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Y6 2ndry transfer mtg 2017


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Presentation to Y6 parents applying for 2ndry school places in 2017

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Y6 2ndry transfer mtg 2017

  1. 1. SecondaryTransfer meetingSecondaryTransfer meeting 11th September 2017 The closing date for submitting your application is 31 October 2017
  2. 2. Google – ‘Greenwich secondaryGoogle – ‘Greenwich secondary admissions’admissions’ ary_school_places/1937/apply_for_a_secon dary_school_place Most of the information for this presentation has come from the Royal Greenwich Secondary Admissions web page
  3. 3. Key dates for Y6Key dates for Y6 KS2 Tests – Week Commencing 14TH May 2018 Swanage Week Commencing 21ST May 2017
  4. 4. A word about selective schoolsA word about selective schools There are 353 councils in England All of these are comprehensive apart from ◦ Kent ◦ Medway ◦ Buckinghamshire ◦ Lincolnshire ◦ Gloucestershire ◦ Trafford ◦ Slough Grammar schools are currently uncommon in the UK
  5. 5. Bexley tests In 2016Bexley tests In 2016 5685 children sat the test 1753 achieved the selective standard 800 grammar school places available 180 children with the highest total age- standardised scores are placed in one of the highest priority groups for their preferred grammar school For other pupils who are deemed selective, there is no guarantee of an offer of a place.
  6. 6. Appeals Just missing the pass alone is not deemed a reason for appeal
  7. 7. Admissions to Faith SchoolsAdmissions to Faith Schools Faith Schools have slightly different selection criteria and require a supplementary form
  8. 8. Admissions to Faith SchoolsAdmissions to Faith Schools
  9. 9. BJR is named on the St Mary Magdalene admissions criteria
  10. 10. Google “Royal GreenwichGoogle “Royal Greenwich Secondary Admissions”Secondary Admissions”
  11. 11. Before you apply  You can apply for up to six secondary schools, listing them in order of preference.  Consider each school's admissions policies and previous years' application rates to see whether your child is likely to be offered a place.    Your preference schools can be in Royal Greenwich or in other areas, but they can't be independent (fee paying) schools.  You don't have to list six schools, but the more schools you list, the better your chances of being offered a place at one of them. 
  12. 12. Consider each school's admissions policies and previous years' application rates to see whether your child is likely to be offered a place.
  13. 13. Admissions priority First priority will go to children with a statement of special educational needs (SSEN) or an education, health and care (EHC) plan naming the school. Remaining places will be given in the following order:  Please note – NO ABILITY BANDING
  14. 14. 1. Looked after children and previously looked after children who have been adopted or become subject to child arrangements or a special guardianship order immediately after having been looked after.  2. Children with a sibling - living at the same address - who is already attending the school at the time the child will be admitted. 
  15. 15. 3. Children with an acute medical or social need for a particular school. 4. Other children based on home to school distance. The distance from home to school is measured as a straight line from the centre of the home address to the centre of the school site.
  16. 16. Secondary school offers mapSecondary school offers map
  17. 17. Woolwich Polytechnic St Paul’s Academy Plumsted Manor St Mary Magdelene CofE Crown Woods Corelli College Royal Greenwich Trust School Greenwich free school The John Roan International academy of Greenwich
  18. 18. 1st open events start on 12th September Open mornings and evening available September and October dates Open Events
  19. 19. 6 Schools in order of preference
  20. 20. TipsTips Visit as many schools as you can BOTH during the day and after school Ask LOTS of questions – which would BEST suit your child? Use all 6 choices Check the admission criteria BEFORE applying to ANY school especially Catholic/Selective Let us know when you are visiting schools Make sure you apply BEFORE the deadline