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  • CONFIDENTIEL - Septembre 2011
  • 20120215 thomas martinuzzo-bleu_2012

    1. 1. Creatively Commercializing InnovationThomas Martinuzzo, Eng.Manager , Business Development, Sciences andEngineeringT. 514.340.3243 ext. 4243thomas.martinuzzo@univalor.ca
    2. 2. From discovery to commercialization Network (10): UdeM IRCM IUGM Polytechnique HMR CHUM HEC Montréal HSC ICM Pipeline 370 CHU Ste Justine projects 140 Reports of Invention 200 granted patents; > 500 patent applications 5 integrated teams (3 Life Sciences and 2 Science and Engineering) Serving 2000 researchers Experts in Intellectual Property, Business > 450 teams >70 commercial agreements Development and Legal affairs Research Budget > $500M 12 spin-off companies 3 Technology Transfer Advisors residing $30M of generated revenues in the institution A team of 17 professionnals, all experts in innovation2
    3. 3. Our MissionCommercializing the university researchoutcome of Université de Montréal and most of its affiliated institutions
    4. 4. Social and Organizational Innovation 4
    5. 5. Our Networks HEC MONTREAL & IUGM: « Patent Free Zones »5
    6. 6. Successful Technology Transfer Offices License a Breakthrough Increase the number of deals technology6
    7. 7. RESPORTON ® : Sports Hijab 1. Don’t try to “copy/paste” the common models 2. Media should be part of the commercialization strategy • 2007 : a team of muslim girls is banned from a competition • 2008: Elham Seyed designs a slip- on hooded t-shirt • 2009: New competition with the ReSportOn. Invitations to the media • 2010: Incorporation of IQO Design - first sales on: http://www.resporton.com/en • 2012: ReSporton at the Olympic7 Games?
    8. 8. Agression in Young Children Univalor’s first production! 1. Educate your research teams (due diligence) 2. Consider to take an insurance (reps & warranties) • Important due diligence • Errors and omissions insurance • License to the National Film Board of Canada • First sale in November 2010 • Now distributed in North America by the NFB • Will soon be distributed by Concord Media in Europe8
    9. 9. Imarklab: knowledge commercialization 1. Estimate of the impacts of your strategy for the university 2. Market the expertise of your researchers • Industry was requesting more and more consulting from the Chair • Evaluation of several models to spin out the consulting activities • Incorporation of Imarklab in July 2011 • Launch of the first product in the fall 2011: imarkscore • Press release • Already 3 full time employees on9 the payroll
    10. 10. VIH-TAVIE: A Nursing Virtual Intervention 1. Projects can arise from almost any faculty• Nursing virtual intervention platform for supporting patients living with chronic disease• Applications for HIV, diabetes, chronic pain• Next step: license to a drugstore chain? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NB4Kncr3e0o10
    11. 11. Next Steps Transfert de connaissance: •Fred’s Super Modeler11 •Gestion des risques
    12. 12. Is there a Secret Sauce? 1. Don’t try to “copy/paste” the common models 2. Media should be part of the commercialization strategy 3. Educate your research teams 4. Consider to take an insurance (reps & warranties) 5. Estimate the impacts of your strategy for the university 6. Projects can arise from almost any faculty Yes: The strategy has to be adapted to each file12
    13. 13. Merci! Thomas Martinuzzo, ing. Directeur, Développement des affaires Sciences et génie T. 514.340.3243 poste ∕ ext. 4243 thomas.martinuzzo@univalor.ca13