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Andrew Goodwin Theory


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Andrew Goodwin Theory

  1. 1. Andrew Goodwin’s Music Video Analysis Bernice Kini
  2. 2. Goodwin’s Point Evidence Evaluation Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics. In Birdman’s Tapout video, there is the stereotypical women and gold. We see women in cat suits stealing gold from a secret hideout. This is expected in a typical African-American, the audience expects to see these things. Relationship between lyrics and visuals The title of this song is Mirrors and the artist is dancing in front of mirrors. The mirrors are also symbolic because it reflects on peoples lives.
  3. 3. Goodwin’s Point Evidence (Image/Screen Grab) Evaluation Relationship between the music and visuals In the music video of Rihanna- We Found Love there are a lot of jump cuts and blurred visions to confuse the audience. Star Image, multiple close-up shots of the main artist or vocalist Miley Cyrus is known for her tongue pulling and it has become a Star Image. The audience has become very involved with this image because she is very popular due to her tongue.
  4. 4. Goodwin’s Point Evidence Evaluation Voyeurism often plays a major part, especially in relation to females This image shows 50 Cent looking through a microscope, the audience is intrigued into what he is looking at. At the other end, is women getting changed naked and the audience is made to look as well. Intertextual references to other media texts maybe present. In this music video of Mirror by Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne is Jesus. He pains a picture of himself on a torture stake like Jesus, and he positions himself in the same position.