Trends in Learning - BLI Learning Leaders Symposium


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Trends in Learning - BLI Learning Leaders Symposium

  1. 1. THE NEXUS OF MOBILE AND SOCIAL TECHNOLOGY IN TRAINING Presented by Vinay Nilakantan – Director of Product Development and Research, Meridian Knowledge Solutions, LLC
  2. 2. The Impact of Mobile • By 2015, 80% of people accessing the Internet will be doing so from mobile devices. • Perhaps more important for training, Internet capable mobile devices will outnumber computers within the next year • The ability for this shift in access to take place is driven by three main factors: • Increased number of mobile devices • Dynamic web content • Increased network infrastructure to support high bandwidth content * Statistics provided by The Horizon Report – 2011 Edition
  3. 3. Mobile Usage
  4. 4. Social Footprint • The Facebook generation • Everything to go, please • The power of the “crowd” • Everyone is invited • Stay on your toes (Spotify vs. MOG) • Recognize the power of this • The new outreach for companies • And here comes big data…
  5. 5. The Mobile Connect • Mobile powerhouses • iPads for everyone • Networking between all devices • 2G. 3G. 4G. 4G LTE. • The mobile device replaces the wallet • Heavy social usage through the mobile device • Voice!
  6. 6. The intersection of training • Byte sized learning or “crumb” learning is optimized through a social experience. • Creating “channels” where users can subscribe to subject matter experts • Peer networking through Learning Management Systems or Portals • Corporate training announcements through mobile and social • On the job checklists for real time evaluations • Disconnected Learning – Creating more training opportunities • Peer scoring and recognition through Performance Management support
  7. 7. Mobile, Social, Global – Some examples • You get assigned for some Required Training / compliance training and a message will show up in your iPhone notification bar that you have one training item to complete. • If a forum post that you started gets a response, you get notified of that and also allows you to update that forum post through a twitter like (128 word capacity) message. And then keep getting updates to that. • Get real time stats on a mini dashboard on your mobile device that indicates what courses are the most popular through a ranking system. • If you access a course, through a single click, broadcast that to either Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to share with your social network the event of you taking that course. • Perform a search on the organization’s wiki / knowledge base to find quick answers to questions. • Rate courses and content to influence others who might be interested in that same content.
  8. 8. Changes!
  9. 9. Here are some examples… Courtesy KPCD – Internet Trends, D10
  10. 10. CPA2Biz – The Learning Management Solution
  11. 11. CPA2Biz - Meridian
  12. 12. The benefits of the proposition Conferences Self Study On Demand Subscriptions Webcasts
  13. 13. Navigation
  14. 14. Business Results - Qualitative • Post launch satisfaction survey results (Sept 2011) o 83% overall satisfaction rating o 77% “easy” rating on catalog search/browse o 89% Average to Very Fast performance rating o 89% rated 3 or higher on meeting professional needs (out of 5) • Customer Feedback o “Easier navigation. More polished design” o “Streamlined. Easy to follow” o “Faster” (from multiple users) o “Seems to do everything that the old platform did” o “I love the ability to download transcripts….”
  15. 15. Business Results - Quantitative • Revenue Performance (Year to Year) o Customer base up 50% o OnDemand revenue up 60% o Webcast revenue up 50% o Co-Branded customers up 25% • Technology Performance o On track to deliver over 500K course completions in year 1 o Peak concurrent course completions exceeded 600 per hour o System availability currently averaging 99.9% uptime o Current course catalog exceeds 1500 titles o Over 3M course transcripts (migrated and new)
  16. 16. Results • Create a completely simplified experience for the user • Streamline the User Interface experience to be familiar • Do not rely purely on traditional training • Social. Mobile. Global – The nexus of training • Allow for members to experience a localized experience • Make use of “dead zones” • Create a domain experience • Recommendation Engine • Internationalization • Dynamic Reporting capabilities
  17. 17. Thank you. For any questions, please contact Vinay Nilakantan at