BMC FootPrints Asset Core Overview


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Proactively manage your client devices with BMC FootPrints and view your assets with savings in mind. BMC FootPrints supports comprehensive, automated IT asset management enabling the discovery, configuration, management and security of IT endpoints to help you control costs, maintain compliance and reduce IT vulnerability and financial risks.

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BMC FootPrints Asset Core Overview

  1. 1. BMC FootPrints Asset CoreOverviewFebruary 2013
  2. 2. BMC FootPrints Asset Core Capabilities Discovery & OS & Software Financial Asset Policy Patch Inventory Application License Management Compliance Management Deployment Management Remote Power Event Device Migration Management Management Management Management Management3© Copyright 2/26/2013 BMC Software, Inc © Copyright 2/26/2013 BMC Software, Inc 3
  3. 3. End-to-End Asset Management Approach Discover and manage IT devices - End-to-end asset management Deploy Software and Manage OS Imaging - Bare metal imaging - Software packaging and deployment Reduce IT risk and exposure - Compliance and security management Control and maximize applications - Intelligent software management Why a circular lifecycle? Manage IT asset investment While a single device has a finite life portfolio span, managing devices for IT is an - Cradle-to-grave financial ongoing and non-stop process. management© Copyright 2/26/2013 BMC Software, Inc 4
  4. 4. Manage IT Risk and Exposure Avoid costly fines for software over-deployment Block access to devices and network with peripheral device control Maintain software version currency reducing options for hackers to exploit Monitor compliance status against pre-defined standards - At-a-glance customized dashboard view of device and software compliance - Out-of-the-box templates - Customizable alerts© Copyright 2/26/2013 BMC Software, Inc 5
  5. 5. Service Anywhere Remote access & troubleshooting via Asset Core console - Multiple sessions supported from a single console - Direct connect – no loss of user productivity - Desktop connect – troubleshooting/helpdesk/ training - Quick, seamless & simple to use - Delegated administration capabilities Manage machines over the Internet without VPN Self-service end user Kiosk for application and policy delivery Integration with BMC FootPrints Service Core© Copyright 2/26/2013 BMC Software, Inc 6
  6. 6. Why customers keep coming back… Intuitive, easy to adopt and use Single agent Module design – adopt technology as you are ready to use it Deployment – by admin, by user, by service desk Service Anywhere Centralizes best-of-breed market technologies through partnerships Flexible and comprehensive – drive as much depth as needed and extend over time© Copyright 2/26/2013 BMC Software, Inc 7
  7. 7. View The Webinar Get a free BMC Recording: FootPrints Trial: https://bmc.webe http://www.numa p?AT=pb&SP=EC&r mc/footprints/test ID=44257847&rKe -drive/ y=d38205ca01924 6fd© Copyright 2/26/2013 BMC Software, Inc 8
  8. 8. Learn more at© Copyright 2/26/2013 BMC Software, Inc 9