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Carlsberg don't do marketing seminars...


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A walk through a range of opportunities that small businesses can tap in to to increase their marketing activity off-line

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Carlsberg don't do marketing seminars...

  1. 1. Tuesday 1st November, 2011“Carlsberg don’t do marketing seminars, but if they did……” By Dev Chakraborty
  2. 2. CIM Definition Of Marketing The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably
  3. 3. An (Old) Definition Of MarketingThe circus is coming to town! If you paint a sign saying: “Circus coming to the fairgrounds this Sunday” – that‟s Advertising If you paint the sign on the back of an elephant and walk it through town – that‟s a Promotion If the elephant walks through the Mayor‟s flower bed – that‟s Publicity  If you can get the Mayor to laugh about it – that‟s PR  And if you planned the whole thing – that‟s Marketing!!
  4. 4. Marketing TodayIn the modern world, we could add: If you spread the word via your website or blog, or using Facebook and Twitter, perhaps on your iPhone – that‟s Social and Digital Media!
  5. 5. “Marketing is thefine art of finding and keeping customers”
  6. 6. Market ResearchWhat do you think your customers think about you and your business??Find out what they really thinkSWOT analysis Mystery shopper Focus Groups  
  7. 7. Networking
  8. 8.  Should I be here?! BNI, NRG, GIN, Lloyds Bank/FSB, 4N, Business Inspired, Chambers of Commerce.. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail … prepare a memorable 60” presentation Two of you from the same company at the same event? Post event follow-up, evaluate
  9. 9. Business CardsNever leave home without them!
  10. 10. ContinuityQuality vs priceAdd one line on the back of your card: „What I can do for your business‟QR barcode – video testimonial iPhone application – bump
  11. 11. Photos for your websiteTake images from your camera, and tried to use them on your website? Digital cameras produce massive, high- resolution images which will use up all your webspace allowance.They will make your website slow to load, and drain the user‟s bandwidth.Resize your images with Just specify by what percentage you want your images reduced and the site will do the rest. FREE OF CHARGE!
  12. 12. BigStockPhoto is your fast, easy-to-use marketplace for quality stock images It offers over 4 million royalty-free photographs and illustrations from talented photographers and artists around the globe
  13. 13. Get feedback on your websiteBounce rates are one of the biggest problems for web designers. Visitors to your site need to be able to see what it‟s all about in the first 5 seconds – if they can‟t, the chances are that they will leave.Test whether your design is clear and easy to understand: Your website is revealed to volunteers for 5 seconds The community of web designers will give you feedback FREE OF CHARGE!
  14. 14. How others view your websiteDid you know each user sees a slightly different amount of each website? Computers have lots of different screen sizes, and users set up their browsers with a range of toolbars.See how users actually view your website with  Type your website address into the main box, choose the size that you want to investigate, and click „go‟  It launches a new browser that shows your website in the exact size you specified FREE OF CHARGE!
  15. 15. Free Listings Diary date to revisit sites every 6 months
  16. 16. Public Relations
  17. 17.  Know your target market – what do they read? FT or The Sun? Make sure your product or service is ready Don‟t forget local radio Be clear and concise... so what?! A picture speaks a thousand words
  18. 18.  Deadline is king Piggyback national/international stories Always send to a named individual Follow up… polite persistence Explore possibility of a regular feature
  19. 19. Contra DealsBarter, barter, barter! Double or triple your marketing budget without getting your cheque book out Advertising – radio, newspapers, magazines, corporate hospitality, etc. Photography, web design, graphic design, restaurant, training, etc. … virtually any service!
  20. 20. Client ReferralsWord of mouth is the best form of advertising! Let your happy customers spread the word Simple postcard design – referral details on the back £25 M&S voucher, bottle of champagne, petrol voucher, etc.
  21. 21. Who are you? What are you?If your business was a car, what exactly would it be?! Mercedes? Vauxhall? Aston Martin? Kia? A 30-year-old, rusty Capri? Do your staff/customers share your opinion?
  22. 22. Timing  E-newsletters  Mailshots  January 1st : new calendar year = new financial budgets  April 1st : new financial year  Public Sector – use it or lose it!
  23. 23. Set Goals How do you eat an elephant?!  Set manageable goals  If the idea of selling 10,000 widgets a year overwhelms you, think of it as selling 27 widgets a day  Sales – cold calling  Just 5 calls a day = 100 per month = 1,200 per year
  24. 24. Time Management
  25. 25.  What are your time bandits?! Internet surfing, social media, eBay?! E-newsletters….unsubscribe Learn to delegate....outsource ... Emails/social media.....don‟t reply straight away Avoid Vampires!!
  26. 26. “The next 50 years will see new forms of marketing, tailored in greater ways to our lifestyles.“Traditional advertising will remain on bus stops, on television, via the internet and posted through our letterboxes.“But word-of-mouth marketing will forever be the most powerful way of persuading customers to join us.“It’s the product that really forms the future of marketing – as it has done in decades past.”
  27. 27. Thank You! Dev Chakraborty Business Link  E: available