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Foundations of us government questions 2012 2013


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Foundations of us government questions 2012 2013

  1. 1. 3.2 Foundations of US Government Assignment # 12Name: _____________________________ MOD__________ Due: 15 February 20131. With regards to the birth of the United States of America; what are two of history’s most remarkable documents2. There are how many parts of the Declaration of Independence? What are they?3. What was the “Shays’ Rebellion” and what was the outcome?4. For what original purpose did the Constitutional Convention assemble in the spring of 1787?5. Who reintroduced an earlier plan now known as “The Great Compromise?6. What are the three branches of the United States Government and their specific role?7. Which Article details the duties of the Congress and sets forth requirements to become a senator or representative?8. Which Article tells how the Constitution is to be ratified?9. Which Article describes the president’s power?10. What document is unique because it directly affects how American citizens live their daily lives?11. The Right to Bear Arms is which Amendment?
  2. 2. 3.2 Foundations of US Government Assignment # 1212. The Right to a Jury Trail is which Amendment?13. Punishment for Crimes is which Amendment?14. How many amendments to the Constitution have been passed since the Bill of Rights?15. The Declaration of Independence launched the United States with a new vision—a Government deriving its “…just _____ from the consent of the _______.”Vocabulary Words:(Write the definition, and then use the word in a complete sentence.)16. Unalienable:17. Levy:18. Autonomy:19. Indictment:20. Ratified: