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Y6 2ndry transfer mtg june 2019


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Information on Secondary Transfer, in class behaviour and the proposed residential

Published in: Education
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Y6 2ndry transfer mtg june 2019

  1. 1. SecondaryTransfer meetingSecondaryTransfer meeting 1st July 2019 •Applying for Secondary School •Behaviour in Year 5 •Proposed Year 6 Residential
  2. 2. Which is the best school for my child?
  3. 3. Things to keep in mindThings to keep in mind How far from home is the school? ◦ Travelling time impact on learning/family ◦ Friendships ◦ What if there is a problem? Can the school meet my child’s needs? ◦ Environment ◦ Curriculum on offer ◦ Specialisms/interests Can I see my child at the school? ◦ Visits – open days
  4. 4. Google – ‘Greenwich secondaryGoogle – ‘Greenwich secondary admissions’admissions’ ary_school_places/1937/apply_for_a_secon dary_school_place Most of the information for this presentation has come from the Royal Greenwich Secondary Admissions web page
  5. 5. Key dates for Y6 transitionKey dates for Y6 transition These are the dates from last year butThese are the dates from last year but we expect there to be little change.we expect there to be little change.
  6. 6. Google “Royal GreenwichGoogle “Royal Greenwich Secondary Admissions”Secondary Admissions”
  7. 7. Woolwich Polytechnic boys/Girls St Paul’s Academy Plumstead Manor St Mary Magdelene CofE Crown Woods Halley Academy Royal Greenwich Trust School Greenwich Free School The John Roan International Academy of Greenwich
  8. 8. Admissions to Faith SchoolsAdmissions to Faith Schools Faith Schools have slightly different selection criteria and require a supplementary form
  9. 9. Admissions to FaithAdmissions to Faith SchoolsSchools
  10. 10. BJR is named on the St Mary Magdalene admissions criteria
  11. 11. Selective schoolsSelective schools There are 353 councils in England All of these are comprehensive apart from ◦ Kent ◦ Medway ◦ Buckinghamshire ◦ Lincolnshire ◦ Gloucestershire ◦ Trafford ◦ Slough Grammar schools are currently uncommon in the UK
  12. 12. Bexley tests In 2016Bexley tests In 2016 5685 children sat the test 1753 achieved the selective standard 800 grammar school places available 180 children with the highest total age- standardised scores are placed in one of the highest priority groups for their preferred grammar school For other pupils who are deemed selective, there is no guarantee of an offer of a place.
  13. 13. Appeals Just missing the pass alone is not deemed a reason for appeal
  14. 14. Bexley TestBexley Test Google Bexley Test admissions/selection-tests Children must be registered online between 7 May and 7 July 2019,
  15. 15. Kent TestKent Test Registrations for the Kent Test opened on 3 June 2019 and closes 3 July 2019 for children due to start secondary school in September 2020. Google Kent 11+ and you will find the website: children/schools/school-places/kent-test#tab-1
  16. 16. Before you apply  Visit as many of the schools you are interested in as you can. Open Evenings/Days start at the beginning of September and some schools only offer 1 chance to visit.  You can apply for up to six secondary schools, listing them in order of preference.  Consider each school's admissions policies and previous years' application rates to see whether your child is likely to be offered a place.    Your preference schools can be in Royal Greenwich or in other areas, but they can't be independent (fee paying) schools.  You don't have to list six schools, but the more schools you list, the better your chances of being offered a place at one of them. 
  17. 17. Consider each school's admissions policies and previous years' application rates to see whether your child is likely to be offered a place.
  18. 18. Open events start September Open mornings and evening available September and October dates
  19. 19.
  20. 20. 6 Schools in order of preference
  21. 21. TipsTips Visit as many schools as you can BOTH during the day and after school Ask LOTS of questions – which would BEST suit your child? Use all 6 choices Check the admission criteria BEFORE applying to ANY school especially Catholic/Selective Let us know when you are visiting schools Make sure you apply BEFORE the deadline
  22. 22. Behaviour in the class CAN be:Behaviour in the class CAN be: Kind Respectful Mature Studious Compassionate Collegiate Supportive Helpful Trustworthy Intolerant (of each other) Spiteful (toward each other) Name-calling Bullying ◦ Deliberate ◦ On-going ◦ Misuse of power (ganging up) Subversive
  23. 23. What have we tried?What have we tried? Working with families Working with individuals/groups (rewards and sanctions) Whole class targets and rewards PSHE lessons with a focus on conflict resolution Red cards Internal exclusions Waterside outreach – class referral
  24. 24. What nextWhat next  The Boxall Profile is a simple online tool used by man schools across the UK to track pupils SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health) and well-being within the school setting.  We are doing this to support the class. We are looking for gaps in their interactions, identifying and targeting the specific area for development and then planning to meet this need.  It is a resource that we currently use in another class within the school.  It is completed online by a teacher who knows the class well.  Data online is anonymised.  We would use the data to get a whole class overview. This would enable school to: ◦ Identify if there are any specific needs. ◦ Set targets for cohorts of pupils. ◦ Have a targeted approach to support the pupils as a whole
  25. 25. What can you do?What can you do? PLEASE continue to encourage your children to follow the golden rule: No blame. Keep communicating with school Try to get a balanced view Let school staff deal with school matters
  26. 26. Promotional videoPromotional video
  27. 27. DatesDates Y6 SATs: 11th -15th May 2020 ½ Term Holiday: 25th – 29th May 2020 Residential School Journey: Monday 1st June 2020 – Friday 5th June 2020
  28. 28. CostCost £259.49 Deposit £57.43 by Friday 12th July (Non- refundable) THEN 6 monthly installments of £33.68 paid on the 1st of each month starting on 1st October Full balanced paid by 01/03/2020
  29. 29. QuestionsQuestions Can I afford it? Will my child be able to manage it? ◦ Behaviour on previous residential ◦ Friendships Do I want my child to go?
  30. 30. If fewer than 20 parents register their interest and pay the deposit by 12th July, we will not be able to make the booking meaning no Year 6 residential in 2020.