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Bishop Kenny High School                          Naval Science I                  2 Quarter Writing Assignment           ...
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NS1 Recruiting Essay Assignment


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BK NS1 2nd Quarter Writing Assignment

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NS1 Recruiting Essay Assignment

  1. 1. Bishop Kenny High School Naval Science I 2 Quarter Writing Assignment ndCourse Name: Naval Science I (A, B, and C Mods)Course Instructor: MCPO Kevin HarrisLessons: Type a 450 – 500 word Recruiting Essay for joining Bishop Kenny’s NJROTC ProgramDue: 04 December 2012Instruction: You have been chosen to speak at one of the Bishop Kenny’s feeder school (middle school); this essay should contain information that will encourage an 8th grader to join Bishop Kenny’s NJROTC program. Explain in your essay: - Why you joined. - The advantages of taking the course. - The teams you’re on and what they do. - The trips you’ve been on. - The events you’ve participated in. - Your overall experience in the Bishop Kenny NJROTC program. - Anything else that would encourage an 8th grader to join our NJROTC program. Type the essay and submit it to: A-Mod: Turnitin Course: # 5332706 Password – NJROTCAMOD. B-Mod: Turnitin Course: # 5604220 Password – NJROTCBMOD. C-Mod: Turnitin Course: # 5604239 Password – NJROTCCMOD.Papers will be:450 – 500 words typed, double spacedMLA Format with MLA Header See Purdue OWL – Select No to the SecurityWarning Also See “Noodle Tools” and “Easy Bibliography”You must strictly adhere to Due Dates – I.e. – DON’T BE LATEYou will add the Naval Science Class to your existing BK Account – DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT Master Chief