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How To Grow Your Business...whatever the market conditions


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What a day, over 1,000 people through the door.

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How To Grow Your Business...whatever the market conditions

  1. 1. How To Grow Your Business.... ....Whatever The Market Conditions
  2. 2. • Based on research of what the really successful businesses are doing right now. • Simple, low cost, easy-to-implement ideas. • How to get the most from the presentation... Getting ahead of the competition
  3. 3. • Write down your top 3 objectives for the next 3 months (make sure they are measurable). • Produce a cashflow forecast that shows you how you are going to make money. Plan
  4. 4. • Communicate with them – setup a meeting structure. • Let them know how they can contribute to the business’s success. Get more from your staff
  5. 5. • Produce a visual dashboard for your business. • Make sure you know what profit you make on a monthly basis. Know your numbers
  6. 6. • Have a written credit control procedure....and stick to it! • Ask for deposits before you start work. • Reduce your payment terms to ‘7 days’ or ‘by return’ • Negotiate extended payment terms where you can (including with the Inland Revenue). • Monitor the credit-worthiness of your customers: & Manage your cash
  7. 7. • Be clear on your USP – if you are not, go back and ask your customers why they buy from you. Adapt your products/services for today
  8. 8. • Identify the top 5 characteristics of your Ideal Client. • Check that ALL your marketing is targeting your Ideal Client – what do you need to change? • Produce a list of your Dream Clients (the top 10 companies you would love to work with). Review your target market
  9. 9. Be smart with your pricing
  10. 10. • Don’t just discount! Make sure you negotiate properly and always get something in return. • Create different price points for your offering (that are profitable for you at each level). Be smart with your pricing
  11. 11. • Go back to your existing customers and ask them for referrals (be specific if you can)! • Ask them for case studies & testimonials. • Grade your customers and make sure you spend more time with the best ones! • Use the Wow Cross Selling Matrix to identify untapped opportunities within your client base. Use your existing customers
  12. 12. 1 Wow Cross-Selling Matrix
  13. 13. • Print out a list of your existing customers and go down it with a marker pen looking for cross-selling and up- selling opportunities. • Go back through your diary for the last 2 years. Which sales prospects could you phone up today to see if they are ready to buy again? • Produce a list of everyone who has bought from you ever. Who is worth a phone call, or a letter, or e-mail? Immediate opportunities to generate revenue
  14. 14. Don’t leave your marketing to chance
  15. 15. You see the person of your dreams at a party. You approach them and say: “I’m fantastic in bed.” That’s direct marketing Wow’s Marketing Definitions
  16. 16. You see the person of your dreams at a party. You approach them to get their telephone number. The next day you call and say “Hi, I’m fantastic in bed.” That’s telemarketing Wow’s Marketing Definitions
  17. 17. You see the person of your dreams at a party. You buy them a drink, laugh at their jokes all evening, pay for their cab ride home and send them chocolates the next day with a note that says: “By the way, I’m fantastic in bed.” That’s public relations Wow’s Marketing Definitions
  18. 18. You’re at a party and see the person of your dreams . They walk up to you and say: “I hear you’re fantastic in bed” That’s brand recognition! Wow’s Marketing Definitions
  19. 19. Don’t leave your marketing to chance
  20. 20. • Get on and do it! • Discover the other top tips to beat the recession Make it happen!
  21. 21. • Accountancy • Financial Planning • Business Advice • Finance 1 How Wow can help you grow