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Re discuss yourself


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A visual sign of the Social Networks's reality.

Published in: Lifestyle
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Re discuss yourself

  1. 1. The Facebook case: Which of these, isYour item?
  2. 2. The Facebook case, as many other Social Network, is a pic of nowaday Social scene. More, after this, a pic about INTERIOR REALITY of thethe users. From one hand, it seems ( better: visible appearence is manipulated) ALL BEAUTIFUL, ALL GOOD, all like Alice in Wonderland…till the moment, when the user got do the counts, with himself. The actual social scene reflects a mental suffering generated by the social conditioning. Human resources, very poors nd simples. The most relevant aspect of the Internet’s Social, is THE ATTENTION’S NEEDS of , about, every user. Fragility, Lonelyness,few capability of to create a own identity armonized with the mass. And..and..and… ( in the middle, nd on the other side, Internet GROWS!..)
  3. 3. RE - DISCUSS YOURSELF A Barbara Llabidi ‘s creation A Barbara Llabidi property Italy 2015