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People With Small Feet


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As part of our eco-island series, Maureen Wilson of red Ballon Marketing, discusses how environmental issues are affecting businesses behaviour and attitude

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People With Small Feet

  1. 1. Maureen Willson Red Balloon Marketing People with Small Feet
  2. 2. Survival - keep marketing £££££££££
  3. 3. Evidence of change in attitude and behaviour Environment, transport, waste and recycling • 75% population believe that recycling, reduction in use of car/aeroplane travel will impact on climate change • Recycling of paper,glass and plastic has almost doubled since 2001 • Environment is a top Government priority • 72% are now using Energy efficient light bulbs against 16% in 1993
  4. 4. Defra Statistics Continued Attitudes to eco-friendly purchasing • 52% recognised companies with environmental ethics • An effort to buy from local producers • Fair Trade products were the best known ’brand’ • Biodiversity and farm animal welfare awareness has increased substantially • 2008 DEFRA behavioural research • df/behaviours-jan08-report.pdf
  5. 5. Personal Values - Business ethos • Personal Transport • Homes Energy • Homes Waste • Homes water • Conscious Eco-product purchase Our ‘green’ behaviours!
  6. 6. Anita Roddick – Body Shop
  7. 7. What did she stand for? Our Values and Campaigns • The way we do business, the way we make products, the way we source ingredients; we're different because of our Values. • Our Values • We believe business can be both profitable and responsible. This is the place to find out how we're different. Our Campaigns • We believe we all have a responsibility to look after each other. This is the place to find out how we stand up for others, and how you can do it too.
  8. 8. Marketing issues or business ethos? • What aspects of your business ethos contribute to your green credentials? • Consider your 2 most important business/marketing issues – on your marketing plan! • Identify a company or individual that you believe promotes the values that you would like to
  9. 9. Shades of Green How green is your business ? Your values Impact (examples) Business Ethos or statement Company Image Management/staff Recruitment and retention improves Environmental Policies Recycle, Waste Management, resources Business processes Use fuel efficient delivery vehicles Production processes No animal testing Buying Policy Fair trade only (if applicable) Marketing To like minded people Legislation/procurement You are ready for the inevitable future Home versus business principles The 2 are intrinsically linked
  10. 10. Eco Island Vision "We want the Isle of Wight to become a world renowned Eco-Island, with a thriving economy, a real sense of pride and where residents and visitors enjoy healthy lives, feel safe and are treated with respect."
  11. 11. Know your audience • Lives • Works • Visits • Invests
  12. 12. Sustainability grows from Green Credentials
  13. 13. Business and community benefit Beware the cynic !
  14. 14. Words of wisdom! • What’s in it for me? • Brutal simplicity • So what factor! • People only buy benefits
  15. 15. Will these Green credentials help? • Carbon footprint • Food miles • Sustainability • Life work balance • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) • Green credentials
  16. 16. Guide to Sustainable Tourism for Dummies ® • Content includes a wide range of practical solutions in areas such as: • top ten energy saving tips • recycling and composting • improving water efficiency • reducing packaging • finding local suppliers • encouraging customers to act sustainably • promoting your green credentials •
  17. 17. ?? Look at our household names…….. - they are making sure customers understand the benefits of buying their products
  18. 18. Just Innocent!
  19. 19. What does marketing mean to your business?
  20. 20. Starting an ethical business…… What households spend on green products The tide is definitely changing and there are opportunities for those who are interested in being part of the new movement. However, it’s no longer a niche market •M&S’s ‘No Plan B’ •Toyota’s ‘Follow the bandwagon’ advertising for the Prius and •Café Direct’s Fairtrade Coffee brand being encroached by Nestle’s own ‘Fairly traded coffee’... ...are just a few examples of how big brands have seen the light (and the consumer £s) and started to change the positioning of their products. The question is how much good? How can you start a business which, until recently, was the bastion of social entrepreneurs and is now part of the marketing plans of multinationals that can outspend the smaller guy?
  21. 21. As part of their 'lightbulb amnesty' B&Q are giving away 2 free energy saving light bulbs to each customer who brings in a 'traditional' light bulb for recycling this weekend.
  22. 22. What do people buy?
  23. 23. Ethical Money - Ethical Money Guides Our range of guides will help you find out more about global warming, carbon offsetting, Fairtrade, saving energy, zero carbon homes and much much more. The Co-operative Bank Ecology Building Society Triodos Bank Norwich and Peterborough Building Society The Co-operative Bank – 15 years of making a difference The Co-operative Bank were the first bank in the world to introduce a customer-led Ethical Policy in 1992; and are still the only UK high street bank with a customer-led Ethical Policy. When it comes to making a positive difference, they’re leading.
  24. 24. So can your credentials win you business? Collaborative Marketing Promote your environmental credentials and your approach to a truly sustainable island with the tiniest carbon footprint A small feet endorsement by all businesses
  25. 25. People have small feet on the Isle of Wight