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Home Backup Generators


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Learn about the two types of generators and all about the things that make each one the best or worst for your needs. If you need installation help, contact BK Electric Services

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Home Backup Generators

  1. 1.  A few years ago in the land before time(pre-Internet), generators weren’t needso much by the average homeowner. Blackouts were as common as they weretoday, but guess what? Internet was not.
  2. 2.  When storms hit or Mother Naturedecides to vent her frustration onpeople, blackouts happen. When blackouts happen, we needonline access to keep updated on theweather and on our friends and family. Also, twitters and facebooks need to beupdated!
  3. 3.  Home generator types are like ying andyang, or PCs and Macs. There are twoflavors: the portable and the standby.
  4. 4.  Both of these are fueled by› gasoline› natural gas› diesel› liquefied petroleum gas
  5. 5.  Portable gas generators are cheaper. They will not power your entire house.They’re tiny things with limited poweroutput. Portables will power the essentials of yourhome, which should include yourrefrigerator and NOT your Wifi. You cantweet after the crisis, not during.
  6. 6.  A portable generator with a 4000-5000Welectrical output can cost between$350-$500. However, portables require extra-longextension cords to power appliances.This creates a maze you would have tonavigate in the dark. Be weary!
  7. 7.  Connected directly to the home andfuel source. Can essentially run forever, as long asfuel source exists. Designed to start automatically.
  8. 8.  Your generator should produce greaterwattage than the total amount neededby your appliances. Remember to account for the cushion,which is the extra power used to dealwith power surges. Power surges are also called startupwattage and every appliance needs it.
  9. 9.  For any questions or comments› 310-430-2300›