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IYRE Consultants Breakfast - Keith Wyatt


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Published in: Business, Technology
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IYRE Consultants Breakfast - Keith Wyatt

  1. 1. Keith WyattManaging Director of Eco Projects
  2. 2. Keith WyattHonorary Adviser to the UK Warehouse Association for Energy and the Environmental Matters
  3. 3. Energy and Environmental Projects “No Brainers” “No Budget”
  4. 4. Energy and Environmental Projects £1000s Annual Savings 100,000 kWh Annual Savings 100s tonnes Annual Savings
  5. 5. Energy and Environmental Projects ECA Tax Benefits Carbon Trust Loans and Leases IYRE Grants Vehicles to help close sales and help make projects happen.
  6. 6. Energy and Environmental Projects IYRE Carbon AssessmentSecond opinion re: energy assessment Adds credibility through association