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Strategic Investment Fund bid


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Members Sharing presentation delivered by Keith Walker at the 2012 BLA conference held in Stirling from 4-6 July.

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Strategic Investment Fund bid

  1. 1. STRATEGIC INVESTMENT FUND BID“Improving Library information resource awareness and competency for students from China”
  2. 2. WHY?• International students are important to the University – Global recognition – Investment• Positively support by helping to improve retention – Chinese students must adapt to the Western approach to learning – Our own experience shows lack of awareness and confidence in information literacy skills – However we assume a certain level of information literacy and library use in our cultural approach to education• Improving customer service• In line with Library & University objectives
  3. 3. WHAT• Research the library related needs of Chinese students• Develop resources and approaches to address their difficulties• Prepare and deliver training – International partners – Academic staff – Library staff
  4. 4. HOW• survey and interview Chinese students and their teaching staff to ascertain where there are skills gaps in their handling and use of information resources;• audit existing information literacy materials and assess their relevance to the students;• identify barriers to the successful use of information resources;• establish ways by which the materials can be introduced to students before they leave China and can continue to be used once they arrive at Napier;• identify training needs for Library and academic staff and create training materials to assist staff in their support for students;
  5. 5. Visit to China Shandong University of Finance Zhengzhou University of Light Industry Shanghai Normal University
  6. 6. What did I find out?• Chinese academic libraries very similar to ours• Many similar e-resources (Ebsco, Emerald, Proquest, Science Direct etc)• Most Chinese students use the library for study but do not read widely around a subject.• Emphasis on examinations, not essays or assignments• E-resources not widely used by students – Baidu (Chinese equivalent of Google) most popular.
  7. 7. Conclusions• Pedagogical difference main issue – Entering in 3rd/4th year but similar to school leaver – Critical skills lacking• Contextualise the role of Library in terms of academic skills – why should the Library be used? They know “how”, but not “why”• Encourage pre arrival students to access English language e- resources from their libraries in China• Feed into and help support languages staff who go to China for pre-entry work with the students• Be aware of activities at Edinburgh Napier that the Library can input to
  8. 8. The End Product…