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Women in business day - your PR and image toolkit


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Your PR and image toolkit

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Women in business day - your PR and image toolkit

  1. 1. Women in business Your PR and image toolkit Menzies Carlton Hotel 19 May 2010
  2. 2. Your PR Toolkit • Meet Julie Ratcliffe
  3. 3. Your PR Toolkit • The Value of PR • Media and Digital PR • Hints and Tips for Stories that Travel • Press Releases – Mini Master Class
  4. 4. The Value of PR • PR defined • Reputation and image • The place of PR in your marketing strategy • Does it work? •How can you put price on it? • Isn’t it very expensive?
  5. 5. Reputation and Image
  6. 6. Media and Digital PR • The challenge to the press • New opportunities in print • The digital age of PR • Online news • Your website! Plus; Blogs,Facebook, Twitter – do or die? • Broadcast media • Video – the next thing
  7. 7. Hints & Tips for Stories that Travel • Get to know your target • People love people •Every picture tells a story •KISS •Ditch that Jargon •Keep to format •Think outside the box
  8. 8. Press releases Mini Master Class
  9. 9. Have a go • Your business has just won an award for being environmentally friendly. • Write to let the local media know about it • 15 minutes
  10. 10. Let’s read the paper • Headline / front-page news • Page leads • NIBs • Letters Page • Feature pages • Special Supplements • Other bits
  11. 11. The basics of a press release • Headline • That first all-important first paragraph • Quote Me! •Contacts and other details •After ‘The End’
  12. 12. If I only had a NIB •News in Brief and that first paragraph •Who, What, Why, When, Where •OR •Play Cluedo for simple stories!
  13. 13. NIBs • PR consultant Julie Ratcliffe is giving a free talk on PR for the small business on Wednesday 19 May at the Carlton Hotel, Bournemouth, starting at 10.15am. Contact Business Link on 0845 0707 747 •Your first paragraph – Have another go!
  14. 14. Other formalities • Your contacts for further information – They MUST be available! • Pictures • Is there a picture opportunity? • Do you have a picture? • Notes to editors – what’s that all about? • Headlines – • a word of caution ...
  15. 15. Ooops!
  16. 16. Where & when to send a press release • Target publications and sources •Don’t forget Deadlines •Work backwards when planning PR • Contacts-use specific where known
  17. 17. Ready to go! • Email is the way today • Don’t put ‘Press Release’ in subject line! • Be brief •Attach the file AND copy it into the body text •Attach a photo •Hit SEND!
  18. 18. Will it or won’t it? • Deadlines – did you keep to this? • Is it newsworthy? •Is it the kind of story this publication uses (Golf mags will only take knitting patterns if it’s a gold club cosy!) •If it’s not time-limiting, it can appear weeks later. •Luck of the draw – who got there first?
  19. 19. If at first you don’t succeed ... • Don’t Panic! • Follow up if you’ve made a contact • Keep sending stories • Good luck!
  20. 20. Any questions?