the globe. But a new report shows a direct connection between SMB security flaws and those of their Fortune 1000 neighbors . Read more [COMPUTERWORLD.COM] THREATS: 3 Tips for Selecting Threat Intelligence Services. Threat intelligence software can help state and local governments detect threats more quickly and accurately. IT managers can’t maintain a strong security posture if they’re not aware of the latest attack vectors, which is why organizations are increasingly adding cyberthreat intelligence to their defense arsenals. Read the rest [STATETECHMAGAZINE.COM]
  79. IT Security | Cybersecurity COMODO & FACEBOOK: Comodo Identifies Facebook Malware. Cybersecurity solutions provider Comodo Threat Research Lab has discovered a new malware attack targeted specifically at businesses and consumers that use Facebook (FB). Read more [MSPMENTOR.NET] CIO SECURITY STRATEGY: 10 Stupid Moves That Threaten Your Company’s Security As you walk through the door of your company each morning, you are potentially poised to be the weakest link in your organization’s defense against hackers and malicious attackers. Here are the 10 boneheaded moves you make — often without realizing the security risk. Read more [INFORMATIONWEEK.COM]
  80. IT Security | Cybersecurity NIST: Program Closes in on Solutions to Identity Theft and Fraud. The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace at the National Institute for Standards and Technology is getting closer to possible solutions to identity theft and fraud. NSTIK Director Mike Garcia gives Federal Drive with Tom Temin an update on the program. Read more [FEDERALNEWSRADIO.COM] NETWORK SECURITY: 83 Percent of U.S. IT Security Pros Feel Pressure to Unveil Projects Before They’re Ready. And 65 percent of information security pros expect to feel more pressure in 2016 than they did last year, a recent survey found. Read more [ESECURITYPLANET.COM]
  81. IT Security | Cybersecurity BLACKBERRY: Buys Cyber Security Consultancy; Moves Deeper Into Services. BlackBerry said that it has acquired U.K.-based cyber security consultancy Encription, moving the company deeper into the services business as it continues to morph into a more software-focused entity amid its ongoing turnaround. Read more [REUTERS.COM] WATCH: Top 5 YouTube Videos for IT Security Professionals. Some of the best videos from around the web, designed to help you (and your stakeholders) understand security, and its increasing importance. Read more [COMPUTING.CO.UK]
  82. IT Security | Cybersecurity CALL BLUE MOUNTAIN FOR IT SECURITY SUPPORT: Blue Mountain Data Systems is actively involved in implementing FISMA and NIST standards with Federal Civilian Agencies. Due to our extensive experience in this area, Blue Mountain has developed processes and organizational techniques to help ensure security deliverables are completed on time, and performed in the most efficient manner possible. We ensure that NIST-800-53 control requirements are treated consistently during definition, analysis, implementation, auditing, and reporting phases of a system. Find out more about Blue Mountain Data Systems IT Security Support Services. Call us at 703-502-3416.
  83. Tech Vulnerabilities
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