West Hollywood History


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Want to learn a little about West Hollywood? Did you know it used to be called Sherman? Read on for a quick look into the life and times of West Hollywood.

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West Hollywood History

  1. 1. West Hollywood By B.K. Electric Services SPOTLIGHT ON OUR COMMUNITY:
  2. 2. West Hollywood • Before 1984, WeHo was a large piece of unincorporated land by the name of Sherman. • Area was settled in 1896 by railroad workers. • Built along the Pasadena and Pacific railroads connecting Los Angeles to Santa Monica and named “Sherman”. Courtesy of the Title Insurance and Trust / C.C. Pierce Photography Collection,USC Libraries.
  3. 3. • Noted as a small working-class town populated by railroad workers and their families. • In 1922, Los Angeles development touched Sherman at what is now San Vincente and Santa Monica. Photo courtesy Arcadia Publishing Company's "Images of America: West Hollywood” by WeHo News editor Ryan Gierach.
  4. 4. • Anti-annexationist forces rallied against Los Angeles encroachment. • Sherman financed construction of a sewer system, allowing the city to remain independent. • In 1925, townmembers voted to remain Sherman to West Hollywood to associate it with the glamour of Hollywood. West Hollywood in 1929 Courtesy of the California Historical Society Collection, USC Libraries.
  5. 5. • Several attempts to annex West Hollywood were made in 1957, 1960, 1963, and 1966. • In 1984, several new businesses joined the gays and lesbians and an influx of Russian immigrants and elderly formed a coalition. • They voted for incorporation and on November 29, 1984, the City of West Hollywood was born.
  6. 6. Facts About WeHo • Covers 1.9 square miles • Features a wild offering at night, thanks to the Sunset Strip • The West Hollywood Library has one of the largest and most extensive collections on LGBT history. • 12 miles from the beach • Bounded by Beverly Hills to the west, Hollywood to the east, Los Angeles to the south, and the Santa Monica Mountains to the north. • 12% of residents are from the former Soviet Union • 1/3 of residents are gay or lesbian
  7. 7. Pacific Design Center Inside the WeHo Library West Hollywood Night Life
  8. 8. More Info? • Visit the West Hollywood City Site at or • Looking for an electrician in West Hollywood? Contact B.K. Electric Services: • (310) 430 2300 • www.bkelectricservices.com/electrician-west-hollywood/