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Parents welcome mtg september 2017


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Head Teacher's address to parents at the beginning of the new academic year.

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Parents welcome mtg september 2017

  1. 1. Welcome Parents! Take a seat
  2. 2. Agenda ● Welcome - Prayer ● Reflections on last year ● Feedback from the parent satisfaction survey ● Plans for the year ahead ● Meet the Teacher Meetings ● Maintenance Fund ● Open questions
  3. 3. Opening Prayer God our Father, You have called us together once again to do work that will further Your kingdom on earth. Let our efforts be for Your glory, for the support of parents and friends whom we represent, and for the advancement of the mission of our school. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen
  4. 4. BJR Vision Be the best we can Join in Learning, Play and Prayer Remember God’s Word
  5. 5. 2016 - Local authorities with highest % primary pupils achieving expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths
  6. 6. Key Stage 1 outcomes 2017 Phonics - 87% (RBG 84%) RWM @ expected - 66% (National 64%) Writing @ Greater depth - 24% (RBG - 24%, National 16%) Maths @ Greater depth - 31% (RBG - 30%, National 21%)
  7. 7. Key Stage 1 outcomes 2017 Reading @ expected 76% (National 76%) Writing @ expected 69% (National 68%) Boys - 43% working @ or above in RWM Girls - 87% working @ or above in RWM
  8. 8. Key Stage 2 outcomes 2017 RWM @ expected - 69% (National 61% -RBG 70%) GP&S @ Higher standard - 45% (National 31% -RBG 39%) Writing @ expected - 83% (National 76% RBG 82%) Writing @ greater depth - 31% (National 18% - RBG 25%)
  9. 9. Key Stage 2 outcomes 2017 Maths @ expected - 72% (National 75% - RBG 81%) GP&S @ expected - 76% (National 77% -RBG 81%) Progress in reading KS1-KS2 -1.7 (National 0.0, RBG 0.5) Progress in maths KS1-KS2 -2.1 (National 0.0, rbg 0.8)
  10. 10. Further develop partnerships with parents to ensure that these views inform school development Further improve the effectiveness of feedback pupils receive in order to improve their knowledge, understanding and skills. To improve opportunities to use and apply mathematical knowledge and reasoning Improve progress made by all pupils in Reading and Maths across the Key Stages to close to national standards Improve use of support staff in achieving outcomes for all children including disadvantaged To improve progress made by boys in their writing as this is currently below that of the girls
  11. 11. Staffing ●Head Teacher Ken Maslin - starting 5th year at school ●Deputy Head teacher Jo Richardson - taking on role as Special Needs Coordinator, Deputy AND EYFS lead ●Very stable teaching staff ●2 new teachers - Mrs Brouwer in Y3 and Miss Miller in Nursery ●Chair of Governors - Rev Patrick
  12. 12. Teachers do not always ensure that lower ability learners have grasped essential concepts before moving on to more complex concepts. This is especially the case in mathematics. Teachers’ marking and feedback are not of a consistently high quality. As a result, lower ability pupils do not understand how they can improve their work.
  13. 13. Parent Survey results
  14. 14. My children love the school. l love the family spirit within the school. Discipline is keen to the school. My child enjoys doing the homework Kids are taught really well with their religious background.
  15. 15. I would like to advise the school to try as much as possible to have a permanent teacher for each class through all the academic year. Current Y4 class ● Teacher went off sick mid year in Y1 ● Teacher resigned mid year in Y3 Teacher shortages Small school Location Positive work environment Support for teachers Developing teachers
  16. 16. There is a good sense of community in the school. But good behaviour and more of push to achieve must be instilled. ●The vast majority of children behave very well in school ●Teachers are consistent with behaviour ●As in most schools, there are a number of children who find coming to school difficult and will challenge staff
  17. 17. Working with families when behaviour is difficult ● No blame ● Trust ● “He doesn’t behave like this at home…” ● Support from professionals ● Acceptance if your child is having difficulties ● Wanting to help
  18. 18. If poor behaviour is affecting your child ● Speak to the class teacher as soon as you have a concern ● Don’t let issues stew ● Mr Maslin / Mrs Richardson will be at the gate most days ● Call the office to make an appointment
  19. 19. Please do not confuse support for comprehensive education as a sign of lack of ambition for your children ●Teachers have high expectations and are regularly monitored and well trained ●Track record of achievement for 4 years
  20. 20. A word about selective schools ● There are 353 councils in England ● All of these are comprehensive apart from ◦ Kent ◦ Medway ◦ Buckinghamshire ◦ Lincolnshire ◦ Gloucestershire ◦ Trafford ◦ Slough Grammar schools are currently uncommon in the UK
  21. 21. Bexley tests In 2016 ● 5685 children sat the test ● 1753 achieved the selective standard ● 800 grammar school places available ● 180 children with the highest total age- standardised scores are placed in one of the highest priority groups for their preferred grammar school ● For other pupils who are deemed selective, there is no guarantee of an offer of a place.
  22. 22. School Uniform - Girls ● Grey skirt, trousers or tunic ● White blouse/polo shirt ● White or grey socks (grey or black plain tights in very cold weather) ● School sweatshirt or cardigan (which must have the school logo) ● School tie is optional ● In summer, red and white checked/striped dresses may be worn. ● Only black school shoes should be worn.
  23. 23. School Uniform - Boys ● Grey trousers ● White shirt/polo shirt ● Grey/black socks ● School sweatshirt or cardigan (which must have the school logo) ● School tie is optional ● Only black school shoes should be worn. Children who do not have the correct school jumper will be given a clean second-hand jumper to wear in school.
  24. 24. s k Uniform can be ordered online from either of these providers
  25. 25. Communication
  26. 26. Maintenance Fund ● Every Church School is asked to contribute to the Maintenance Fund ◦ Maintenance work ◦ Repairs ◦ Building work ● £15 for Nursery ● £30 for Reception – Y6 ● If we cannot raise this money, it comes out of school funds meaning less money for your children ● Can be paid online OR via the office
  27. 27. Volunteers ●A number of parents used the online form on the ‘Contact us’ part of the school website to volunteer ●In the next few weeks those individuals will be contacted ●Work with school staff (Mrs Richardson, Mrs Ogabi and others) ●Work with Parent governors ●Still time to sign up
  28. 28. Parent forum ●Want to restart parent forum with the support of Parent Governors and School staff ●Termly meetings with planned agendas run by parents for parents ●Feed-back to Governors and senior leaders via Parent Governors
  29. 29. Open questions